Uranus conjuct Saturn transit The battle continues

Transits are said to be felt the most when an outer planet-Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto touches a personal planet Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, or Mars. Every transit affects someone differently. When Saturn was on my moon I longed to be with someone I couldn’t have. (Saturn a man with responsibilities & moon ruling feelings). Someone else I know has Saturn restriction on his moon (the mother, the past & roots) he is having issues with his mother. In astrology the moon symbolizes all of these things; feelings, the past, the mother & the home. Saturn’s transit to my sun was the worst but someone else I know that sees the world perpetually through rosé colored glasses didn’t even blink during this transit!
Most astrologers would say that you cannot feel the effects of an outer planet on an outer planet because everyone in your generation will experience that. For instance Uranus was in Scorpio from September 1975 – November 1981, so everyone born during that period will have Uranus in Scorpio & will experience present day Saturn in Scorpio conjoining their natal Uranus.

The outer planets change or pass through the zodiac slowly since they move at very slow speed unlike the moon which can change signs daily or the sun which changes every month or so.
Right now Saturn is conjunct my Uranus and I feel as though I’m suffocating. Look at any planets in 5-8 degrees of the fixed signs to see where you are affected. (Fixed signs are: Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius & Leo). I’m an Aquarius rising so Uranus is my chart ruler I’ve thought perhaps that’s why I’m feeling this or maybe it is due in part that it is occurring in my natal 8th house an intuitive receptive house. All I know is I would like to tell everyone in my life I’m out of order for 30 days figure shit out yourself. Don’t call me with questions, don’t tell me your problems, I’m crumbling. I feel like I’m in a pressure cooker, I have exploded on several people I love dearly & I have to say I may regret the way I said it but not what was said.
I confess this happens to me periodically maybe every 2 years or so I become burnt out, I require a time out. Perhaps it’s my cardinal t-square the doing the going perpetually in overdrive & I feel like the people in my life have no respect for the amount of shit I do in a single day. Or maybe they don’t get it that I have an inability to relax. I also have Capricorn on the 12 the house cusp, father died young the feeling like I must do everything myself blah so I’m working I’m going, I’m planning & then I’m done. Burnt, fizzled out, short circuit. Stick a fork in me!
People at work laugh because I have called my boss & say I need some time off & he’ll say like a day & I’m like “no the week I’ll see you next Monday”.
I have Saturn in the 6th house so I’m that person at work that people call when they need something, I love them & 300 days of the year I don’t mind but when days get like this; I feel like in suffocating. I feel like I’m my Sun in 5th house most days funny, joking laughing but respect the fact that I can’t be that way everyday. And while I have Saturn in the 6th & take my job somewhat seriously there are days perhaps I need an extra break!

Uranus is the ruler of rebellion the avant-garde the eccentric where you go against the grain. Saturn is restriction, responsibilities, things you have to do, he is Father Time. Astrologer’s state when Saturn conjuncts Uranus you feel your expression is restricted, you have a lot of responsibilities to tend too. I cried on the way to work today wondering where is the fun & why have I given up all if the things that are “bad” for me but do not feel any release. Responsibilities feel like burdens, I want to write and create. There is also this becoming very in tuned to the eccentric side of my personality & having to face a harsh reality of the things I’m not, seeing all of the practical things I suck at. Saturn is nothing if not practical like laundry & going to the supermarket. Ugh! I broke down the other day over Christmas tree ornaments Aqua or teal? I don’t know I’m fucking color blind! They could’ve been chartreuse for all I know. Its weird realizing there are things in this life you don’t do very well & these things feel like chores. I cried while throwing out a huge box the other day, it sat in my living room for days I had to throw it out & did so in tears. My coworker said aww don’t cry you are independent. Really I didn’t sign up for this shit or maybe I have Aquarius & Uranus as a chart ruler is nothing if not an independent free spirit.
I would love to hear from those born between September 1975 – November 1981 so you can share with me your experience of Saturn on Uranus.
This is Saturn’s last hurrah for awhile I’ve spent the last 3 years with him in my 8th house this is one of the hardest transits he squared my sun, mercury conjoined my north node and Pluto & now he is on my ruling planet.

See Pic Below


On October 2013 he will officially enter my 9th house I think I’m going to plan a bon voyage party! I just have to try to abide by the rules for the time being though I feel like a war is going on inside me a fight for independence vs. the fight for practicality. Which side will win is anyone’s guess.



  1. Hey,
    Greetings from DC
    I have really started to like your blog and the way you link everyday things to Astrology
    remember I wrote a few days back about Vedic Astrology (from India)
    Keep it up

  2. I’m very Uranus-like, I have Sun square Uranus, Moon and Mercury in Aquarius, and Uranus in a stellium, plus Uranus in the 5th .. i’m a rebel. On twitter you talk a lot about your moon in aries but i have always found your outspoken ways to be very uranus-like. maybe you are aggressive in nature, but nonetheless a very free-thinking aquarian. You shouldn’t wait to explode before you tell others you are overwhelmed. I remember your post on your lack of earth, but it sounds like you’ve gotta master the art of delegating. Don’t try to handle it all on your own, and find some good friends who can help you get out and have fun! Also the 8th house is about letting go and rebirth. Maybe it’s time for you to let go of your rigid work structure and go write and create! good luck!

  3. I have both my North Node and Uranus in Scorpio. The node is in my 5th house with Uranus in the 4th. I have the unfortunate affliction of PLUTO also in my 4th house so Saturn is not just conjunct Uranus in Scorpio 4th house but also tag teaming the third Uranus and Pluto transiting square in the same damn 4th house!! All THREE OF THEM in the same house!! Transiting Uranus is in Aries, my 10th house (polar opposite of 4th house), where Pluto is transiting in Capricorn?!! I have no chance, dude. I’m seriously going to be homeless by the end of the month. The only difference is now I have a bachelors degree in Architecture and will be on the streets…I have nothing at all. Like I lost everything; my lover, my family, my friends, my job, my future….I got NOTHING. I owe so much money it isn’t funny. My natal Saturn is in Leo 2nd house. I’m currently looking for some way to squeeze a few bucks out of my DVD collection because I don’t know what the hell else to do. I had a perfect job hook up through a friend I used to work with. We have the same previous job history but the lady in human resources turned out to be a snob who left me hanging for an entire month before she told me the job wasn’t mine. I was so over qualified for this job it wasn’t funny. We played phone tag for 4 friggin’ weeks before she answered the phone. I’d never met anyone that unprofessional in my life. I have no idea how I’m suppose to “organize” and be “responsible” about the 4th house of home. All I know is I don’t have one. Hope that makes you feel better. At least you have a cool boss that lets you take a week off 😉 lol Having a job is a good thing.

  4. Yes I’m You are right. I’m so sorry for all that you are going through I hope this is sorted out quickly & that you are able to find a job. This site isn’t a battle of sorrows it’s merely a way to discuss themes in astrology & how they relate to present day life. Thank you for sharing yours

  5. Hi!
    I totally relate to what you went through…Saturn is conjuncting my natal Uranus right now and it’s extremely difficult, I feel suffocated like never before, I’m not seeing any friends, or socializing, Im like a ghost. It’s in my 4th so it makes sense. But Im judged as an individual, and free thinker kind of thing..and it’s driving me mad. I have this hobby of going out and building jumps in the snow, and I cant do that anymore, because I’m getting judged and even threatened. People are really conservative and ‘old’ in my area, so it’s really breaking my heart to consider that I might never do it again…

  6. Look, that’s just so well said!. I’ve been searching everywhere and yours is the best definition to what I’m feeling.
    I seem to have a much shorter fuse in regards to controlling and passive aggressive people, whereas prior to this transit – I would be much more agreeable or tolerant of other people’s issues. Now, I have absolutely no acceptance of any of it. I only want to have my right to live my life the way I see fit without someone else’s comments or comparisons. I find those behaviors to be unconstructive and incredibly annoying to listen to. I really don’t care what other people are doing, or why it seems to others that their behaviors and life choices are much more ‘normal’.
    I feel like this transit puts a big ole bullseye on me with a sign above it that says “All you bigots, narcissists, gay bashers, and haters of all things *FREEDOM* – COME TALK TO ME”!. Then I’m left with having to tell each one specifically where they can shove their factless, racist, and rude opinions and comments. It’s daunting as hell.

  7. Hi there.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I find it very illustrative :-). I am not very Uranian in my nature, so it was very surprising form me to feel that energy that Saturn conjunct my Uranus brought upon me. First and most precise word to enplane it is suffocation. My job suddenly become unbearable and I can only think of having a time off. Nothing has happened at work, people are ok and I never had problems with them. But out of sudden I can not stand it anymore!!! How peculiar! I always knew that that job is just a temporary thing until I find something better suitable for me, but i always was patient about that (after all, I knew I have to wait until I find something else). It builds enormous pressure inside which I don’t know how to let out. Exploding at people is not my thing and doesn’t feel right at the moment. What helps me is drawing and gardening. It helps when I can focus my energy on something and opportunity to work hard (my Uranus is in 6th house). Since my job doesn’t provide me with that, I have to find another way. Anyway I am looking forward for it to finish, because its exhausting.
    All the best!

  8. Hi guys, me too, me too, finishing the same transit. Very true about “suffocating”, very true about feeling like you are do most of the work and feeling unappreciated. Very true about wanting to escape, to get away from everybody, and just be alone, and quiet. Saturn also just ended conjuncting my moon so the feeling of wanting to be alone is doubled. Very true about wanting to tell everybody off, about seeing the negative sides of people and wanting to call them out, but not being able to. Very true about low tolerance for structure, for authority, for other people’s dramas, for other people period. That’s it 🙂 My question how do you balance both Saturn and Uranus and make both happy? I’m Uranian, moon conjunct Uranus in first house in Scorpio. Venus opposite Uranus.

  9. I think at the end I learned that structure -Saturn-is sometimes required and where as I usually run (Uranus) when I feel uncomfortable sometimes you just have to endure it until it’s over I hope you feel better soon

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