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The First House, Your rising sign and your representative

The first house in astrology rules your appearance, hence the way you appear to others. This is not who you are in your core-that is the Sun’s job, how you emotionally respond is the moons job but your rising sign otherwise known as the 1st house or the Ascendant or Ascendening sign well now that is how the world sees you.
I have a Gemini friend she says when you go on dates now don’t send your representative Danielle. She doesn’t know anything about astrology, but yesterday I started thinking. WOW the ascendant sign is really our representative. For instance I have Aquarius rising, Aquarius is an airy ideas sign that rules the 11th house; a humanitarian, emotionally detached, clever, rebellious, innovative and progressive and while I certainly posses a lot of those characteristics I’m for legalization of gay marriage, I don’t do drugs but hell you can legalize them too, I often in very Aquarian fashion change my life in an instant, shoot I’m an astrologer Aquarius rules the 11th house of astrology. But at my core, in my soul I’m a Cancer sun; I’m possessive and clingy. I crave stability, a home base; on my days off I enjoy staying home. I feel I give myself to the world 5 other days of the week by the time the weekend rolls around I climb into my shell. I’m sensitive, I cry, I believe if woman have children they should stay home and men should go to work. I believe in the concept of marriage, but no one will ever know these things if they do not get past the mask I wear, if they do not care to go deeper past my rising sign beneath my representative and in that sense I feel like my rising sign betrays me.
The rising sign or the 1st house is what we project out into the universe, let’s be honest not everyone is worthy of getting to know our sun (especially when your sun is an easily wounded water sign). Though some people do have the same sign as there sun and rising sign which indicates how you appear and who you are match. How nice! Others see you for who you are.
When we go on a job interview, a first date or enter a party we go in with our representative. Planets in the 1st house along with the sign on the cusp of the 1st house indicate how we are seen and how we initiate tasks. So if you have the Sun in the 1st house you may want to be the center of attention of have a very direct personality, if you have the moon in the 1st house your self-esteem is likely to fluctuate; you will be overtly sensitive, Neptune in the 1st house can be unsure of who they are and others are likely to attribute traits onto you that you may not even possess in a state of projection, Mars makes you forceful, Saturn indicates you are reserved, Pluto is a Powerhouse and so on and so forth .
Who is your representative? What is your rising sign? What do you show they world? How does your 1st house betray you?


10 thoughts on “The First House, Your rising sign and your representative

  1. Hi I’m an Aquarius rising also, but have saturn exactly conjunt. I always want to be a little different than the crowd and a free spirit then i think my saturn restrains me and I project a reserved traditional front. My ascendent is at 28 degrees and my whole first house is Pisces and a little Aries. Do you think a person could come across as another sign if it takes up a large portion of the first house? I always enjoy reading your posts:) and

  2. Aww thanks sure I guess you can exhibit both signs I have Saturn in the 6th house but it’s conjunct my descendent so every astrologer said its its like being in both houses .. I guess the same would apply

  3. Great post, and blog!

    My Sun is in Gemini, along with Venus in Cancer. Both are in the 12th house. However, I have a Cancer ASC, and Venus is conjunct the ASC, along with Mars in Cancer in the 1st. Venus in Cancer (12th) is trine to Neptune in Scorpio (5th). I used to consider this portion of my chart a curse!

    My representative is quite deceptive, and people usually perceive me one way when I’m really another. The world would see a mask of being receptive, warmth, nurturing, caring, grace, courage, even tempered, gullible, easily deceived, etc. When in fact, I don’t want to hear sob stories, marry, have babies, cook, and I despise housework, and sob stories.

    Now that I’m older, and have reaped the hard lessons, and benefits of Saturn and Pluto transits, it’s easier to stand up for myself, and let individuals know that “frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn!”

    Lastly, my Moon is in Scorpio in the 5th house, so it feels good to take care of myself, and share my resources with individuals who really appreciate and deserve what I have to offer.

    Thank you Saturn and Pluto!


  4. Ha ha that is so funny! Pluto will do that in very Plutonian I always think while my cancer sun will cry over something the pluto in my tsquare keeps it moving:)

  5. T-square = Pluto in Leo (3rd), Mercury in Taurus (11th), and Moon in Scorpio (5th).

    Yes, Pluto says, “keep it moving!”

  6. I always assumed that we are supposed to combine the ascendant and sun sign qualities into one, instead of trying to deal with them separately. I guess that’s not really relevant for people with the same ascendant-sun sign.
    I only noticed the impact that the ascendant can have on first impressions, when people kept telling me how shy and quiet am I, and I’m really observant ( Taurus ascendant), by if time allows it and they get to know me, then they say how cool and crazy I am(Aquarius sun). So I can definitely relate to you Danielle. Do you think people may assume we are fake, because we tend to behave differently as the time goes by?

  7. No people always say how real & blunt I’m. I’m very assertive & say exactly what I think (aries moon mars in the 3rd house)the issue is people either think I’m not stable if they see me through this Aquarius free spirited energy & not at all traditional or they see me as my cancer sun needy & requiring tons of attention. I have boxes definitions I’m not one dimensional though sadly some people are

  8. Hi Danielle! Late Gemini Rising here, and along with Venus in Aquarius and a warm Leo Moon in 3rd trining Jupiter in Aries – I seem really accessible, open and “fun” – and then my Sun, South Node, Mercury Rx and Mars are all in Capricorn with Saturn in Aquarius. People are shocked when they learn I can be so grounded, methodical and already have stuff figured out, sometimes even kind of calculating. While I am quite open about other people’s choices for myself, I know exactly what I seek and (over time) learned to just say no when it is not an exact match (close enough isn’t even to be considered as it has brought problems before).

  9. Sagittarius ascendant with Lilith, Uranus, and Neptune Rising. Uranus is my dominant planet and I definitely can see its energy as a constant theme in my life and personality. Neptune is almost in my 2nd house, and I can see its effects in both houses. Lilith is closest to my ascendant, which is interesting. Still trying to learn more about Lilith Rising.

    Otherwise, I have a Scorpio stellium (sun, mercury, venus, and pluto) with an Aquarius moon.

  10. Sun in the 5th gives me that Leo vibe Sag is never invisible!

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