Full Moon in Scorpio in the 8th house & Sad Departures


A Full Moon occurs when the Moon is on the opposite side of the earth from the Sun. I can recall driving one time in the early morning hours with the Moon placed directly in front of me and the sun behind me, it was one of the most beautiful sights. I marveled at the beauty of life. Just as the Sun and Moon are opposite in the sky they show up that way in your natal chart during a Full Moon. The planets movement in the sky around your natal chart are called transits.

The latest Moon in Scorpio had fallen into my 8th house (death, taxes, other people’s money, sex, obsessions, what is hidden) and the Sun in Taurus transited my 2nd house of money I earn and things I value. Scorpio naturally rules the 8th house as Taurus naturally rules the 2nd house but for everyone the Full Moon will fall in a different place depending on the sign on the cusps of your natal chart. For me that was the 2nd and house 8th house axis. I really did not think much about how this would influence me up until the day before, when I felt this heavy energy in the air. Full Moons almost always bring up energy we have been repressing. On a superficial level I was aware of the opposing energy of Scorpio and Taurus, Scorpio valuing
transformation and plunging the depths of the soul where as Taurus craves financial security,  & all that is tangible. It certainly was a time of taking a look at what we value. The battle of emotional vs. the physical, weighing the tangible vs. the intangible. I must admit I’m utterly amazed at the literal manifestation of this 8th house/2nd house Super Moon, beginning with the death of my beloved cat. I have had him since I found him as a baby; I swore he was the reincarnated being of a childhood friend. For 16 years he slept beside me, followed me and kept me company, he essentially shared my life; even jumping up on the sink in the morning for me to brush his hair after I brushed mine. His health began to deteriorate 2 years ago and since that time he has had numerous trips to the vet and has been on various medications. In recent weeks he was out of sorts often not eating at all, followed by an eye infection and the loss of vision in one eye. On the night of the “Super Moon” I came home to find his other eye full of blood and him hiding under the bed hissing in a permanent state of “Halloween cat” back arched, fur up and in that moment I knew it was time. I sang to him the song I always sang since he was a baby “You are so Beautiful to me can’t you see” as the 24 hour vet induced him. I kissed him and pet him, taking notice of his sparse fur, his eyes lacking life and within seconds he was gone.
I thought of one of my favorite quotes by Taurus Penelope Cruz in Vanilla Sky “one day in another life I will see you when we both are cats” I miss him so much it aches.
In less than 10 days I will be moving out of my childhood home and into a place of my own. I suppose I have been so busy planning my new life that I have been out of touch emotionally with all that will be left behind. I feel as though the universe is screaming at me “you can’t take any of this with you when you go” Scorpio-8th house-death-release-transformation-Natal Pluto in the 8th house puts me in touch with the dark side of life; it indicates the passing away of loved ones, being transformed via death, sex and other people’s money. I expect when a person passes I will never be the same, when I sleep with someone it’s an entire revolutionary experience but having to put my cat to sleep oh f#$% it hurts I underestimated the amount of grief and sorrow I would feel. I m also very well aware of the negative connotation a single woman with a cat receives. Last week the lady that does my eyebrows said: you look tired. I replied “I’m in the middle of buying a house, I’m working 7 days a week & my cat is sick” She replied: “you are not married! You need a husband and child, not a cat”. I wanted to inform her I was just looking for some nice brows not a session with Deepak Chopra. But I said nothing.

Quite frankly I’m slightly embarrassed when people express their condolences and I break down and cry. I find little to no comfort when others tell me he is probably somewhere in heaven playing with their pets.  As I yearned to stay in bed and sob hysterically I am unable to do so as I find myself inundated with Sun in the 2nd house concerns, Taurus issues; making money. A 7 day work week is stretched out in front of me; there is money to be made, money to be spent, material concerns to deal with every single day of the coming week. Two Aquarian friends of mine said “the doors are closing to your former life and the new ones aren’t quite open yet, but they soon will be”. So I write the checks, stop at the bank; deal with my 2nd house Sun in the midst of grief. Trying to juggle all the balls in the air. Very well aware now of all the deep seated feelings I have been hiding from myself, all that needs to be released all I find comfort in painfully stripped away and as I finish typing this I have to take a call from my bank they want to discuss some tax concerns… How very 8th house of them


RIP I Will Miss You Much xo


  1. Oh, I very much sympathize with how you feel, and my deepest condolences extended to you during this very emotional, trying time. Our fur babies are so much like our children and it is utterly heartbreaking the loss you are experiencing now. My heart is with you!

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