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A Dedication to a Plutonic Love

There is platonic love based on friendship and respect that is non-sexual in nature & then there is plutonic love! Huge difference! Plutonian love is everything; it is all encompassing. It rules love, hate, sex, passion, anger, jealousy, and transformation. Like a pendulum swinging from one extreme to the next with only one clear indication; afterwards you will never be the same.

He has marked my life in two parts

Before & After

I consider myself to be plutonian by nature my  Sun in the 2nd decan of Cancer ruled by Scorpio, my Moon is placed in Aries (Mars is the lower octave of Pluto) with Uranus (my chart ruler) & Pluto natal in the 8th house. I’ve always been interested in astrology on a superficial level (oh yes Libra & Aquarius are compatible blah blah). After experiencing plutonic love I found myself delving head first into synastry in typical Pluto fashion, I yearned to control the outcome and when I couldn’t I wanted to know why. Why didn’t we work out?! Why didn’t he just abandon his entire life as he knew it & come linger with me in the deep end of the ocean? Ridiculous, I know but Pluto wants what it wants!

There are entire sights dedicated to Pluto contacts in synastry, properly equipped with warning labels. They offer claims that Pluto always has the upper hand & the planet person feels it more. I don’t know about that. All I know is I’m forever changed. Plutonic love isn’t black and white; it holds many shades of gray. It isn’t the type of amore you place in a nice neat box & wrap with a pretty pink ribbon. It unearths all that is hidden perhaps even from yourself. I feel okay at the present moment; very much in control (very Plutonian) I will not let this feeling overrule my head nor my life. I don’t cry I let it go. I let him go though at times I feel haunted. As though his energy is pulling me in and somehow it seeps into my world just when I’m going about a normal day. I tell my friends he stalks my mind. I can’t quite reconcile the difference between fate and coincidence, recently having received a piece of junk mail for him at my house, stuck to my mail. Another time while at line in a bookstore 2 people waiting in front of me were discussing a party he is hosting. I joke with my friends and tell them I’m going to call 911 the next time this happens

911 what’s your emergency?

Uh I would like to report a drive by sighting?

Everyone talks about Pluto opposition Venus like they are living in their own personal hell. I wonder is there anybody out there that has had Pluto aspecting every single planet of another person’s chart like I have. From the Sun to the Moon to Mercury, to Venus and Mars, Uranus, Saturn Neptune and Chiron, Ascendant and the Midheaven. I’m beginning to wonder if I should start a support group. Though perhaps I should be happy I didn’t know him longer.

I use to contact him when these silly things happened, in a thinly vailed attempt to get him to realize we did indeed belong together, but now I just assume he will think I have lost my mind completely so I let it be. Though slightly resentful these things do not happen to him. Why? Guess some questions have no answers. Past lives and karmic ties, do you want to cut them someone asked me. No, I replied then quickly asked since we aren’t together in this life does this mean I have to go through this shit again in my next.

I let him go, I have a vision that I will see him one day at Wholefoods and he will have found a lighter love, someone you can place in that pretty little Tiffany’s box and that feeling will pass between us, the feeling of being nothing and everything at the same time.

Pluto Square Sun Synastry


Mesmerizing, deep, dark, compulsive, intense, beautiful

Pluto conjunct Moon Synastry


Emotionally intense, jealousy, possessive, transparency, unconscious needs fulfilled, karmic, healing of moons emotional wounds, telepathy, psychic connection

Shallow sorrows and shallow loves live on. The loves and sorrows that are great are destroyed by their own plenitude -Oscar Wilde

Pluto inconjunct Mercury Synastry


Unexpected heavy conversations, under a light, released mental blocks, opening of the mind

Maybe that’s what happens when a tornado meets a volcano All I know is I love you too much to walk away~ Eminem

Pluto Opposition Mars Synastry


Angry sex, control, arguments, aggression, love the way you lie, obsession

So I’ll watch your life in pictures like I use to watch you sleep and I will feel you forget me like I use to feel you breathe~ Taylor Swift

Pluto Opposition Venus Synastry


Odd attraction, unrequited love, compulsive, repulsive, strongest passion, you cannot be friends afterwards, intensity, defines everything, intoxicating

Pluto Trine Jupiter Synastry


Telepathy, transformation, transcendence, spiritual ties

You are like a deep deep ocean

Pluto trine Ascendant Synastry


Help one another forget your blues, trust one another, deep understanding, and pure attraction. Really “getting” one another, dancing, music, love


5 thoughts on “A Dedication to a Plutonic Love

  1. I totally understand this, I experienced the same thing, I was superficially interested in astrology until I met a man who’s sun squared my Pluto. I then dived head first into astrology/synastry to understand what was happening. I love him with a deep soul love (sex doesn’t play a role either, we never had sex or even kissed). He has infiltrated my subconscious, I’m looking for answers…. He has not really returned my affections, I’m so confused, this is the weirdest shit I have ever been apart of!

  2. Ha ha yes!! The weirdest shit ever! I’m sorry:/

  3. I love your website and very happy that I came across it tonight because you nailed it in regards to this type of love. I have been going through the exact same thing for about a year. I cannot get him out of my thoughts and in my heart. Been seeking answers from every mystic facet from psyhics to card readings to astrology(which I have become an avid learner). Our being together for a year and a half has been an emotional roller coaster for me which I have not experienced before with any other person. It definitely has been karmic, transformative, soul seeking and heart wrenching experience I have ever known but has awakened my spiritual need/path that I have longed for since I was little. My path has been positive but scary at the same time. We have many aspects together in Sun, Moon, Venus, Neptune and Pluto. We both have our Moons in the 8th house (His Leo and mine Virgo). He is Gemini, rising Sagittarius and I am Sagittarius rising Aquarius.

  4. Great blog!!! Some really deep stuff here about Pluto!! I have Pluto one degree from my Asc (14 Libra) the kismet , fated stuff like your “at line in a bookstore 2 people waiting in front of me were discussing a party he is hosting” stuff happens around me all the time. I have a 14 year on/off…off/on..on/…..on..thing with a guy born just 11 days before before so two Geminis with Pluto conjunct Pluto and on one Geminis ASC … head fry!!!!

    I love your style of writing. I had you pegged for a Gemini too. Im Gem with Sag moon, and Merc + Jupiter (Cancer) with the Sun up in my 9th…. only mention because I got a really 9th house feel from your blog 🙂

  5. This guy Ive been dating has scorpio sun and leo rising (I think he’s my ex now). I’m a libra with Capricorn rising. Ive been looking at our synastry. Our relationship has been intense, I meant our arguments have always been intense, and I think its because of the pluto in our charts. I have my sun, mercury, Jupiter conjunct his pluto, and my Neptune sextile his pluto. And he has his mercury and jupiter conjunct my pluto, and his neptune sextile my pluto (double whammy). Our pluto conjunct each others pluto as well. We always wonder why we bring out the best and worst in each other. We have other good aspects like moon trine sun, venus square moon etc and have lots of synchronicities in our life events and similarities in what we like or taste.. I used to think hes my twin flame but things have been really difficult lately on me.. BTW I love your site… Thanks for sharing your knowledge.. 🙂

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