A little Hope for the hopeless Jupiter conjunct Sun

Transiting Jupiter planet of good luck, fortune and abundance is conjoining my Sun and squaring my moon. The aspect is almost exact. Jupiter enhances whatever it touches in Cancer this may indicate why I have been cooking like mad; I wake up in the morning yearning to make sweet treats. I’ve never been one that feasts on ice cream and Snicker bars. I like wine and cheese. Just sayin I feel like I’m having a very Jupiter-esque year. My Solar Return chart has Sun, Moon and Mercury in the 9th house. The 9th house rules the higher mind, is home to Jupiter and the Sun sign Sagittarius. It rules religion, the journey along the path not the destination. I have to be honest I do not feel this wild sense of enthusiasm. I’m not brimming with happiness and doing cartwheels in the street. All of the Cancers have Pluto opposing our Sun and Uranus squaring our Sun so life is still a period of growth and transformation which is quite frankly sometimes painful; I think if nothing Jupiter negates this, perhaps lessens it a bit. I’m 3 weeks in to daily meditation, I have signed up for Yoga classes starting next week; I’m trying to realign with the universe. I’m wildly passionate; I feel everything with manic intensity so this is no easy task… the attempt of finding balance without losing my passion. Jupiter is all about expanding your consciousness. According to planetaryvisions.net it’s a “push to better your life”. This hit me last night. I was moping around about things I can’t change, events that are not with in my power to change. I took note of the repetitive patterns in my own life, suddenly aware of my own undoing, my own poor choices, and the manner in which I float through life whimsical and on a cloud; at times detached from reality. And I thought I cannot do this anymore. The way I have been living is simply no longer doable. I have released the past slowly over the last year; I hold no desire to go back to any other time, place or person. I feel very forward thinking, perhaps is the nature of Jupiter sometimes it isn’t big lotto wins or some grand romance that sweeps you off of your feet. It’s that feeling of fuck this I deserve better, look at all that I’m and a little bit of expanding your mind, making the journey a bit more enjoyable and yes at times tolerable, realizing happiness and abundance isn’t some place you park your ass at it; is something you have to work toward and Yes certain days something you have to fight for. And I certainly intend on continuing to put up the good fight. Why not with Jupiter on my sun I believe I can



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