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Leave the mind behind & Find the Heart

Venus leaves fun loving Gemini and enters mother earth, Cancer on August 8th. Venus is considered a benefic planet; ruled by Taurus and Libra it oversees beauty and money. Venus is how we express and receive amore. Where it is placed in your chart along with Greater Benefic Jupiter you will be bestowed blessings. My Venus is actually in 1 degree of Gemini, indicating it just entered the sign of the twins; it is placed in my 3rd house of communication and learning. I would say I have a gift for writing as well as a broad vocabulary. The other day I heard someone say the word “yous” I thought my ears were about to fall off. Sort of like you two or the two of you but with a Joe Pesci/ My Cousin Vinny Spin. Venus in Gemini declares send me a text write me a letter, tell me you love me! I would imagine fictional character Carrie Bradshaw had a Venus in Gemini. The endless talking, the laptop, the writing, and quick wit.

My exboyfriend, a Leo of all things once quipped: if we aren’t doing something you aren’t happy. Venus in Gemini wants to stroll through the park, take a mini vacation (Gemini rules short distance travel), go to the museum (Gemini is the sign of thought) lets go shopping (Gemini can be sort of superficial). Bottom Line is Venus in Gemini wants to go go go!

But Venus in Cancer ruler of the 4th house of home yearns to nest. They want to sit by the fire place, toast marshmallows and listen to light music surrounded by candle light.  Home is essential to those with Venus in Cancer, beautiful surroundings perhaps antique décor. They are slow and cautious in love; Venus in Gemini loves with the mind where as Venus in Cancer finds love with the heart. Make no mistake about it Venus in Cancer people can be clingy possessive and demand nothing short of 100% devotion. They need to be reminded you love them often, they need to feel secure, safe both financially and physically. “I feel” are Cancers keywords. Similar to the sun sign Venus in Cancer is easily wounded and hide their soft inners beneath a tough crab like exterior. Ruled by the moon Venus in Cancer individuals may experience ups and downs in love and finances, Cancer puts forth its whole self when entering into partnership and it is often hard to equate the magnitude of that type of love.

If you find someone and their Venus is in Cancer treat them like paper mache, light, gentle, make them feel safe. Tell them often you love them; keep a first aid kit on hand as they are easily wounded. And in return they will lavish you with home cooked meals and bubble baths. With Venus in Cancer you will find a devoted and dutiful partner. Just be sure you hold up your end of the bargain Cancer has one of the finest memories in the Zodiac and Crabs have been known to pinch when they feel threatened.


2 thoughts on “Leave the mind behind & Find the Heart

  1. I have Venus in Gemini too in my 7th house. My SO, who is a Leo sun, has Venus in Cancer. Your description is spot on. Sometimes I have to remind myself how easily he can be hurt – because he hides it, (Scorpio ASC and all). Although we’re very compatible, there are marked differences in how we express affection and love. He definitely needs a lot of affection and attention.He’s pretty needy and clingy. Smothering is a word that comes to mind. Ignoring him is probably the worst thing I can do. If it wasn’t for his Sag Moon, I don’t think I could handle him – luckily his moon allows him to get over things fairly quickly – though they’re never forgotten.

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