December Horoscopes

December Overview

The good news is Mercury went direct in late November putting an end to all the madness with delayed flights, sudden bad weather and computers gone haywire. It is safe to say we can return to our regularly scheduled program and welcome in a beautiful fresh slate known as The New Year. Until then we begin December with the Sun in Sagittarius, while the Sun was in Scorpio our thoughts were at times dark, most likely deep and certainly penetrating now we switch gears and remember life is an adventure. The fixed fire sign of Sagittarius oversees the 9th house in astrology home to religion, far off places, and higher learning.  Mercury planet of communication will leave its extended stay in Scorpio and venture into the archer as well on December 11th, this is great news for the fire signs, Aries and Leo and Air signs, Libra and Aquarius just make sure you postpone any important conversations till after December 12th when Mercury planet of the mind forms a stressful angle to Neptune planet of dreams and delusions. When Mercury and Neptune meet there is often something we aren’t hearing correctly, perhaps even deception or a left out piece of pertinent information. Venus will join the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius on December 17th reminding us you can take your soul and mind with you but don’t forget your heart. Venus in Sagittarius believes love is an adventure and perhaps even an unusual one at that. Uranus planet of surprise and eccentricity heads direct in Aries on December 12th after being in retrograde motion since July and quickly forms a trine to Venus planet of love on December 19th. When Venus meets Uranus in the sky there are often unusual liaisons here on earth. The song “No Ordinary Love” by Capricorn singer Sade comes to mind. Speaking of Capricorn the Sun will enter the sign of the industrious mountain goat on December 22nd and welcome in the winter solstice. The winter solstice is the longest night in the entire year; it is a great time for reflecting and setting intentions for the New Year. What do you wish to manifest in 2013? A New Year is upon us.

Aries December Horoscope

Happy Holidays trailblazing ram with the Sun placed in family fire sign of Sagittarius until December 22nd it is full steam ahead. Plan that trip abroad or take that philosophy class you have been considering; with the transiting Sun making its way through your solar 9th house of long distance travel & higher learning now it the time! As the Sun in Sagittarius forms a trine or pleasing aspect to you Aries Sun there is much to gain from seeking, learning and going. Your mind will be particularly sharp once Mercury planet of learning leaves its extended stay in the water sign of Scorpio and joins the Sun in adventurous Sagittarius on December 11th, quickly followed by Venus planet of love and beauty on December 17th. There is a fire in the sky with the Sun, Mercury and Venus all placed in the sign of the archer, Aries Sun natives are open to new ideas and the need for speed in love and life.

December should be a glorious month for the cardinal fire sign of Aries, just make sure you are direct in speech and demand the same of others as Mercury squares Neptune planet of illusions and delusions on December 11th and Venus planet of love squares Neptune on December 16th, Aquarius Kelly Rowland sang “Everything is beautiful when you’re looking through rose-colored glasses”, it is best to avoid solidifying any commitments prior to December 11th or till after the 16th as there may be something that isn’t abundantly clear

While at work try to avoid confrontations with those is both superior and subordinate positions with Mars having entered fellow cardinal sign of Capricorn in mid November where the planet of aggression will remain until late December you will need to learn the art of compromise, a trait unfamiliar to the Cardinal Signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn that merely want to go off and get the job done. Mars in Capricorn will form a stressful aspect otherwise known as a square to those born under an Aries Sun, the square represents upsetting energy it is best to remain calm and give a little, you will gain a bigger perspective once the planet of action moves into friendly air sign and humanitarian sign of Aquarius on December 27th

Uranus planet of rebellion and surprise has been in retrograde movement since July 2012 and will go direct on December 13th in your solar 1st house of self. Uranus is currently in the early degrees of the adventurous ram and will remain in the sign of Aries until March 2019. Currently Aries Sun natives born March 21 – March 31 are feeling Uranus’ sporadic energy most. While Uranus was in retrograde motion you may have been considering what areas of your life require liberation and emancipation, where do you need to feel free? With Uranus going direct this month rams will seek to take action externally where they reviewed internally the answers to such questions. Uranus in Aries marks an extended period of growth and change and I see no better time to start than the present.

Taurus December Horoscope

Partnerships; marriage and business alike continue to be a focal point for the enduring and stability conscious bull. With Saturn’s entrance into your opposing sign of Scorpio back in early October Lord of Karma made his grand entrance into your solar 7th house of partnerships where he will remain for approximately the next two years. Bulls born from April 21 – April 30th are particularly feeling as though they are weighed down by commitments and obligations to others. This marks a period of evaluating your relationships, you may also experience difficulties with superiors (Saturn) or men (generally speaking) in your life. Adding to further frustration is Mercury planet of communications extended stay in Scorpio and Venus planet of love and beauty also in Scorpio in your solar 7th house opposing the Taurus Sun. The theme seems to be balancing your needs with the needs of others, with Mercury in your solar 7th house extensive conversations involving partnerships are likely to continue until the 12th of December when the planet of the mind makes a break for freedom seeking Sagittarius. It is likely your focus will shift from partnerships to finances as Mercury enters your solar 8th house of financial holdings. Quickly following suit Venus will leap from the sign of depth and analysis and enter the archer on December 17th. With Mercury and Venus entering you 8th house mid month this is an excellent time to apply for any small business loan or workout financial arrangements with others as they are likely to not only listen but be receptive.

Mars entered family earth sign of Capricorn on November 19th and will remain in the sign of the industrious mountain goat until the end of December. Mars the planet of aggression and action placed in family earth sign proves very beneficial for Taurus Sun natives; you are filled with determination and focus that will continue through most of December and into the New Year! The Sun will join Mars on December 22nd when it makes its grand entrance into Capricorn and we welcome the Winter Solstice. Taurus Sun natives will feel a slight reprieve from the grasp of Saturn and more confident and at ease. The end of the month marks an excellent time to declare a New Year’s resolution; especially considering Mercury the sign of the mind will also enter Capricorn on January 1st, Happy 2013 beautiful bulls!

Uranus planet of eccentricity has been in apparent retrograde motion since July and will head direct on December 13th, over the last several months tried and true Taurus Sun natives may have been quietly questioning areas of their lives they wished to have colored outside the lines a bit? Wondering if they should always take the route most traveled? With Uranus going direct this month you do not have to mask your authenticity, strike out on a bold new path! Perhaps open yourself up to a new kind of love when Uranus planet of the unusual trines Venus planet of amore on December 19th, really the choice is yours.

Gemini December Horoscope

With the transiting Sun in your opposing sign of Sagittarius, Gemini Sun natives may feel challenged by others ideas and methods of doing things. Gemini is the ruler of the 3rd house home to siblings, early education, whereas Sagittarius rules the 9th house home to higher education and the world at large. This period is a time of completion rather than initiating new activities a time of reflection not action. It has been approximately 6 months since you began your solar year and celebrated your birthday this is a period of reviewing how much you have accomplished and how far you still have to go.

Mercury your ruling planet also planet of communication and learning abilities reenters opposing sign of Sagittarius on December 11th,  it first entered the sign of the archer back in October then retrograded back into Scorpio and now it is back in Sagittarius to finish any conversation that was left up in the air, compromises must be solidified now. Mercury placed in Sagittarius asks you to go beyond the small details, above the mundane and take a look at the big picture. You are quite likely to have an abundance of ideas; you may find you are on the go physically and mentally. If you keep an open mind you may find you can see the world from an entirely new vantage point. Listen to new ideas, remain open to new perspectives, the Sun sign of Gemini is nothing if not open and interested in what others have to say. Just make sure you are hearing others clearly when Neptune planet of confusion squares Mercury on December 11th.

Venus planet of love and beauty joins Mercury in free-spirited Sagittarius on December 17th and will oppose the Sun of Gemini’s born May 22nd till June 11th. As Venus makes its way through your solar 7th house mid month you may feel your values and the values of your marital or business partner tends to be at odds.  You may wish to go off alone, especially considering Venus is the sign of the eternal traveler of Sagittarius, or perhaps go off on an extended shopping spree to nurse your wounds you may even wish to turn a blind eye to loved ones faults with Neptune planet of delusions squaring the planet of love on December 16th.  Remember avoiding compromise or pretending issues do not exist do not relinquish them, but only prolong the inevitable.

Uranus planet of surprise is headed direct after a long retrograde period that began back in July, currently transiting Gemini’s solar 11th house of Hopes and wishes, you may have quietly been reconsidering the dreams you once had. Gemini Sun natives born May 22 – May 31 are most affected by this transit. Retrograde periods are often a time of reflection and reconsidering, with Uranus in your 11th house you probably have been reexamining the dreams you envisioned for yourself. Perhaps the ones you once held no longer apply, with Uranus now going direct you can implement new hopes and new wishes. Where do you see yourself in 2013 the choice is yours dynamic twins you are one of the most versatile signs in the zodiac!

Cancer December Horoscope

Happy Holidays Cancer, make the most of Mercury and Venus placed in family water sign of depth seeking Scorpio for the first portion of the month. Mercury planet of communication will form a pleasing trine to those Cancer Sun individuals born between July 13th and July 22nd. Cancer Sun natives will feel particularly intuitive during this period, picking up often on what isn’t being said. Water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are known to communicate instinctively and at times telepathically often scanning body language, facial expressions and picking up on other nonverbal cues. With Venus in Scorpio until the 17th of December Cancer Sun natives will search for intensity in love affairs, especially with Venus touring your solar 5th house of affection. Pleasure seeking activities with someone special are numero uno on the agenda. You may be feeling more open than usual with the desire to share your joy with someone close.

Mars planet of action entered your opposing sign of Capricorn in mid November and continues to transit your solar 7th house of partnership until late December. Cancer a cardinal water sign is concerned with feelings and the love of home where as Capricorn a cardinal earth sign is concerned with concrete results and business. Capricorn is similar to the father of the zodiac whereas Cancer is the sign of mother earth, in opposition you quite frankly aren’t open to the ideas of others, you are likely to feel as though you are being attacked and respond in full defense mode. Try to compromise, take a breath and slow down. With Mars the God of War in hard aspect to your Sun you may suddenly find you’re in a battle of wills with others this energy is only heightened when the Sun enters Capricorn on December 22nd welcoming in the winter solstice.  With Mars and the Sun in your solar 7th house in the end of December confrontations with loved ones and business associates are likely. The Cancer Sun is represented by the glyph of the crab and are known to retreat or attack with their claws when feeling threatened, now would be an excellent time to start some New Year resolutions and declare that you will do neither and remain open to others way of doing things or at the very least listen. This may prove to be a difficult task especially with Mercury planet of communication entering the hard-working mountain goat on January 1st opposing your natal Sun. Happy New Year!

Uranus planet of rebellion is currently touring Cancers solar 10th house of career and reputation. Uranus has been in retrograde motion for many months and will now head direct on December 13th. The 10th house is home to your overall life direction, the way in which others see you and your career choices. While Uranus worked its way backward you may have taken mental stock of the overall direction of your life. Perhaps you want to change careers, maybe you seek to be liberated from what you deem as a oppressive partnerships, well now is the time to break free of the ideals and life direction others have placed upon you and discover your true desires, where do you truly want to be? Where do you truly see yourself in 10 years, 5 years? In 2013? Cancer Sun Natives born June 22nd and July 1st will particularly feel the energy of transiting Uranus squaring your Sun; you want to do things based on how you feel and are less concerned with how you are perceived. A little liberation anyone?

Leo December Horoscope

The transiting Sun entered Sagittarius in late November and will remain in the sign of the truth-seeking adventurer until the 22nd of December. The Sun in Sagittarius is illuminating your solar 5th house of love affairs, creativity and hobbies! For most of December Leo Sun natives will feel joyous and long for the days they can spend doing things they want to do instead of things they have to do. With the transiting Sun in pleasing aspect to the ferocious lion’s natal sun you will feel on top of your game, confident and ready to take a chance on love especially once Mercury planet of the mind enters Sagittarius on December 12th quickly followed by Venus planet of love on December 17th. With the transiting Sun, Mercury and Venus all aligned in your solar 5th house of affection; your heart, mind and soul are as one. With the 5th house also being home to risk taking activities the universe is encouraging you to take a chance; the odds are everything will work out in your favor. Perhaps take a walk on the wild side of love on December 19th when Venus the planet of love forms a trine to Uranus the planet of the unexpected and rebellion. Live and love out loud lion and lioness friends; it’s what you do best.

While your mind and heart are focused on play your body appears to be at the office. With Mars planet of actions entrance into the worker bee of the zodiac, Capricorn in late November it would appear you have been diligent if not feeling as though you are chained to your cubical.

Leo Sun natives have been experiencing mounting pressure on the home front since Saturn Lord of Karma entered Scorpio in early October and formed a stressful aspect to those born under a Leo Sun. This especially has effected those of you born on July 23 – August 3rd. Pressure and obligations on the home front seem overwhelming, this marks a 2 year period of restriction and a general feeling of suppression. It is essential you take the time to enjoy things that are stress free, be mindful of your health, watch your spending habits; this is a time where you need to be mindful of you energy, time and resources. December looks like an excellent month to take advantage of spending time with someone you care about and doing things you enjoy, listen to music, attend a show opening, take advantage of your loaded solar 5th house, these days are limited

Uranus planet of emancipation and liberation has been in retrograde movement since midsummer 2012 and will now head direct on December 13th in your solar 9th house of philosophy. Where Saturn applies an oppressive feeling, Uranus is quite the opposite it represents lightning, flashes of genius and insight and what better place to have flashes of insight then in your solar 9th house of higher thinking. For the last several months you may have secretly been releasing long-held beliefs you have had about religion, justice or the world at large. You have been privy to flashes of brilliant information, now that Uranus is turning direct it is time for you to shed old ways of thinking and share your new philosophies with the world. Happy New Year lovely lion!

Virgo December Horoscope

Your focus appears to be on the home front for most of December especially after the 17th when the transiting Sun, Mercury and Venus will all be in Sagittarius and nestled into your solar 4th house of roots. Virgo Sun natives may feel some tension especially early in the month with the planet of communication and planet of love both in fellow fixed sign of Scorpio forming a stressful aspect to your natal Sun. You may feel as though you aren’t being heard or understood in all areas of your life but this feeling should dissipate once Mercury planet of communication leaves your 3rd house of speech on the 11th and moves into your solar 4th house of home. This month you may not feel like leaving the house and dream of days you can spend with your family in your perfectly quaffed living space. Just watch for the tendency to promise more than you can deliver as Mercury in Sagittarius opposes Jupiter planet of expansion in Gemini on December 23rd.

With Mars planet of action in Capricorn forming a pleasing aspect to the Virgo Sun you are feeling particularly sensual with energy to spare especially with Pluto Lord of the Underworld working its way through your 5th house of love affairs and creativity for many years to come. With Pluto and Mars together you have the energy and drive to write, paint, love; passion is the name of the game and you posses it in spades just watch for the tendency to become so enthralled with making magic you dismiss the other areas of your life. Pluto is nothing if not intense, having entered family earth sign of Capricorn in November 2008 the slow-moving planet is still in the early degrees of the mountain goat and those Virgos born between August 23rd and September 2nd  are feelings its energy most. While Pluto forms a trine to the Virgo Sun you will tap into a regenerative power that may feel quite new. You are filled with the desire to create something outside of the norm, you will receive the support required to accomplish your desires perhaps even turning hobbies which are represented by the solar 5th house into a career! What will you create in 2013? The choice is yours.

Libra December Horoscope

Libra Sun natives receive a grand boost of energy mid December when Mercury planet of communication reenters truth-seeking and adventure loving sign of Sagittarius on December 11th quickly followed by Venus planet of love on December 17th. Mercury initially entered the sign of the archer in late October then began its apparent retrograde motion working its way backward into deep thinking sign of Scorpio where it will remain till the 2nd week of December when it switches into truth-seeking Sagittarius. Any conversations or ideas that were put on hold and reevaluated during Mercury retrograde are now ready to be set in forward motion. Mercury is a planet concerned with daily activities and the daily environment whereas Sagittarius is a citizen of the world preoccupied with the masses. As Mercury settles in for a month-long stay in your 3rd house of communication and community it is essential to expand your view of the world, you may come into contact with and engage in conversations with individuals from all walks of life. Perhaps you will find yourself dreaming, planning or thinking about distant places, ideologies and philosophies. With Venus planet of loves entrance into Sagittarius joining the transiting Sun and Mercury in your solar 3rd house it is quite likely you will find romance with someone from an entirely different background then your own. At the very least you will find beauty surrounds you with Libra being the astrological ruler of beauty you enjoy being accompanied by urbane and marvelous masterpieces.  Just make sure you are seeing others for who they are as Venus will be in hard aspect to Neptune planet of illusions and delusions on December 16th wait until after this date has passed before solidifying any plans.

Most of your focus will be on communication this month; this can be via internet, telephone, fax or email. It seems you will find you are overwhelmed with people to speak to and emails to respond to. December will be a busy month possibly even involving a short trip, considering the Sun, Mercury and Venus will take up residence in your solar 3rd house mid month. Delegate tasks when you can and watch for disagreements on the home front with aggressive Mars taking up residence in your solar 4th house of home placed in Capricorn forming a hard angle to the Libra Sun.

Uranus planet of surprise and the unexpected has been in retrograde motion since July 2012 and will go direct on December 13th in your solar 7th house of partnerships. While Uranus was in retrograde motion Libra Suns especially those born on September 24 – October 3rd have been quietly questioning certain partnerships. With Uranus heading direct you may suddenly want to sever all ties with certain associates, the dissolution of partnerships you considered while Uranus was in retrograde will require action once Uranus heads direct. 2013 is upon us and for Libra Sun natives a choice is required who are you bringing with you into the New Year and who are you leaving behind?


Scorpio December Horoscope

We open this month with Mercury planet of communication in your home sign of depth and analysis. Mercury originally entered Scorpio back on October 6th prior to leaping into far-reaching Sagittarius on October 30th and ultimately heading backward into Scorpio on November 15th where it will remain in the sign of Scorpio before reentering globetrotting Sagittarius on December 12th. If you have felt out of sorts Scorpio it is with good reason. While Mercury is in retrograde in your home sign I’m sure you were privy to miscommunications, sudden cancellations of meetings or even a trip, but with Mercury ruler of short distant travel and communication now direct in your home sign your mind is sharp and penetrative, especially until December 11th.Along with Mercury; Venus planet of love and beauty has been touring your solar first house of self until December 17th indicating not only are others taking note of how attractive you look, you as well may feel particularly loving and at ease for the first 2 or so weeks of December.

Planet of action, Mars entered friendly water sign of Capricorn back in mid November and will remain in the sign of the somber mountain goat until the end of the month watch for the tendency to be blunt bordering on rude. Mars transit through your solar 3rd house of speech indicates the inclination to say whatever is on your mind. This also indicates your are unable to shut your mind off, you have sensory overload. It is best to count to 5 before responding, Scorpio a sign knows for its secrecy but not always its diplomacy will likely verbally assault someone if they feel they are being questioned or their ideas are attacked.

Saturn Lord of Karma is still in the early degrees of water sign of Scorpio; we can already see the effects Saturn Lord of Karma has had publicly with the recent sex scandal involving, David Petraeus a man in position of power and also born under the Sun sign of Scorpio. Saturn is the planet of authority while placed in Scorpio ruler of sex and secret activities it is best to be above-board in all of your dealings from the bedroom to the boardroom. This also marks a time where Scorpio Sun natives born October 24 to November 2nd will find they are extremely industrious. It is a period of hard work, if the work you have contributed is honorable this can be a time of great success and reward. Happy 2013 Scorpio which path will you choose?

Sagittarius December Horoscope

Happy Birthday Sagittarius, with the Sun placed in your home sign the globetrotting citizen of the world should be feeling high-spirited and confident. This positive feeling and rush of adrenaline should follow you most of the month especially when Mercury planet of communication and the mind reenters Sagittarius on December 12th. Mercury originally entered Sagittarius at the end of October but retrograded back into Scorpio for much of November now is the time to put into motion any idea you had been tweaking and reworking during that 3 week retrograde period. Just wait until after the 12th when Mercury will move away from its square aspect to planet of illusions Neptune hence clouding your judgment. Venus planet of love will enter the far-reaching sign of Sagittarius on December 17 joining the transiting Sun and Mercury in your solar 1st house of self. I can think of no better way to end 2012 that with your mind and heart aligned.

Your ruling planet continues to work its way backward in your solar 7th house of partnerships in your opposing sign of Gemini. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and good luck while in hard aspect to your Sun you may feel as though things will magically work out. While Sagittarius is optimistic by nature this takes optimism to an entirely other level. Relationships both personal and professional require work and time; things do not miraculously manifest. While Jupiter continues its retrograde motion until the end of January you should use this time to consider the relationships you have thrown to blind luck? Are their areas within your personal relationships that you have neglected or have taken for granted with the assumption they will always be there. Now is the time to reexamine your relationships with others, your beliefs, if you have been expressing gratitude for those you hold dear and what better time to show appreciation than at the start of 2013.

Uranus planet of surprise and the unexpected has been in retrograde motion for several months and will head direct in your solar 4th house of home and real-estate. Perhaps while Uranus has turned retrograde you have been reconsidering your eccentric living arrangements, perhaps you have moved 8 times in 2 years, are subject to frequent unannounced family member visits or some other part of your home life is in disarray. Once Uranus goes direct on December 12th you are going to devise a plan of action  that will enable you to find some home life stability. Perhaps you will make a plan to move from your mother in laws house, or ask your roommate to leave by mid 2013; whatever will make your home less chaotic, free spirited Sag now is the time.

Capricorn December

Much of the month is quiet for the industrious mountain goat with the exception of Mars planet of action having entered your home sign as of mid November. While the planet of drive continues touring your solar 1st house of self you should be feeling particularly energetic and on the move, you want to cross off that to do list as quickly as possible. The Sun will enter your home sign of Capricorn on December 22nd and usher in the winter solstice. Capricorn is one of the four cardinals signs; the others being Aries declaring the spring season, Cancer welcoming Summer, Libra greets us with fall and the status seeking goat greets us with the winter solstice. Cardinal signs are initiators; they are the worker bees of the zodiac and in many ways trend setters. The four houses that are considered the most important in astrology are known as the angels: The 1st house ruled by Aries is concerned with self, the 4th house ruled by Cancer preoccupied with home, the 7th house ruled by Libra is concerned with partnership and Capricorn is ruler of the 10th house of career and reputation.

Your month really begins in January when mercury and Venus planet of love enter your home sign giving you a reprieve from hard work and encouraging you to loosen up and have some fun.Until then Saturn continues its 2+ year journey in the sign of Scorpio forming a pleasing aspect otherwise known as the trine for those Capricorn natives born December 22 to December 31st, The trine from Saturn to the natal Sun indicates a period of ease and manifestation of your dreams, but Saturn doesn’t dish out freebies you must put in the work to achieve your dreams and he will guarantee success.

Heavy weight Pluto continues to work its way through your solar 1st house of self, Pluto is not for the faint at heart. Some people will never experience this transit as it is truly rare. Pluto seeks to uproot your entire existence. Pluto strips away any comforts that truly do not serve you. Pluto rules power and as the little planet with punch crosses over your Sun you may be inclined to impose your will on others. A great question to ask you is how does this serve me? What have I held onto that needs to be released so I can start anew. Make a plan of action for the New Year, loosen up the grip you have on familiarities what are you willing to let go of in 2013? What no longer serves you?

Aquarius December Horoscope

Aquarius Sun natives may feel a bit of tension for the first week or so of December while the planet of the mind Mercury and Venus planet of love are placed in fellow fixed sign of Scorpio. Aquarius a fixed air sign concerned with thought and ideas may feel at odds with others seeing that Scorpio is a fixed water sign concerned with feelings and intuition. However this should dissipate mid month when Mercury planet of communication joins the Sun in friendly fire sign of Sagittarius quickly followed by Venus on December 17th. Air signs and fire signs have a natural affinity; they depend on one another and help one another. With the Sun, Mercury and Venus in the sign of the high-spirited wanderer you will feel like someone has breathe new life into you. With all of these planets moving from your solar 10th house of career and into your 11th house of group activities it appears you can have it all this month! With Venus transiting your 10th house you simply need to show up at work and you will be well received as Venus goes onto your 11th house of friendships you are likely to feel the love while doing what you do best socializing! Mars planet of action and drive will enter your home sign just prior to the New Year on December 27 indicating you have the steam to commit yourself to even the hardest of New Year’s resolutions.

Not to put a damper on your eccentric and vivacious parade but Saturn Lord of Karma has nestled into your 9th house of higher thinking for the next 2 years. Aquarian suns are nothing if not attached to their ideas, their keywords are “I Know” but now is a time of restructuring your thought process, you may face adversaries of superiors that challenge the way in which you think. This is most apparent to those Aquarius Sun natives born January 21 to January 30th With Saturn in hard aspect to your Sun over the next two or so years this is not a time of exerting your opinions but rather learning some lessons in humility.

Uranus planet of the unexpected turned retrograde back in July and will now turn direct on December 12th in your solar 2nd house of values. Uranaian energy affects everyone differently but you are most susceptible to its energy considering Uranus is your ruling planet. While Uranus was in retrograde motion you may have been pondering what it is you value? Who do you value? Are your values aligned with the person you are today or are these merely values you have carried with you since childhood. With your ruling planet set to turn direct just before the New Year get in touch with what and whom is important to you and promise to honor that in 2013!

Pisces December Horoscope

Pieces Sun natives continue to experience and extra boost of confidence and even a little bit of tenacity while Mercury remains in family water sign of Scorpio until December 12th. Any important conversations should take place in the 1st week of December prior to Mercury planet of communication squaring your ruling planet of Neptune on December 12th when correspondence will be muddled.  Venus continues to transit the sign of Scorpio until December 17th when it will journey into wild card Sagittarius. Take advantage of the Venusians energy while it remains in intense Scorpio; pour out your soul to someone into something creative once Venus enters the sign of the archer joining Mercury and the transiting Sun you are likely to feel at odds with others. Mars planet of action continues its journey through friendly earth sign of Capricorn until December 26th forming a pleasant aspect to those Pisces Sun natives born March 2nd until March 20th you will have that extra energy to do everything from holiday shopping to planning a dinner for 20 close friends and family.

Pluto planet of death and rebirth continues its transit through your solar 11th house of like-minded friends, hopes and wishes. Pluto will transit your solar 11th house for many years to come  often you will notice friends that do not serve your higher good will simply vanish at other times you will have outgrown some associations and disengage from them. Who you once deemed as a close friend will now become a merely passing acquaintance. While this may make you uneasy and leave you feeling sad I assure you will find new friends perhaps friends even in powerful places with Pluto being the planet of power and being placed in Capricorn the zodiacs authority. There is also a tendency for your dreams to keep dying and renewing, or dreams will fall to the side and be replaced with new dreams. One thing is certain you will now have the power to make your dreams come true. This New Year write a list labeled dream fulfillment & promise 2013 is going to be a year you make some dreams come true.


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