Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Brandi vs. Joyce Round 1


brandi glanville

Without a time of birth I’m going to assume Brandi was born when the Moon was in Aries; the sign of the warrior. If she was born prior to 4pm she would have a Pisces moon; sympathetic and dreamy. An Aries Moon on the other hand is direct, forceful and blunt. I have this placement we can be aggressive and not everyone can handle this. It gives an odd dichotomy to her Scorpio Sun, which is secretive, private, in search of control, protective (even though both are Mars ruled).

Mercury planet of communication was retrograde when Brandi was born in its sign of detriment no less, Sagittarius. This in itself may make it hard to communicate, opposing her natal Saturn planet of Karma and authority I have no doubt she has told a number of people to go fuck themselves. This isn’t a meek woman; with her Moon in Aries opposite Pluto she will likely face many power struggles with women. Venus planet of love and finances is conjunct wild card Uranus indicating unusual romances will be a theme in her life as well as sudden marriages and just as quick divorces. It is likely she will often be privy to sudden windfalls in terms of money and just as quick; loses. I think it is safe to say she does have some issues with alcohol with Neptune making an aspect to most of her personal planets. Neptune after all is the planet of escapism, addiction, though this also the reason she was most likely a model as it adds a certain mystique and glamour. Neptune conjunct the Sun often brings father issues perhaps he himself had addiction issues or you see him as some god like figure. In any event women with Neptune on the Sun need to be careful as to who they chose to partner with this is highly indicative of picking up addicts, swindlers and con-artists. The upswing being with creative types, actors and perhaps musicians and creative types.

Now here we have Joyce

joyce giraud

An Aries Sun, similar to Brandi’s Moon, she is combative, forceful, direct Aries Suns want to be first, they want to be known as special; this is like 2 rams battling. Personally Aries Moon trumps the Aries Sun in feisty and forcefulness because while the Sun attributes are often learned but the Moon sign is instinctual. It is obvious to the naked eye that Joyce cannot mentally spar with Brandi; she cannot go wit for wit. Unlike Brandi with her Sun conjoining Neptune, Joyce has Sun square Saturn… this doesn’t make for a life of the party. Often the Sun square Saturn person has a history of depression inherited from the father. They often marry for financial reasons and security and feel they have to work twice as hard as everyone else to get ahead. Joyce Moon is in the sign of detriment, Capricorn. She has a strong need for status, achievement and stability. Her Moon- which represents the women in her life- is square wildcard Uranus. Whereas Brandi may wrestle or fight for power or dominance with women (Notice she felt Lisa somehow was controlling her) but with Joyce square to Uranus, this isn’t a “girls girl placement” This is a women that perhaps wasn’t nurtured as a child, can be emotionally cold and distant and has erratic an inconsistent relationships with women.

The Issues, drama and the synastry
Brandi Sun in Scorpio is opposite Joyce Venus in Taurus AND Vice Versa (Double whammy) Joyce Sun in Aries is opposed by Brandi Venus in Libra
The Sun is your identity, how you present yourself when opposite another person’s Venus which is related to values, aesthetics this indicates that Brandi most likely finds Joyce superficial (Venus in Taurus) and Joyce doesn’t care for the way Brandi presents herself (Sun in Scorpio)

Brandi Sun in Scorpio is opposite Joyce Mars in Aquarius
if this was a love affair the disagreements would be epic. The Sun is how you shine the manner in which you present yourself, the way you say ta-da and here comes Mars challenging your identify, pushing and agitating you. It is likely Brandi feels Joyce always has an issue or instigates disagreements with her.

Brandi’ Moon conjoins Joyce Mercury
When the Moon (emotions) is in aspect to another person’s Mercury (logic) it is difficult to maintain balance. Conversations become emotional; it is difficult to take a step back. Even if the Moon person (In this case Brandi) wants to maintain some emotional distance it is likely the Mercury person experiences the Moon person as being emotional

Brandi Moon is opposed by Joyce’s Pluto no doubt Brandi feels threatened and challenged by Joyce. I’m not saying she is jealous, but something about Joyce threatens her security. Recently Brandi made mention that because of some comments Joyce made Brandi could’ve had her children taken away. The Moon is the mother; Pluto can be ruthless on the moon, the Moon person can feel exposed by the Pluto person.

No Love Lost here
Brandi Venus in Libra is squared by Joyce Saturn in Cancer
Venus is love, money and affection when someone’s Saturn is on your Venus the energy can be harsh. I’m sorry I’m just putting it out there. Saturn can feel cold and ridged to the Venus person. Saturn is concerned with what’s right, Saturn is the planet of structure.  No wonder she didn’t get in the pool at the pool party. Ha!
Brandi’s Mars in Scorpio Squares Joyce Moon in Capricorn, similar to the Sun Mars opposition only in this case Joyce feels emotionally poked at by Brandi, she feels Brandi is an instigator.

I’m not a fan of either, if I had to choose one I would take Brandi. Joyce bores me. But I must say the more I study astrology and synastry I realize that rarely is someone a “bad person”, we just have less than ideal synastry with people. This is a case where I would suggest they leave one another alone. This may be hard for Joyce seeing how she is so dull; she needs to rile up Brandi for some camera time.



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