Almost out of the woods

Published July 7, 2012 by starsmoonandsun

I feel liberated, emancipated free of all self hatred since you have dwindled down to nothing but a speck in the universe.

An Aries client and friend of mine recently asked me; “how does it feel to watch your dreams coming true”. Aww so nice what a lovely observation, every day I wake up thankful for the abundance I’m receiving. With my birthday 2 days away naturally I have taken mental stock of the previous year, How far I have come and how far I want to go. I remember praying in July 2011 for the day I would see July 2012, I wanted so badly to skip all of last year, the stretching, the growing, the hurting, the how the hell did I get here moments?!I kept thinking I know this shall pass but when? So here I’m July 2012 I want to burn last year’s solar return chart as a form of complete and total liberation, I feel the reprieve. Saturn slowly inching his way out of my 8th house via transit, there have been times I felt like a mountain climber without a harness, attempting to reach the peak, 2 steps up, 5 steps back, 4 steps forward and I would lose my grip and fall on my ass. Did I mention my fear of heights? Saturn in the 8th has been a hard way to go. I have had to go toe to toe with the darkest parts of my soul; I have been challenged emotionally in every area of my life. They say you reap the rewards of Saturn as he leaves the 8th house. After you have done the hard work that is life I suppose no free parking or get out of jail free cards.


Having endured 2 years of Saturn (restriction, karma, lessons) transiting my 8th house (sex, death, money, rebirth) periodically squaring (hard aspect) my sun (ego) and mercury (mind) , along with a Saturn(married man) moon (feelings) conjunction (falling for) in last year’s solar return I feared I would never see the light again. Saturn squares the natal sun once every 15 years I would like to say I hope I never see the day it happens again but let’s be honest that would mean I would be dead. Saturn represents restriction; it is oppressive, responsibility the website: describes it as a time “of results ~ good or bad. Don’t force your way here – you may burn bridges you had not intended to. Limitations ~ a insufficient defense on your part is probable. Excessive conservatism. Usually increases restrictions in all areas of life. Brings a confining influence with a inability to express yourself and enjoy life. Usually indicative of a series of humbling experiences. Heavy burdens and responsibilities which normally may not be yours to carry. Challenges from authoritative persons. Solutions ~ best to make choices that allow for movement in goals and plans that are working instead of the areas of life that are filled with endless confrontations and/or frustrations”

I also want to add that the Sun represents the men in a woman’s life or the sun can be the man himself in his life. When transiting Saturn aspects the Sun in a woman’s chart this can indicate either meeting a cold man, someone serious, concerned with finance, not a very fun man and If you are a man and the Saturn is squaring your Sun you may find this to be a period of low esteem, where you throw yourself into work you may look to acquire material possessions to fill the void that exists inside of you.

Saturn is not fun stuff, perhaps if you have Sun in Capricorn and a Capricorn rising you may be okay with conservatism. I have a friend he is a Capricorn rising with Saturn in the 1st house he is a man of structure. But I’m an Aquarius rising with the Sun in the 5th house and Venus in Gemini I want to flutter about not feel confined to a cage.

So here we are I feel relieved, excited for the future, a bit optimistic and well ready for a clear break. So this blog is dedicated to positive changes via: solar return chart, transit and progressions. (My next blog will be the astrology of a move and surprising enough I did not have Uranus transiting the 4th)

I currently have a Progressed New Moon (Progressed moon conjunct natal sun) in the 5th house of “I create”: children, love affairs, music, creative abilities a true desire to express myself. Progressions are considered the souls evolution. The planets change via progression at a very slow rate, for instance, my progressed moon conjoining my natal sun will happen 2 to 3 times in a lifetime. This indicates a time with PLENTY of new beginnings a break from the past. Can I get an Amen! This new moon sets the tone for the next 20+ years and I can’t help but rejoice the progressed moon is not only in Cancer but in the 5th house, home to fun, joy and creative pursuits!

My Progressed Sun is at an exact conjunction to my 7th house cusp home to marriage and partnerships: I felt this manifest in an array of ways. I’m nataly an oddly reclusive person…hmm I don’t know if that is the correct word. I’m just not overall excessively friendly. I require a lot of “me” time. I do not get people that are co-dependent, and I have an adverse reaction to meaningless conversation. I have Natal Pluto in the 8th house, what your kids had for breakfast isn’t exactly tantalizing conversation to me. Needless to say lately I have been feeling perhaps I should try to understand others more, and become more involved Don’t get me wrong Ill feed the homeless, write out a check but I don’t do groups I’m just more solitary (most planets below the horizon) but I feel a bit more like opening up.

Progressed Jupiter planet of luck and expansion along with my new moon is taking up residence in my 5th house as well. Jupiter moves very slow via progression. For instance at my time of birth my Jupiter was at 21 degrees of Gemini here we are 35 years later and it is in 28 degrees of Gemini. That isn’t much, Jupiter in the natal 4th bestows to me good luck with home and real-estate when placed in the 5th house this indicates abundance via children, gambling, and acceptance of your own individuality!

Also want to note that I have what is known as intercepted house in Astrology that is when you do not have the energy of every sign on the house cusp. You are missing a sign for me I do not have Virgo and Pisces on the cusp, they are intercepted on the 7th and 1st. I believe this gives you some struggle with identifying with those particular houses. For me that is the battle between self (1st) sacrifice (Pisces) and others Virgo (servitude) but via progression this year all of the houses are in natural order with Aries on the 1st and ending with Pisces on the 12th. A nice flow of energy for the 1st time in my life!

Upcoming Solar Return

Forever I have said that I wanted to be born a Leo! Roar! Long before I knew I have many Leo traits (sun in the 5th house) way before I even knew what a progression meant (my progressed sun is in Leo) I enjoy Leos, while there may be parts to Leos that I find a bit superficial I admire their joyous, nothing can hold me down, I’m queen of the jungle hear me roar attitude. I feel Cancers fake it but Leo’s believe it! I’ve had a Leo pick up my stomped on spirits on more than one occasion. And this year I’m looking forward to having a boost of self esteem from my Solar Return Leo Ascendnent. What remains to be seen is how the Ascendant falling into my natal descendant will manifest.

Solar Return Sun in the 11th house I’m sure will give me an Aquarian vibe which I already possess being that Uranus is my natal ruler (Aquarius rising) 11th house also rules hopes and wishes. Not a bad place to be, hmmm as well as groups and like minded individuals. I need to get acquainted with people gradually though the need to branch out is there. I also have Venus and Jupiter (the 2 great benefices in astrology) in the 10th house of honor and reputation (a very fortunate aspect)! And they are both conjoining my natal Venus and Jupiter in my 3rd house of community and writing and my 4th house of real-estate. I’m definitely ready to make some more dreams come true!


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  • Happy belated birthday! I just stumbled upon your blog. Im Aquarius rising also and yes these last two years have been hell with saturn transiting my eighth house Libra sun. That’s wonderful that your solar return looks better. I think saturn transiting the 9th will be a relief don’t you?

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