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An Auspicious Day

I was first introduced to the idea of auspicious (lucky) and inauspicious (unlucky) dates by my friend a practicing Hindu. Hindus obviously will not wed if their astrology does not match up and they refer to Pundits to find auspicious wedding dates. I have heard of some pretty horrific events associated with inauspicious dates and can’t help but wonder when it comes to major events such as house closings, weddings, and an around the world vacation wouldn’t you rather be sure everything will run smoothly? What would it hurt to check the date, perhaps cast an Electional Chart for the Place and Time of the event you were interested in having. This will give you the energy of that day. Astrology does not offer guarantees but it does offer guidance. I find it to be no coincidence that from astrology to Feng-shui inauspicious dates are pretty much the same, reminding us that somehow life is all about energy and why not do our best to create the best energy possible!

I myself am in the midst of purchasing a home and have to decide on an auspicious day to go to closing. ( I also checked the numerology of my house, just to insure it matched who I’m as a person);) with that being said it was no easy task to find the luckiest day when it comes to something that will affect the rest of your life. It is no wonder people charge up to $300.00 for a auspicious wedding chart day, it takes a lot of changing dates, looking at the time, finding what sign the moon is in and how it is connected to the sun. And sometimes the very best day lands on a Tuesday but who wants to get married on a weekday? I have done this on occasion but prefer not to. I on the other hand do not have a year to plan a closing I get exactly one month to close and that leaves me with a date range of August 25- and September 30th. CRUNCH TIME! I used the following guide lines:

  1. Select a fixed or cardinal rising sign if you would like something to last. I picked a day with a Sagittarius Rising. I like the idea of Sagittarius being the higher mind with an elevated sense of purpose.
  2. Look to who rules the Ascendant, Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and exalted in Mercury, being that I’m purchasing a home I chose a time so that Jupiter the planet of good luck will fall into my “house” that rules over real-estate. And its co-ruler Mercury in the 9th house of Higher Learning as Sagittarius rules that house natively
  3. Next up BOOM BOOM BOOM even brighter than the moon moon moon, moon is so very important in astrology. You never want a waning moon or a VOC moon when trying to solidify an event. I have chosen a waxing moon; my choices were rather limited because I had 30 days to pick a date. This moon is in Libra, I personally like a moon in Libra though a moon in Cancer or Taurus would have been better that is simply not an option. First I had to eliminate the waning moon and the VOC moon that left me with Capricorn, Scorpio and Libra moons. Capricorn and Scorpio will never do considering they are in detriment and fall, besides Libra appeared to go with the rest of the chart. Who doesn’t want a well balanced home( scales and all)
  4. I skipped passed any dates that had Sun in Virgo…no perfectionism here;)
  5. I tried my best to keep Uranus, Pluto and Mars and Saturn out of the Angels as they are likely to cause major changes. Most certainly I wanted to Keep Uranus the planet of unexpected changes out of the 4th house of real estate and Mars out of the 7th house to avoid any confrontations with any “partnerships” remember that is anyone I’m in a legal contract with, whether we are married or a bank I’ve taken out a loan with. I ended up with Pluto in the 1st, eh not so thrilled but I’m plutonian by nature so , Saturn in the 10th is at home there, 7th is empty and lucky Jupiter in the forth
  6. I quickly checked Venus, Mercury and the Sun to see they are all in Libra as well and located in the happy 9th house. Mercury is too close to the sun for my liking and is considered combust, but on the alternative days Venus was combust…I’m a single woman I need Venus to radiate all the energy she can. And how lovely is it that Venus is in her exalted sign of Libra!
  7. Mars in the 8th house makes it easy to argue over money, Neptune in the 2nd house makes finances “fuzzy”, but no one can have a perfect chart. So this is what I have decided on, this will be the chart of my future home

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