The Life of a Plutonian

Post Updated 5/8/20

Lately I have been thinking about Pluto in my natal chart, Pluto is a part of my T-square it opposes my Moon and squares my Sun. It is very much a part of me. It is at home snug in my 8th house.  It has dignity. It is strong. Pluto is very much woven into anyone that has a Scorpio or  8th house stellium, Pluto in an angular house (1st, 4th, 7th or 10th) or Pluto making a hard aspect to several of your personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars).

Pluto Associations in Astrology

  • Lord of the Underworld
  • God of Wealth
  • Greek God Hades
  • Transformation
  • Annihilation
  • Destruction
  • Renovation
  • Regeneration
  • Phoenix Rising

Plutonian types are privy to these grand upheavals in life; there is often a complete destruction of who we were before. The process can be quite cathartic stripping old parts of yourself and emerging as someone entirely new.  We have a tendency to go through these deep transformational phases where we eradicate and eliminate all that came before and emerge with a new job, a new haircut and an entirely new way of being. We can level things. It is hard for us to do anything halfway.

One year I didn’t like the way my Christmas tree was decorated, I threw the whole thing in the trash; ornaments still attached. This is just an example of how we can operate, clearing everything in our path and starting over fresh.

We can experience many deaths in one lifetime; some metaphorical, others emotional and sometimes under certain circumstances we quite literally face death.

Feel free to Google Scorpios: Tracy Morgan, Lamar Odom, Leonardo DiCaprio, Amy Purdy, Gerard Butler and Travis Barker for further reading.

All of them having come very close to death.

Pluto, the 8th house and Scorpio are all associated with death, the occult, what is hidden and beneath the surface.

We can read the undercurrent of a room and use our spidey senses to weed out potential threats and imposters. Sometimes I complain we rarely get to dream-that’s Neptune’s realm. We dig, we dissect, and we want to get to the root of the root.  If we are going in we are going all in; pack a Hazmat suit.

The life of a plutonian is not easy; we are subjected to constant change and these grand upheavals. These aren’t the placements for the –ignorance is bliss crowd- we simply know too much and when we don’t know let’s be honest we want to know. We are drawn toward the darker side of human existence and psychological complexities.

The planet Pluto governs destruction, disasters and nuclear weapons; it is no wonder we can struggle with attempting to manage our extreme personality constructs. It is all or nothing.

I find we often show up in the lives of others that are in need of deep healing or transformation. We are agents of change. Remember the 8th house rules regeneration if we look up the technical definition it means to regrow or replace lost or injured tissue. We were born for those deep dives and soul retrieval ceremonies. After all Scorpio/Pluto/8th house is often the route of the Shaman.

The concern here is recognizing not everyone is ready to take the plunge; when unevolved or leaning too much into ego we suffer from control issues and power struggles with those we love most. Letting go is a perpetual life theme for us. We are encouraged to fly high like the phoenix and see things from a higher perspective and not get caught in the Scorpion phase that is destructive and vengeful.

It is not uncommon for people to have very strong reactions to Plutonian types, even if we are silent and non-engaging. I always feel people that are not in touch with their own sense of personal power are threatened by those of us that are. A woman I once worked with told me; “it is scary just standing next to you”. And I remember the first time I met a childhood friend she was staring at me and I asked her why was she looking at me and she said; “you are a lot to absorb”.

Those of us with a heavy Pluto emanate an energy that can be threatening to others. This is unconscious.  It is important to remember: other peoples projections of us is not necessarily our reality.


  1. I am a Virgo rising with pluto in the first house, and yes, I completely identify with the before pluto, after pluto stages!! am coming to terms with the gut wrenching intense experiences that always seem to be my life, but now am also convinced I will always come out intact, like a Phoenix rising fom it’s ashes 🙂

  2. Dearest girls, may be i can add an idea of Pluto, that came to me as Pluto by transit, was opposing my Mars-Uranus conjunction. i see this planet now, as our contact with our inner beast. The one that appears the moment we don’t bath or shave or comb our hair, for few days. She lurks in the dark constantly letting us know that there is no way we can control it. The smell comes first and then nails and hair grow, and if we were to let her be, then we will be completely abducted by the Lord of the Underworld. As possibly Oscar Pistorius was, on Valentines day! The good part is that Pluto places us face to face with the Beast, so that we can own up to it and give her recognition and allow her to lend us the power that helps us survive in this jungle of life. Without Pluto, we would be at the mercy of predators. Pluto lends us the power we need to recognize danger and be prepared for it.
    All my love !

  3. I hope you and your friend can be a sense of strength to one another. I cant even imagine. Sending you BIG Hugs and def warm weather, I thrive in the sun. This NYC winter is for the birds;) Im trying to not hold on to anything, ya know the tighter you cling. The harder it is xo

  4. Well, I am the 2nd Cappie I know (both of us born in early to mid 1960’s) with Pluto on our Sun – both of us lost our soul mate spouses (me October, she in January). Mine was utterly out of the blue. I am also wrapping up about a decade of horrendous health issues due to my move to a cold area (which lies on my Moon/Pluto lines too!) not to mention an emergency abdominal surgery upon my arrival (which was right after my marriage). This is where my mother lives, was raised, where I was born, and I only came back to raise my kids until they were grown, which happened and that turned out better than fine. I just had a higher “price” than I thought I did. Uranus is approaching my Jupiter though, which ought to prove interesting! Hope to relocate this Spring in a WARM place with more support 🙂 THANKS for your compliments, I am pretty sure you are in my “Astrology” blog links on the right hand side hehe! (Interestingly, I am also aware of 3 other astrologers with Pluto conjunt Sun right now too, and to my knowledge they are OK – it is the Cancers, with it being opposite who seem to have more trouble and I am sure it is not letting go that gets most of them in trouble).

  5. My mom is a Capricorn sun and pluto conjunct her sun & she is fine! I’m like what the heck. She isn’t upset or going through anything major thank god! How are you holding up? Pluto in in about 4 degrees away from opposing my sun and squaring my moon while uranus is 7 degrees away from my moon. I think I’m having a hard time with uranus leaving my 1st house it’s almost in my 2nd. Love your site!

  6. Has Pluto opposed your Sun yet? Is Uranus on your Moon? For me right now, Pluto is conjunct my Sun and Uranus is really close to joining my Jupiter. While natally I have a Sun trine Pluto, it is still intense!

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