The Truth about Sun Sign Compatibility

When people learn I study astrology they almost always ask; I am a Leo I heard I get along great with Gemini or they challenge astrology and claim to be an Aries that has always been in a serious relationship with Capricorn (which is a mismatch). Most people are only familiar with Sun sign Astrology and what they have read on some very vague website.

Generally speaking fire signs and air signs bode well together. On a very mundane level fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius get along well with air signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

The reason being air needs fire to breathe and fire needs air to expand. The sun represents the ego so on a fundamental level these 2 contribute to one another; they have a basic understanding of one another’s needs. For instance Aries is a Cardinal fire sign an initiator so they will for the most part get along with Gemini, a mutable air sign that lacks focus. They help one another out. Gemini shows flexibility where as Aries teaches direct action.

Similarly the water signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces get along well with earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn in theory water nourishes earth and earth needs water to grow for instance Pisces is a mutable water sign that is represented by 2 fish swimming in circles, they could benefit from a grounded earth sign such as Taurus or Capricorn that can provide stability and earth can learn the value of emotions and non tangible goods from a water sign, such as Pisces. Generally speaking water and earth can work together and provide one another with what the other lacks. Capricorn is the sign of work and reputation, a Capricorn can learn from Cancer (their opposite sign) the value of home and nurturing. Whereas earth and air signs do not co mingle or cohabit, nor do water and fire. Think of it the sky (air) meets the land (earth) but they are not interwoven and similarly water puts out fire instead of helping it grow.

But when you dig a little deeper and look at the entire natal chart a person is more than just a sun sign. This question first appeared to me when as a Cancer I realized I have never loved A. another water sign or B. dated an earth sign. Anyone that has meant anything to me and the feeling was mutual have been Leo or Aquarius. It is essential to look at the entire chart when asking what sign am I most compatible with.

For instance my rising sign is in Aquarius this makes the sign on my 7th house cusp (the house of marriage) Leo. This in itself dictates I like a domineering, showy partner that enjoys being the center of attention. Further more you look at the ruler of the 7th house for me that is Leo, Leo is ruled by the Sun and the Sun is placed in my 5th house of love affairs. I require true love, strong romanticism is indicated where as someone with Leo on the 7th house cusp but the sun is placed in the 6th house is very different that is the house of daily habits, a person with that placement seeks someone they can work with or that merely fits in with their daily activities. Next we look at my moon (feelings) my moon is in the fire sign Aries, aggressive, direct, I would fit well with an Air sign, perhaps a Libra that can teach me the value of fairness and balance in partnership instead of the impulsive self oriented feeling of an Aries moon. Next Venus planet of love is placed in Gemini an intellectual restless sign that require love to be light and never dull where as my planet of sex drive (Mars) is the only earth planet I possess in Taurus, a complete contradiction to the planet Venus. In sex I want someone who has Taurian type traits, slow, sensual and romantic where as my Venus seeks love on the go, always trying new activities and lots of conversation. I have 7 planets in total in air and fire signs. This is what has led me to choosing Leo (fire) and Aquarius (air) for partnerships and Love.

In short When Considering compatibility

  • look at your rising sign, this is how you appear to the outside world
  • look at the sign on the cusp of your 7th house of marriage, this indicates qualities you look for in a mate
  • look at the sign the moon is placed in for emotional responses
  • look at your venus sign for how you give and receive love
  • and lastly look at your mars placement for what attracts you sexually


  1. My Sun, Mercury, Venus, Moon, and Saturn are all in Gemini (7h). I’m a Sag rising. I get along great with Leo suns. I find it hard to understand people with a lot of water and earth in their charts. I have a friend who’s Libra sun trines my sun perfectly and we just know how to deal with each other instinctively. I also like the air/fire energy a lot. I only have Jupiter in Scorpio (12h) and Pluto in Virgo (10h) as the earth/water in my chart. My Mars is in Aquarius, Neptune in Sag.

    I love figuring out the astrological “why” when it comes to relationships. I had two previous Taurus sun relationships – not a good combo for Gemini. I have nothing in Taurus, in fact it rules my 6th house. Our moons were not compatible either (their’s Virgo/Scorpio). However, they both had Venus in Gemini and Mercury in Aries which helped the levity but in the long haul, I can’t handle all the earth energy nor could they handle me. But the conversation was great, which was the reason we got together in the first place.

    I think it’s interesting to go back and look at the best / worst relationships in our lives and connect the astrological dots; in addition to the above, I realized that I tend to have contentious and uncomfortable relationships with Virgo suns and I’ve wanted to throttle almost every Pisces sun I’ve ever known.

  2. I only have mars in Taurus (which I hate) always take the long route being that Taurus is slow in mars & i have hardly any earth friends everyone I’m close to is an Aquarius. Even my 1st crush was an Aquarius (Matt Dillon) It’s strange how that works out I would like to date a Capricorn or Taurus but I think I appear unstable to them! Ha! In reality their conservative manner would probably drive me nuts! I have a client that doesn’t have any water in her chart and she went and picked up a triple Scorpio I’m like no no no She called me last night to tell me I was right right right! That’s a lot of planets in the 7th. I have Saturn their I wish someone told me when I was younger what that meant…I would’ve been ok with delays in marriage

  3. I like the Aquarius energy in men too, that kind of detached vibe has always been intriguing to me.

    …speaking of Scorpio – my son is a Pisces rising, with Sun and Mercury in Scorpio (8h). Talk about challenging! Fortunately his moon is in Gemini conjunct mine – that is probably our saving grace. I don’t really know for sure what’s going on inside him, I probably don’t understand the depth of his emotions which makes me sad. Having his moon in Gemini probably helps him let things roll off his back easier, I hope. He’s 15 and being a teenager sucks no matter what. Having his Saturn in the 1st house doesn’t help either.

    Enjoying your blog!

  4. I’m a virgo with an Aquarius rising, moon in Leo and 6th house in Leo as well…. and i’m interested in an Aquarius…i’ve read on the net that virgo and aquarius just don’t work well together but given the other elements you mentioned we have to look into … what is your opinion on this?

  5. had a couple of dates with the Aquarius guy … allowed myself to follow my instincts and we were intimate, he asked me to call him once i got home… i texted to say i was ok but haven’t heard from him since…it’s been 5 days….are they usually liars or flaky? I wasn’t expecting anything serious because he’s not staying here for long anywyas but kind of surprised at the disappearing act…

  6. OMG I’m sorry for that awful situation I like to say assholes come in all signs! That hasn’t been my experience with Aquarius, my 2 most attentive bf were Aquarius. F%#k him..pardon my language but whatever his sign he isn’t worth your time

  7. lol….you made me laugh 🙂 i’m surprised too! he told me his whole life story and disappears? very weird…. told me stuff I wouldn’t have told anyone that soon…. men can be very weird… he came across to me as extremelly inteligent (they’re very smart… Aquarius men), creative and very sweet…. that’s why i’m so surprised… why would you tell someone to call you once they got home (i texted and he thanked me for letting him know and wished me a good night ) and never contacted me again after that… so strange! I heard they are well known for disappearing but even if he didn’t want anything he could have remained a friend…

  8. okay so i’m a bit confused.
    my rising is virgo
    7th house is aquarius
    emotional is gemini
    venus is taurus
    mars is gemini

    my sun sign is aries.

    DOB 03-21-91
    Kingston, NY

    i still don’t understand who i am most compatible with…please help me…
    you can email me at

    thank you.

  9. If your rising is in Virgo your 7th house can’t be in Aquarius it has to be in Pisces. What do you mean by emotional? What sign is your moon in? You have Venus in Taurus & Mars in Gemini I have the opposite Mars in Taurus and Venus in Gemini. I think these 2 are kind of hard IMO.because Taurus is stable and overly dedicated -even when they should go- and Gemini is sort of scattered these 2 indicate wanting someone stable and light and fun. Sooo hard to find. Get back to me with your other aspects xo

  10. moon is gemini and thats what i meant by emotion(moon) lol sorry about that, and yes it is pisces for my 7th house.

  11. I think a gemini would go great with your aries sun and gemini moon:) And because Pisces is on the 7th house cusp and it mutable…just watch out for selfsacrificing in love

  12. I just googles seventh house in aquarius and found this. I’m interested in this guy, he has a Libra sun, Capricon moon Venus in Virgo and his seventh house in Gemini. I have a Gemini sun, Leo moon, Venus in Aries and my seventh house in Aquarius. We just don’t seem to be getting anywhere. I do all the talking and it feels like he will never initiate anything and when I’m about to move on he does something and then we’re back to square one. Am I wasting my time?

  13. I’m not a matchmaker & I’m unhappily single so please don’t run with what I m about to say the both of you probably have some nice venus (yours) contacts and moon (yours) to his sun and your venus opposes his sun which is found in romantic encounters but I’m not crazy about a Virgo in venus they suffer from BBD the bigger better deal syndrome they want perfection in love & are prone to nitpicking in love. Capricorn moon is all about safety and stability but your moon and venus want passion & romance! You want to go!! And a libra sun is indecisive & his sun squaring the moon indicates his needs & wants are not aligned ( I have this) I’d say while it isn’t all bad by any means it’s a complicated order

  14. I checked it out and it turns out that his Venus is in opposition to my mars but his ascendant trines my venus and his moon conjuncts my uranus. Complicated doesn’t begin to describe this. I guess I’ll just sit back and watch this unfold…maybe stop googling things I don’t understand and just breathe 😀 Thank you though

  15. I have a lot of activity in my 7th house my moon in cancer is on the cusp, mercury (cancer), venus in Gemini, and sun in Gemini my ascendant is Sagittarius. What does that say about what signs I’m attracted to. I always gotten along with air signs, but with my moon placement I have always been sensitive in regards to emotions so I am drawn to watery type signs as well.

  16. It also seems with my moon in cancer that the depth of my feelings tends to make me more emotional especially lately. Some astrologers have said they see me being with a capricorn or a more earthy sign I am attracted to type of women who are very much lady like and who are a stable that might connect to the moon aspect of wanting a secure and stable home life

  17. Very true. I am Aries sun, Libra rising and Aquarius moon. My husband is Gemini sun and moon. (Don’t know his rising as he was adopted) Best match I’ve ever had 🙂

  18. I am a Capricorn Sun, Leo Rising and i have noticed that in general i get along Leo Sun and that’s basically it ahah… I never get along with “classical” capricorn partners like Taurus for example… What would you recommend as a good mate ? 🙂

  19. Ahaha i just read about moon in Aries this is so true ahaha ok an Air sign then… Hmm… Thanks ! 😉

  20. Can you explain mercury and the moon in cancer in the 7th house and what it means in term of compatibility. I’m a gem sun asc capricorn venus gem I also have Uranus in scorpio in the 10th house and 3 planets in virgo in the 8th house would that point to a strong attraction to scorpio energy

  21. Thanks a lot I would like to inquire about getting my charts interpreted by you. Over the last few years I’ve placed a lo of emphasis on being married and seeking a suitable partner to be my wife.

  22. Rising: Taurus
    Sun: Aries
    Moon: Pisces
    Venus and Mars: Taurus

    Most of the loves in my early life were Cancers (my mother is a cancer dk if that had anything to do with it). Later in life: I tend to love scorpios with a deepest passion since I had dated one for the first time. Now that is all I tend to want. Is there a reason for this?? Me being a fire sign with so much earth and in my chart is confusing.

  23. Yes scorpio is on your descendent that rules marriage! Also scorpio opposes your venus & sex! The opposite signs help us incorporate what we lack. Love it! Xo

  24. Thank you so much for your reply it is greatly appreciated by me.
    Very pleased to find that out.
    Don’t know if you got my last comment or not, but I was excited lol. but think I lost the long reply I wrote back.
    But I was wondering how do I figure out what planets rule my chart or which planets influence this or that placement in my chart?

  25. I’m libra but most of my chart is in earth element ( virgo rising included ). Really I need a guy with pisces qualities. The last guy I was interested had sun in aries, venus in aquarius, mars in taurus, moon in capricorn. He just wanted us to be “friends” ( acquaintances ). Unfortunately I lost almost two years talking to this guy from long-distance. If I thought he was so cold and detached, I would have stopped contact with him after the meeting we have when he visit my country. But better late than never. Total waste of time.

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