A Different Perspective on Saturn in the 6th House

The placement of Saturn in your natal chart indicates karma that needs to be worked off. Evidently in my last life I lived a life of leisure and was married a 100 times before settling down to live happily ever after. Fast forward to present times I was born with Saturn in the 6th and 7th house. Saturn conjoins my descendant from the 6th house. I go by the philosophy if a planet is within 5 degrees of the next house cusp it is read as being in both houses. So here we have delays in marriage (7th house), and working my ass off without any reward (6th house) Yup that is Saturn for me.

Astrological books tell tales of marrying someone older and colder (Saturn in the 7th) and Saturn in the 6th indicates an individual that adheres to a serious routine. I’m calling bullshit! Perhaps for some people that is the manner in which it manifests; but not for me. Then again my Saturn is square by Uranus; as always it depends on the entire natal chart. In any event here is my alternative definition of Saturn in the 6th; despising routine, feeling weighed down by repetitive patterns; doing the same shit day after day results in sudden fits of narcolepsy.

I once worked a 9 to 5 Saturday/Sunday off sort of job now I work evenings with 2 weekdays off. I also work every holiday. I prefer it this way, I have no desire to be some sort of drone waking up with the rest of the world, cramming into a packed train, waiting on some long line at Starbucks… I will pass.

Recently I began doing background “acting” in my spare time & how utterly fascinating I find it! A different set every day, a different call time, and a variety of people to talk to. The assortment is delightful! I do wish I could stick to some sort of routine but sometimes I work 15 hours, another day I need to get up & write monthly horoscopes and another day I’m on my way to a TV or film set. I want to work out and on occasion I find myself squeezing in 45 minutes on the elliptical all the while thinking about how boring it is.

In terms of Saturn indicating working hard without reward that is certainly true, but maybe some of us are okay with that! I use to be a Spa Director at my former job and I stepped down a level because I really do not want to be defined by my career and have it consume me. So yes now I work all the holidays and yes I have a lot of responsibility without any glamorous title but the truth is I never wanted to be crunching numbers and running my own company. I would rather work hard at my day job and be free to pursue other more creative interests in my free time.


  1. I totally agree. My Saturn rx is in my 6th close to the 7th. 45 and never been married. I hate work routines. 9-5 makes me want to smash my head against a wall.

  2. Yes Saturn in the 7th is horrible when it comes to marriage & I really want to be married :,( I think it’s best placed in the 10th! 10th ruled by Capricorn Ruling Planet is Saturn! You can make arises in your career! Enjoy!

  3. What an interesting article! I never really paid much attention to Saturn or other outer planets, more to the personal planets, unless they are in cardinal houses. I do believe Saturn has a bad reputation, regardless of the house it is in. I’ve been reading some astrology forums and most people seem to be really worked up if Saturn is either in the 1st or 7th house.
    My Saturn is in the 10th house and apparently that indicates encountering some obstacles in my career path, but since the positive effects of Saturn tend to be long -lasting, I’m ok with that.

  4. Yes Taurus loves a routine perhaps most people with that placement enjoy routine. Thanks for your compliment and glad to here hubby works hard… I can’t stand a lazy man!

  5. This is why I love your blog, there is ALWAYS something I totally relate to: “So here is my alternate definition of Saturn in the 6th; despising routine, feeling weighed down by repetitive patterns, doing the same shit results in sudden fits of narcolepsy.”

    My Saturn is in Gemini and in my 6th house – this is by far the most accurate description I’ve read. I despise routine!!! But I also agree that it also means working hard with little reward. Unfortunately, my partner also has this placement, so we are doomed to work our butts off with little to show for it. It does make us incredibly reliable and responsible employees however.

    What’s interesting is that he is A-OK with routine, in fact he does not handle change well at all. His Saturn is in Taurus so this makes sense, he feels more comfortable with routine than without.

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