Examining our corporate structures

Today I read that McDonald’s workers are fighting to become unionized & bump up their salary to $15.00 an hour. See Link Below
I’m all for that! My very first job was at McDonald’s I was 14 & the pay was something like 4.15 an hour (YES I’m that old). McDonalds is hard work & the way I see it, if it costs a family of 4 $35.00 to eat there they surely can take $15 of that 35 & pay the staff accordingly. They are a multibillion dollar company. With the minim wage being $7.25 per hour it takes one full hour of work to pay for a round trip Metro Card in New York City. Take that plus being docked one hour for lunch and having to actually buy your lunch (many people are unaware that lunch is not included at fast food chains they charge there employees)! This is very Saturn in Scorpio amplified by the retrograde motion. Though someone on twitter was quick to point out Pluto is also in Capricorn, Pluto Rules the 8th house as does Scorpio; Pluto and Scorpio rule transformation, death , rebirth, other people’s money, insurance, and legalities whereas Capricorn and Saturn both rule structure, corporations, and organization. Lately we have seen people demanding minimum wage be increased, several months ago Walmart the most horrendous company on the planet (or atleast a close second to Apple in China that comes equipped with suicide net for employees) staged an unsuccessful walk out. Unsuccessful because some people were scared or perhaps they really needed their jobs to feed their family’s; they lacked the ability to sacrifice the today for a better tomorrow.

If you haven’t done so please watch the movie The High Cost of Low Price and NEVER shop at Walmart

As a Union Representative I strongly believe in Employee Rights to better wages, to feel safe in their job so that when a new manager comes in & he or she does not like you they can’t simply get rid of you, I’m not saying Unions create this work utopia because they do not, management will still push the envelope ignorant to the realization that they must work with union employees not against, but at the end of the day there is a sense (not complete) but a sense of security a sense of being able to obtain a small piece of the so called American Dream, to purchase a house, provide for your children, perhaps start a college fund or take that yearly vacation.
I have Sagittarius on the midheaven. The sign on the midheaven gives insight to what sort of career you are destined for or perhaps should pursue. I swear I encompass all the Sagittarius careers Publishing I write horoscopes & would love to publish a fiction book, Sagittarius rules Long distance travel ; I work in the hospitality industry and law; I serve as a Union Representative. I’m passionate about employee rights; I have always been a defender of what is right, fair and just. And whether it is the influence of Pluto in Capricorn or Saturn in Scorpio I hope to see the people that get up and go to work every day compensated the amount they are worth and treated with the respect they so deserve.


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  1. the difference between a rich neighborhood & poor neighborhoods is the number of times a dollar circulates. : http://www.amiba.net/resources/multiplier-effect
    Pluto in Capricorn, the breaking down of all that is corrupt has begun and these changes will allow that which is in humanity’s best interests to replace those control objects that have kept us economic slaves for hundreds of years.

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