Mercury Retrograde Tips

Mercury Retrograde Generally Speaking

Each planet used in astrology holds a particular significance over our lives. The Sun is the life force, the moon signifies the women in your life or the manner in which you relate to women, Venus indicates how we give and receive love where Mars is the manner in which we pursue goals, Saturn is the authority figure and where we work our ass off, Uranus indicates where you will often be surprised, Neptune indicates where you are confused, Pluto where you go to die and be reborn and well Mercury that is the manner in which we learn and communicate. Mercury is the ruler of the Astrological Signs Gemini and Virgo as well as the 3rd astrological house home to communication, learning abilities, short trips, electronics and automobiles. The planet Mercury is said to turn retrograde approximately 3 to 4 times a year throwing us curve balls and serving us mini landmines on route to our travel destinations. As Mercury travels through the zodiac no matter what sign it visits you are to follow these basic retrograde rules:

· Do not even think about traveling and if you do travel be prepared for sudden snow falls, e-ticket errors, flat tires, the plane is likely to have mechanical errors. I work it a hotel and last Mercury Rx the elevators stopped functioning and we were unable to make any guest keys for days.
· Back it up! Back it up! Back it up! Mercury rules electronics; I once spilled a glass of Vodka on someones laptop during Mercury Rx whoopsy! Your hard drive will sizzle, that document somehow didn’t save…back everything up to an external hard drive. Expect outdated appliances will suddenly need replacement
· Do not sign a contract, do not apply for a loan, do not get married…When Mercury was in retrograde in 2011 I attempted to buy a place. The bank forgot to tell me about a flip tax, the Co Op Board lost my application and in the end I was denied and accused of providing false statements which is utterly ridiculous
· Get your game face on, the Ex Files will show up. You will bump into them at the local Stop & Shop, they will call you …. This is the better manifestation of Mercury retrograde it permits you to go back and connect with people from the past and perhaps receive closure.
· No Big ticket purchases they will likely need to be returned
· No New Stock purchases look at Facebook stock I believe Venus and Mercury were in retrograde when it went public. And when Zuckerberg got married…no comment.

Mercury Retrograde like most retrograde periods is a time of review. Looking back, reconsidering, rethinking then upon once Mercury going direct Put all those ideas in motion. Until then eat turkey at home, don’t travel for the holidays, don’t even think of engaging in Black Friday shopping & look your best when hitting up the frozen food aisle you never know who you may see;)


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