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Knight of Cups and Neptune in Love

knight of cups tarotKnight of cups


I was reading something about the tarot card the Knight of Cups the other day; the Knight of Cups will do whatever it takes for the Queen, even if they could never be together. I am not well versed in tarot whatsoever. But as I read I was thinking how very Neptunian. Maybe he doesn’t carry the knowledge of the King of Cups or perhaps he is blinded by everything except his love for the Queen. I was reminded of a collection of books I once read by Rosalind Miles involving Kings, Queens and epic romances. Those grandiose romances belong to Neptune.

Rosalind Miles Books

As I dug a bit further I came to find out Knight of Cups is the Prince Charming of the tarot and is associated with the astrological sign of Pisces. Pisces is ruled by Neptune; it’s weird how the card holds a certain energy. How the tarot card or tarot reading call tell a story.

I began to think about Neptune in synastry it gets a really bad rap, I think one that isn’t really warranted. It seems astrologer Linda Goodman would agree.

Neptune square Venus



Saturn forces another person to mature; it can also be cold and distant in synastry; Uranus can indicate the unusual and instability, Pluto will strip you and rip your heart out and transform you and Neptune well at its best it is telepathic communications, the desire to meld and dissolve into another, compassion, you would do anything for the other person; Neptune infused relationships will involve some music and a transcdental feeling. On the negative a heightened sense of jealousy may stem from the Venus person due to the fact they will never entirely be able to pin down the Neptune person. That is in their mind, the Neptune individual may fully be present but the Venus person experiences them as elusive. Neptune/Venus relationships may feature some deceit MAYBE or maybe what someone perceives as deceit but all in all I think there are worse aspects to have in synastry.

Neptune and Venus create compassion and epic romances, the Neptune person gets to live like a glorified ideal. No one will ever see you (the Neptune person) the way the Venus person does. Neptune is placed like a pie in the sky to Venus. This is indicative of opening up other portals, a love that exists in another realm; you see each other’s best traits (sure because you tend to ignore everything else). The Venus person may not care about much of anything else, but when Venus meets Neptune they will find something that similar to the Knight of Cups is worth traveling on horseback with sentiments of love and blind devotion.


4 thoughts on “Knight of Cups and Neptune in Love

  1. When I was younger, the square between Venus and Neptune that i have in my birth chart was very much present on my love life, but life changes and disappointments make a person grow, and today I feel much more in my life the conjunction that i have between Venus and Saturn than the square between Neptune and Venus, I became a much more realistic person in relation to the opposite sex.

  2. Thank you very much for your insights. It makes perfect sense now why women tend to put certain men up a pedestal like I did with my ex. We had several trines, or conjuctions with three of the outer planets such as Neptune, Uranus and Pluto so he appeared to be everything I dreamed of. I remember praying to God for a person like him before I even met him. He will always hold a special place in my heart but i dont hold him up on a pedestal anymore. He is just human. 🙂

  3. Its charming to see you make the connection between astrology and Tarot in this article.

  4. Oh so true ! Her Venus conjunct my Neptune. In Scorpio, for added depth. So out of this world that mere humans (?) could not express its vastness. Love that will last forever, just because it never was real in the first place. Unfathomable and beautiful beyond compare. Once experienced never forgotten. Nothing else will ever come close. But enough already !

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