Its a thin line between love and hate

The 7th house in astrology represents the marriage partner, the sign on the cusp represents the qualities you look for in a companion & the planets placed in the 7th house can give insight to the type of relationships you attract or themes in your partnerships. I basically have an empty 7th house but Saturn is at the end of my 6th conjoining my descendent. Father figure issues? Absolutely! I want a man who is a caretaker not necessarily financially but more so emotionally. In any event the 7th house not only represents marriage but open enemies! (The 12th house rules covert enemies). And here in itself we have the thin line between love and hate.

I have Pluto in 8th house aspecting my Sun and Moon so power issues in sexual relationships are likely; these associations also serve as a form of personal growth for me. I’m unsure if we Plutonian types are the only ones privy to this type of emotional grandiose the pendulum of amore swinging from love to hate perhaps someone with a heavy Mars in their chart would experience this as well, possessing a strong disdain for someone that miraculously develops into love or at the least powerful attraction.

Recently I began to think that perhaps hate is merely love masked by hurt!

Being that I’m a Sun square Pluto person and feel everything extreme; love and hate; it is not uncommon for me to seriously dislike someone then all of a sudden find I’m inexplicably drawn to them. I recall having a debate with a man who I really can not stand and as we bickered back and forth I found myself thinking he has nice lips if I could kiss him without anyone knowing I would so grab his face!

Ah if only I could elicit some real life Vampire Diaries compelling action!

Another instance; I dated a Gemini gentleman for an extended period of time, I found him abundantly obnoxious so much so I don’t think I would ever date the sign of the twins again. On our first date he told some woman she couldn’t dress & his shoes cost more than her outfit. I was mortified but when he told me: “if you are bored u can get up and go home”. Did I leave hell no I found him utterly fascinating? Lastly my plutonic love was like some sort of repressed soul all his eccentricity tucked beneath some thinly veiled mask of faux perfection; it drove me nuts it’s like I hated and loved him at the same time. My gay friends in shock when I tell tales of smacking him mid… Well ya know. “In his face”, they asked. YES! In his face! “Hard”, they query. I just couldn’t help myself; that contrast between light and dark. I never knew whether I wanted to hit him or kiss him.

It’s almost like I want to put my finger on the darkness and touch it. I’m attracted to the intensity. I’ve chosen several aspects that highlight these themes, love/hate, aggressive tendencies I find these aspects fascinating

The Sun in one chart in aspect to Mars in another:

The Conjunction:

Mars represents the sex drive one can conclude when the Mars in a man’s chart is the same as a Woman’s sun sign they will energize one another. The man in my opinion will definitely be drawn sexually to the woman. A lot of websites will state this is a great uh not really, well at least not 100%. The Sun in a woman’s chart represents the masculine parts of the woman as well as the ego so you can expect intense arguments. And extreme wilfulness! This is more so apparent in the square and opposition where you are attracted to one another but there is a distinct competitiveness and a tendency for the Sun person to over assert themselves and the Mars will then assert themselves with the end result being an ugly competition though some where hot sex will surely be involved.

Mars in one chart in aspect to Pluto in another

I have written about this before this is deemed by some astrologers as the domestic abuse aspect. Mars God of War in Aspect to Pluto Lord of the Underworld indicates power struggles times 1 million. Pluto on another’s natal planet seeks total transformation where as Mars is more superficial attempting to show might makes right! Someone has to bend or give in but this is highly unlikely unless you are completely evolved and are aware of this aspect. Sexually I think it makes for hot hookups in an 8th house sort of way. Think leather, walking another on a leash! ha!

Pluto in Aspect to Venus

Venus is light superficial, it brings you flowers and writes you poetry. Pluto in aspect to another Venus indicates nothing here is light an fluffy. It’s all or nothing, I love you I hate you I need you go away When Taylor Swift sings :But I miss screaming and fighting and kissing in the rain
and it’s 2am and I’m cursing your name you’re so in love that you act insane and that’s the way I loved you! I thought damn Pluto is somewhere involved here. The opposition which is heavily noted in synastry creates that contrast between light (Venus) and dark (Pluto) it gives that emotional pendulum. An extreme intensity. Sometimes with the square and opposition you are likely to swing between hate and love, perhaps there is even a compulsive element to the feeling; I don’t like a single thing about you but I want to see you any way.

In house overlays someones Mars falling in your 1st house indicates you are directly affected by them, they can rial you up. They can not be ignored. You may have confrontations with them but you just cant let them be.

Speaking of house overlays I have also been rethinking Venus in the 7th house…I use to think to myself ha! My Venus is in your 7th house you are going to love me forever! Someones Venus in your 7th house doesn’t mean you end up together, though that is common…I do think Venus falling in someones 7th house gives them the potential to really hurt you. There again goes that thin line..



  1. True, 2 ex’s Venus fell into my 7th house, conjunct my own Venus in fact. They both hurt me badly, in different ways, but both life changing ways. You would think it would be a nice aspect to have. Your post is the first I’ve read about it having potential to really hurt someone, so true!

  2. Oh I’m sorry for that I learned that the hard way myself! Where their is potential for great love is also potential for great hurt! I would still take the chance though better than 0 7th house overlays! Xo

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