The 5th House In Astrology

The fifth house in astrology is where we find our creative talents, the love we make, the music we dance to and the children we have or the child within ourselves. Naturally ruled by Leo a fiery fixed sign, here we find the passion within ourselves

Sun in the 5th house aw Im impartial because my Cancer Sun takes us residence in the 5th house, wanting to have fun in the everyday. Dramatic in love affairs and love indeed comes above everything. I like to say I’m on a quest to find true love. indicative of a person that loves children though every website states unlikely to have children of your own. Adapts traits of a Leo, showy, attention seeking and creative. Ego is majorly involved in love affairs

Moon in the 5th house ups and down are experienced in love affairs. The desire to be on stage and at other times withdraw. Fluctuations in all 5th house activities, be careful with gambling just as the moon fluctuates so will your wins and losses. Better chances of having children as the moon is natally ruled by cancer the mother of the zodiac

Mercury in the 5th house theatrical in speech perhaps an interest in acting, hobbies must be fun and lively. Love affairs may manifest mentally rather than emotionally. Communication with children and love interests is essential.

Venus in the 5th house indicates appearance goes along way in terms of partners. Someone attractive, charming and indeed this is probably exactly what you will get. Your creative side is expressed via sexual pursuits, you are one to turn on the charm as well as the music and candle light

Mars in the 5th house makes you eager for pursuit in love affairs and sporting events. competitive is the name of the game with Mars in the 5th house. Impulsive in love you may change partners often, sex drive is high. Risk taker/love maker.

Jupiter in the 5th house go out and by a lotto ticket with this placement, luck comes via gambling and risk taking. Just don’t buy 100 scratch off as Jupiter tends to go overboard. Luck with gambling, luck in love affairs and in relation to your children. You probably attract partners and good times easily.

Saturn in the 5th house indicates you have an issue when it comes to letting go and having fun. Saturn in the 5th restricts your capacity to enjoy entertainment or perhaps finding enjoyment in activities such as cross words and suduko. In terms of children you may feel weighed down with responsibility or have issues in terms of fertility or conceiving. ( Not everyone, but some)

Uranus in the 5th house shouts: use protection! Unexpected pregnancies, attracted unusual romances, BIG losses and UNEXPECTED gains flashes of creative insight are likely may indicate a ununsual creative talent.

Neptune in the 5th house probably gives you a love for music, a romantic nature perhaps one where you do not see your lovers clearly. Watch for concerns regarding addiction issues with your children. Be careful of idealizing or having  high ideals or unrealistic ideas about love.

Pluto in the 5th house indicates transformative love affairs, intense affairs, life changing relationships with children. Obsessive creative forces a strong desire to create something amazing whether that is a piece of art, a novel or your offspring relies on other factors.


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