Love Free Will and Astrology

I once told a friend if this man doesn’t have some sort of deep feeling for me than I know nothing in this life (his moon in perfect conjunction to my Pluto). Evidently when it came to him I new nothing! And now I’m unsure of what I know anymore, unsure of what I believe. Having reached the conclusion he would have never picked me. Not in this life or any other. There was a time I happily checked off all of our connections; vertex conjunct the angles (fated), our Moon, Venus and Jupiter in one another 7th house. Foolishly entering our birthdates into Happily seeing a 96% compatibility. How can this not be, I blinked back tear-filled eyes while speaking to a friend. “Oh honey you forgot about free will and well uh love doesn’t exist in a bubble”.
Perhaps in an honest moment with myself I knew we could never coexist, after all I didn’t want any part of his life I only wanted him. While he oozed conservatism and the desire to have a country kitchen somewhere in the suburbs, I was a radical liberal with a penchant for late nights, a member of PETA that believes in Gay Marriage and the legalization of Marijuana (his sun and mercury opposition to my Uranus). Ha! But when it was just the two of us, just us together; he felt like home to me (his moon trine my Venus) like a puffy cloud (my moon trine his Neptune). And I was all too content to linger in that beautifully crafted snow globe for awhile.
Oh my cancer sun and my heart ache just a bit. As a Cancer I feel my way through life. This is my identity. I decide if I like people in a minute of meeting them, I pick up on non verbal cues, I read what isn’t being said, I asess body language, I look for sincerity in an individual’s eyes. I don’t sort out facts, I suck at math there isn’t a logical bone in my body. Misreading everything has taken on a toll on my being. I’m a hopeless romantic, I believe in true love, the glass slipper and happily ever after.
My whole existence is centered around the quest for true love (cancer sun in the 5th house of romance). I would have given up a lot. Love is my life. I blatantly ignored his sun and moon in the 6th and 10th house of career and reputation. Major eye roll! This may never have done, that is where our differences lie. Perhaps synastry can only tell you how 2 people feel in a vacuum, it can give you the wonderful interactions between two individuals, the rough spots, but I think the key is before rushing into looking at interaspects is to review each natal chart independently. Where does this person derive joy from, where is their heart? What brings them pleasure? What is their focus?
Today someone asked me how much emphasis I put on synastry aspects. Had you asked me a short time ago I would have said 100% now my advice is Always look at their natal chart to see what they want out of life because even with high compatibility it may not be you.



  1. oh, honey… I do know this feeling. My only advise is to love your love. Know you experienced the real thing and some never do. It is impossible that you felt this one sided….even if its not forever. Love is. It is not a destination where you end ever after…

    Your passion is such a beautiful thing. Thank you.

    Synastry: my asc conjunct his moon/Saturn 1 and 3 degrees out. Opposition my neptune.

    His asc conjunct my pluto opposition Opposition my Venus

    Composite Venus in the 7th trine 11th house moon….Davidson

    Midpoint sun/Venus conjunct dc trine pluto and sextile neptune.

    Sometimes something beautiful happens… Let it go enough to see that you were given more than most ever dream possible…

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