Solar Return Charts and the Year Ahead

“Astrology is like a weather report; it tells you what conditions you’re likely to face in the future. If the weatherman says it’s probably going to rain, you bring an umbrella. If you follow that advice, you won’t get wet”

Solar Return Charts are a form of predictive astrology they give you a snap shot of what your year will be like. And by year I mean birth day to birth day (not on the New Year). I love Solar Returns and the idea that you can take a quick peek of what life has to offer, my current Solar year seems to be filled with activities and I’m looking forward to next year and a quieter time. After combing through various websites and reading books; The Art of Forecasting using Solar Returns by Anthony Louis and The Only Way to Learn about Tomorrow by Marion D March & Joan McEvers, I wanted to share with you the list I have compiled so you can accurately interpret your own chart. I began a journal at the beginning of my Solar Return so that I can reflect back when the year is over and see if my predictions are indeed accurate. I have gone back and forth over the years on whether to relocate the chart to your new residence or the place you are on your birthday and have personally found Solar Returns work best when sticking with the place you were born. If we were able to change our fate every year we would move to a different location to try to avoid hardships and maximize our fortune. I simply do not believe that is possible. As always allows you to calculate your chart for free. You must always consider the Solar Return chart in correlation with the Natal Chart for example: the natal planets falling into a SR house and the planets in the SR aspecting the natal planets. You want to look at the Natal Chart superimposed on the Solar Return Chart as if you were looking at Synastry charts.

  • First look to see where the Sun is located (the Sun never changes signs, it will always be the same as your natal sun) The Suns location will give you an indication of where your ego will be tied up for the year. This is where your focus will be. My natal Sun is in the 5th house and my SR Sun is in the 2nd house this year. Being that 2nd house rules “values” financial and personal and is in the house of “my stuff” the Sun indicates that my focus will be on what I value and finding security. I can say although my SR year has just begun my focus has been primarily on finances. I have been reevaluating what is important to me in life and what I value.
  • Next being that the Sun is ruled by Leo look to the house cusp in the SR chart where Leo is placed. Leo is on my 4th house cusp indicating real-estate is my focus. (4th house rules home) The entire theme this year for me is real-estate and finance; matters quite frankly I find dreadful
  • Next you should look to your Ascendant (the sign this will change from year to year), thus adding color to your personality and the house it falls in will dictate where your focus is for the year. My Ascendant is in Gemini indicating a mentally busy year with multiple projects. Considering Gemini is a mutable sign and the quickest sign in the zodiac, this will be a busy year. Now see what house the SR Ascendant is falling in the natal house. My return Ascendant falls in my natal 4th house. (4th house rules real estate/family) Presently I’m in the midst of purchasing a home and my mind is overwhelmingly active
  • You will also look at the planet closest to the SR first house; I have Mars conjunct SR ascendant. Mars is your drive, how you go after what you want Mars in Gemini also indicates a very active although scattered year with the possibility of starting many tasks but not necessarily completing them. This indicates a very busy year….see a theme here busy!
  • Look to the Moon to see where your heart will be (by house) and how you feel (by sign). My natal Moon is in the second house, you can see my SR Moon in the 5th house the house of romance, creativity and fun. Usually indicative of a new romance with Saturn placed there as well and Saturn restricting whatever it touches this interpretation indicates being denied a relationship you want or being blocked creatively based on the 5th house placement. Someone else that ready my chart recently said this also can mean falling for an older man (Saturn=father figure) and being restricted.
  • If most of your planets are in the angular houses 1,4,7,10 this year will be one where you begin new projects, if they are in succedent houses 2,5,8,11 you will have completed a lot of projects. After you find the house where the sun is located, the house where Leo is on the cusp, what house the Ascendant falls in you can interpret it pretty much as you would a natal chart keeping in mind these energies only last for the year. Speaking to the impermanence of life, everything changes nothing stays the same.

Some Quick Tips:

  • Always look at the return chart and the Natal Chart. Not independently, natal planets falling in a Solar Return chart. The aspects between the SR and the Natal Chart. Etc
  • Any house with 3 or more planets will be a major focus point for the year
  • Look at what SR house falls into which natal house for further interpretation. For instance: My SR 2nd house of finance falls in my Natal 5th house (creative, romance anything fun including gambling) this implies that I will obtain money via lottery or creative pursuits this year. You can do this with all of the houses.
  • Keep in mind a Solar Return represents the time the Sun returns to the exact place it was at the time of your birth. Each year this may vary so sometimes a Solar Return date is the day before or after your actual birth date
  • Many people report feeling the influence of the Solar Return energies coming three months prior to the birthday

You are always welcome to order a Solar Return report from me. Here is a Sample below; this report usually runs approximately 15 pages

I really enjoyed this website as well : the books I mentioned previously give in-depth information about how to foresee divorce, marriage, financial woes and the birth of a child.


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