Saturn Retrograde and the Demand for Equality

Ordinarily I blog about my life, how I experience astrology and how it pertains to my direct environment. When I first realized Saturn was going retrograde in Libra I quivered. Presently it is transiting my 8th house, 8th house is not a happy place and Saturn has been kicking my ass forcing me to mature for over a year and ½ already. Saturn Rx hasn’t been too bad to me, I feel like the worst has passed. When Saturn first entered the 8th house I was denied a love and a home, I really wanted. Now with Saturn in Retrograde I took the opportunity to ask myself hmmm would I really have been happy with that man? Perhaps people and places elude us because if they were truly within our grasp they would have never made us happy.  I questioned was that house really right for me? Pleased to say that I found my DREAM home during Saturn Rx and oddly enough it’s been smooth sailing. Reevaluate, Reconstruct. Revisit. Revelation, yeah that’s Saturn in Retrograde.

Transits are basically the movement of the planets around your natal chart everyone feels transits on a global level; personally you will feel this transit most in the house with Libra on the cusp. For me that’s the 8th house, that’s where I experience Saturn personally for everyone It is different. However we are all subjected to this energy on a global level and it is demanding we revaluate the way in which we have been living. Saturn in retrograde generally speaking is a time to go over, review, re-strategize and then move forward. It’s a do over basically. Saturn in the father of the zodiac, in Libra he insists all things be fair and just. Libra being the scales and balance. In retrograde he is questioning our belief systems, our structures….is it really as it should be? Are their ways to make improvements? This period lasts roughly 4 ½ months and occurs once or so a year. I’m sure you have noticed movements happening around the world.

Anti Bullying

  • Bills are being put into place, laws are being formed, and people are taking a stand against bullying. Just this week a bill was passed that would give $1M to schools for anti-bullying program passed in the Senate.
  • Rutgers University Student Dharun Ravi’s was found guilty and may face up to ten years in prison and deportation for videotaping his classmates romp thus resulting in his suicide. The Jury sending a clear message: this isn’t acceptable.
  • The film “The Bully Project” requested to change its audience rating from R to PG 13 so children can see it and get the message out that Bullying is not ok.
  • We have also seen a rise in articles and information about the “work place bully”. Bully is a hot topic right now, however if your boss and coworkers do not want to sit with you at lunch and your called out on the carpet for having subpar work this should remain a REALITY CHECK not the actions of work place bullying. It’s a very apparent theme here, Saturn being the father figure making sure we are well behaved and that everyone is getting treated fairly.

Invisible Children Kony 2012, George Clooney Sudan and many more

Kony 2012 was released earlier this month and if you haven’t heard of it, you must be not own a TV, use the internet or read a paper. Not only for the video itself, but the video of the Director having a breakdown and doing jumping jacks naked on the street midday…in any event as they say even bad press is good press, even with his mental health concerns he is reaching a broader audience. Making more people aware, asking them to get involved or at least wake up and recognize what is going on in Uganda,   where children were forced to kill their own families and become solders or young girls made to become sex slaves. This isn’t acceptable, obviously it isn’t right and now it is in our faces every day reminding us of the atrocities in other places that demand our attention.

Last but not by any means least baby face Treyvon Martin, the teen murdered by a so called neighborhood watch George Zimmerman for doing nothing more than holding a bag full of skittles. People are outraged, I’m one of them. Students in Newark today wore hooded sweatshirts in his memory; they held bags of skittles and ice-t. Seeing to it that his death was not in vain.  People have hit the streets to protest, and I have to believe that there is an uprising not only for Treyvon Martin but for every other black man/boy that has been killed for doing absolutely nothing! From Treyvon to Amadou Diallo and Sean Bell. I’ve signed the petition, I will march and write letters I m openly taking a stand and demand rent-a-cop George Zimmerman be arrested immediately. Let’s reassess and revaluate, changes need to be made .You can Sign the petition:

I would use caution in how you treat people ALL people because Saturn in Libra is making sure it’s just and if not there will be a price to be paid. George Zimmerman Saturn in Rx is coming for you!


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