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Natal Neptune in the 10th House, gossip, confusion, dream chasing oh my

Currently Neptune is squaring my Midheaven in close degree. Work is tiring and nothing is running smoothly, that is the best way to describe it. I work for a company that is severely mismanaged. Work drains me now, it wasn’t always like this. It consumes too much of my energy; my job has become an emotional vampire! Its sucking me dry.

I was born with natal Neptune in the 10th so I feel accustomed to a certain degree of Neptunian energy on the career front.

The Reality of Neptune (that sounds like a paradox)
Yes I’m prone to rumors, gossip, and people projecting their issues onto me. That’s how it manifests on an outer level. I have experienced confusion around my career path; I have worked in a variety of places (28 to be exact) as I searched for my “dream” job. (Neptune rules dreams) It has always been important to me to work for a company or person I believe in (Neptune/Pisces Keywords: I believe) Neptune is known to hold an ideal, that longing for perfection. I have been at my job for 10 years now and at one time this was my dream place to work (dreams however do change as do corporations I no longer believe in what I do). I am also a Union Delegate at my job which entails me sticking up for the wrongly accused. Spending a lifetime having others project their opinions onto me ensures I stick up for the underdog and yes even the thief (Neptune) or the liar (Neptune). You never want me on a jury I want a video, an eye witness account and a bloody fingerprint left behind. I do “act” in my free time which is very Neptune in the 10th but also indicative of my natal sun in the 5th I just love to be around people following their dreams (Neptune) and those that are creative and talented. Obviously I’m also an astrologer (which is very Neptunian as well) and with my Neptune and Midheaven being in Sagittarius; I currently attend NYU for a certificate in Journalism, my main job is in the hospitality industry also a Sagittarian field. I have dreams of writing a novel. I’m a lot of things, but none of what some people think I am.

Not that the opinions of others phase me. I have learned long ago

what people think of me

I don’t care what people think of me & and I say this with complete sincerity; if I don’t care for someone I don’t think about them much at all so I do find it odd when people spend their free time plotting my demise spending an absorbent amount of time thinking of me; trying to spite me; trying to get me…it must be exhausting.

My mother says that other people probably find it hard to believe; that I just don’t care. (I really don’t). Perhaps that’s because I was born with Neptune in the 10th & am accustomed to being labeled I have had to develop a thick skin.

I think Neptune in the 4th designer Coco Chanel put it best:


I know this woman old enough to be my mother that has developed a strange obsession with me; once telling me; scratch that she screamed at me: you get everything, everything you want you get & another time making a snide remark that she doesn’t understand how I get jobs as an “actress” with no formal training. “You didn’t even go to school for acting” I laughed so hard inside.

That’s the thing with Neptune its illusion & delusion. She must see me through that Neptune fog. Wake up bitch!


This is me on an episode of Law and Order! Hardly Cameron Diaz, though I did have the pleasure of breathing the same air as Bijou Phillips

It isn’t easy being Neptunian (Neptunian; having Neptune in the 1st, 7th, 4th or 10th house or in aspect to your Sun, Moon, Mars or Venus).  We can be highly sensitive, have confusion on the planet of house aspected by Neptune,  we aren’t seen as we are. There is a price to pay for everything in this life so while others pass judgments pay it no mind; just continue following your dreams and chasing the ideal with Neptune on an Angle is many things but it will never be boring.

Marilyn Monroe had Neptune in the 1st

normal is boring

At the end of the day I know who I’m so I’m not overly concerned with who people think I’m.

have a seat

Neptune Rules                                                           10th House rules
• Glamour                                                                            Reputation
• Yes actors and actresses                                                 The Father
• Illusion                                                                               Career
• Delusion                                                                             Social Status
• Confusion                                                                           Ambition
• Creativity                                                                          Authority Figures
• Fantasy                                                                             Life path
• Trickery                                                                            Public Eye
• Deceit                                                                               Achievement
• Imagination
• Compassion
• Film makers
• Spirituality
• Poison
• Psychics
• Poets
• Mystics

Famous People with Neptune in the 10th house
• Jesus Christ
• Christina Aguilera
• Leonardo da Vinci
• Grace Kelly
• JFK and Caroline Kennedy (those Kennedys know a good scandal)
• Oprah
• Russell Crowe
• Bob Marley
• Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
• Abraham Lincoln
• Pink
• Walt Disney
• Bruno Mars
• Ernest Hemingway
• Diana Ross
• Caroline Myss
• James van Praagh



6 thoughts on “Natal Neptune in the 10th House, gossip, confusion, dream chasing oh my

  1. I can empathise with you as I have natal Neptune in the 10th house too. None of my jobs last as people get jealous of me, backstab me, and find ways of getting rid of me, because I’m doing a good job. People naturally defer to me, and bosses hate this. People project their negative garbage onto me, as apparently I remind them of people they hate, or I show them aspects of themselves that they have hidden. People want me to do everything for them, write reviews, write articles, create educational programs for teachers, help others with emotional problems, listen to everything they have to say, without them asking me anything about myself, help in crisis situations, give people money, look after other peoples’ children, drive 50 km’s to help others with issues. All of these things I’m supposed to do for ‘free’ and to receive nothing in return, not even a thanks. Do I have a sign over my head saying, ” Use me, I’m a professional everything, can help you with everything, and by the way I do it all for nothing!” When I ask others for help or anything, they look at me blank, ignore me, tell me I’m strong and don’t need any help ( even if I’ve broken my leg)or run away…For a long time, I just believed that as others needed me, I should be there for them, and that it didn’t matter if I received nothing in return, as I was doing a good deed. Yet, those beliefs are running thin these days, as it’s exhausting and my soul is looking for balance. I think there comes a time in a 10th house Neptune’s life when they have to put themselves first, hide from society ( who project all their crap onto them anyhow) and become a hermit. By being a recluse one can focus on developing self, and creating products that have the potential to change waves of peoples’ lives, as we have future vision and insight, and jobs, professions and climbing the corporate ladder, will never give us what we need!

  2. Wow now that was a mouthful! Some of this resonates with me I think it’s exhausting having Neptune on an angle. I worked at a job once where a person in the office said they are glad I knew so much so I could “help” them w their work. I went to lunch and never came back. I believe in spending a lot of time alone or we will get sucked dry. Thanks for sharing

  3. Hi folks. Yep, I too have Neptune in 10th house. People have come to me with their professional problems, seeking help and assistance. I am usually glad to help, to the point of dropping everything. ( it may seem like self sacrifice, but when I am paid to do a job, the good of the team as a whole is just as important as my single task ). And with Neptune in Scorpio, I like to do deep research before giving an answer, which can be very absorbing and take some time ! And if waking hours are not enough, I can work with people in dreams. It seems quite normal to me. Have you tried that ?

  4. Thanks for listening, I must have needed to get that off my chest! Anyways, it’s fantastic that you got to be on Law and Order 🙂 and hope that other great opportunities come your way! On a more positive note, I think lots of opportunities come to Neptune 10th house recipients, anything that puts them in the public eye -as they are attractive – even if others perceive the end result as different to how it really is.

  5. Ah, Neptune in 1st opposition natal Sun in 7th. I idealise them and they don’t see me for who I am. However, they always think they know me so well. And the projections… neverending. And the martyr role that I seem to take often- I don’t know if it’s self-imposed or just a projection from others. There, I said it… 🙂

  6. I love this article .. I know what it is also like to feel misunderstood by the public , and even my own family .. I am Cancer sun with a 5th house placement , Pisces Rising , and Neptune in Saggitarius in the 10th house . I always feel unsure of a career choice . But I absolutely love taking on creative and artist projects . I love working with people on creative endeavors and assisting people in most capacities .. Really loved your article .. Very insightful .. Kindred Spirits ..😊

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