A Meeting of the Minds Mercury in Synastry

Mercury in a natal chart indicates how we learn and communicate; my natal Mercury is in Cancer indicating I learn via intuition. I need to feel my way through things; I need to feel people in order to relate to them. My Mercury also forms a tight sextile to Mars the planet of action making for the inability to stop thinking. I don’t believe my mind ever shuts off; I’m convinced even in a dream state it is busy planning, deciding and going!

I don’t think Mercury gets much play when examining synastry, it doesn’t shoot off fireworks like a Mars and Venus conjunction, it doesn’t uproot your entire soul like Pluto on the Moon, it won’t have you seeing stars like Neptune on another’s Venus, but Mercury is important! It is the manner in which we communicate; the aspects that Mercury makes can give insight into a couple’s ability to communicate effectively.

True Story: I once had a date with someone, I don’t recall his sign but I used an app to get our compatibility rating and it was a horrendous 8% yes out of 100%, I went on the date any way obviously we all have free will and I don’t believe in astrology dictating your entire existence. In short the date felt like 8%, it was awful. The astrology app had mentioned that we would interrupt each other often. The entire date we were trying to speak at the same time, it was annoying to say the least. It was essentially impossible to get through one dinner. This was awhile ago so I do not recall the exact aspect, but Mercury was 100% involved, it governs the manner in which we exchange and share ideas.

Today I was speaking to someone, a person very different than myself. Some may even say my complete opposite but he was sharing his opinions and I thought Hmm this is interesting, maybe he is sort of right. His Saturn is on my Mercury, ya know this indicates I could learn some things from him in the communicative and thinking realm.

In any event I skimmed my mental rolodex reviewing some people I have spent time with, shuddering at the reality that I have actually had entire relationships with people I cannot recall having had one deep or even contemplative conversation with. How it this even possible?

I checked one chart in particular; his Mercury fell in my 12th house when I tell you I cannot recall a single conversation with meaning I am being entirely sincere. Sometimes planets that are in the 12th house go unseen; I guess in this case it was the meaningful conversation that went unseen. LOL

My Uranus opposed the Mercury of someone else I dated; it was one of the most frustrating placements I have ever experienced. He simply could not follow my train of thought and I had to frequently repeat and explain myself. That’s the nature of Uranus it is electric and can be seen as erratic. I have Venus in Gemini; good communication and a dignified Mercury are important to me.

I continued to scan the Ex-Files in my mind and simply had to look up some ones birth chart from a 100 lifetimes ago, someone I still dream about on that very rare occasion, someone; the first man really that appealed to my mind-he was hot as well- but till this day I never enjoyed speaking with anyone as much. Only to find out we had Mercury conjunct Mercury. Talk about a meeting of the minds. 

Nice Mercury aspects make for easier communication and basic understanding and what relationship doesn’t need that!

Let me add a stipulation- the person has to have an effective way of communicating within them for it to translate as effective in relationships. With that being said what is annoying to one person may be of comfort to another.

Mercury in PLEASING aspect (Trine, Sextile, sometimes Conjunction) to the:

Sun indicates natural understanding of ego concerns and identity, you get where the other is coming from

Moon rules emotions so Mercury on the Moon can indicate feeling at home speaking with one another

Mercury and Mercury as I explained is a meeting of the minds! How nice

Mars; stimulating conversation and fast paced

Jupiter promotes good thoughts, expansion and awareness. Jupiter essentially shows good will and jovial conversations.

Saturn in relation to Mercury: level headed, responsible; Saturn is the teacher

Uranus in relation to Mercury: Upbeat, lively, futuristic, open-minded conversations Uranus is the awakener

Neptune in relation to Mercury: telepathy Oh goodness these connections can get muddled. Confirm what you are thinking; also suggests sharing music and anything artistic.

Pluto in relation to Mercury: Deep analysis, life changing conversations Pluto wants to transform the thought process. Pluto is an agent of change


***As always the entire chart must be considered; you can have the most harmonious Mercury aspects but if your partner’s Saturn falls in your 3rd house (for example) you likely experience them as verbally non-demonstrative and abrupt***


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