Aries Moon Women AKA Warrior Queens

This week I have been on a Showtime The Wire Binge; I fell in love with Snoop a female enforcer for the head drug dealer Marlo. She kills people with ease and does so quite regularly. While I don’t condone unnecessary violence ( I do close an eye at vigilante justice; pedophiles, rapists, George Zimmerman etc)  It really got me thinking as to why and for the 1st time I realized it must be my Aries Moon.

The Moon in a chart indicates your needs, what you like in a woman, it is a soft place, in a woman’s chart it rules her femininity, our emotions, our instinctual reaction, the manner in which we find comfort, it also represents how both men and women have experienced their own Mother.

Those with Aries Moons are said to have needs that went unmet in childhood. The Mom of Aries Moon children were too busy working most likely to tend to everything a child needed. Aries Moon children often have to do things themselves. I often joke with my boss who is also an Aries Moon about our childhoods.  It wasn’t surprising to learn she took the bus (public transportation) to school since she was 8. Those early years of learning to depend on only ourselves turn us into adults that can lack compromising skills.

Hey that’s why we have Libra Moons 😉

The feminine Moon finds difficulty when placed in the masculine sign of Aries. Aries rules young men, war, guns, battle, independence, force and courage.

The Moon or emotional state isn’t necessarily comfortable in the sign of the ram. This is the most feminine point in the chart placed in the most masculine sign in the zodiac.

Relationships with Aries Moons are usually hot and fiery, argumentative; they thrive in battle. They need that, they need friction and competition, and while we confuse our wants with our needs; we never really “need” anything or anyone. We will never settle for second best; Aries is after all the 1st sign in the zodiac.

I like to think of us as warrior queens. We emotionally go where others wouldn’t dare. And this must be why I like to see women doing things we are ordinarily accustomed to seeing men doing. This is the feminine principal in a masculine sign.  I feel a sense of admiration when women step into the role that is typically thought to be for that of a man. I confess I enjoy Snoop a female contract killer on TV, I like Olivia Benson running shit on Law and Order, my god I cringe when I watch Criminal Intent and the man solves all the crimes. I like seeing sexually liberated women, women that rap, women running a boardroom.

This brought me to look at some famous Aries Moons and I wasn’t a bit surprised that they are some heavy hitters.

Aries Moon Keywords: Independent, enterprising, courageous, trendsetter,  warrior, feisty, bold and pioneering 

Here is a list of my Warrior Queen Moon Maidens

The One and Only Whitney Houston the first woman to have three Albums in Billboards Top 10

whitney houston quote

Lynda Carter AKA Wonder Woman Wonder Woman being one of the first TV Dramas with a female lead

wonder woman

To me Rihanna Embodies an Aries Moon with her phallic purses and her smoking weed and vulgar language her vibe is very I am going to do whatever a man can do.  In typical Aries Moon tradition she was the youngest artist in history to earn 11 Hot 100 #1 Hit

Rihannas Dick Purserihanna smokes weed

Pamela Anderson aside from running marathons, becoming a published author, spending time as an animal rights activist, starring in Barb Wire, she has had more Playboy Covers then anyone else

pamela anderson running marathonpam anderson barb wire

Tyra Banks was the 1st African American woman on the covers of GQ and Sports Illustrated  Swimsuit Issue

tyra banks quotetyra quotestyra banks quotes

Ellen DeGeneres Was the 1st female comedian invited to sit with Johnny Carson on his show and for a lot of people I think she was the first lesbian they ever saw

ellen quotes

Singer Pink fully embodies the spirit of an Aries Moon

pink quotepink quotesPink on bikepink quotes

When I googled Lauren Bacall I received an article entitled “Lauren Bacall was the First Woman in American Movies Who Answered back”

lauren bacall quoteslauren bacall

Anna Wintour

Ann WintourAnna Wintour


  1. It’s such a relief to find minds like yours. I am a cancer sun, scorpio rising and aries moon. Try to imagine how hard it is to manage all my crazy emotional package inside, to seem balanced, sober, logical and in control at the same time without exploding because I feel everything perhaps threefold than the average person. Sometimes I am misunderstood at so many levels, but in the end articles like yours and the examples of powerful woman you tell about make me feel righteous in my attempt to live the way I do, being so passionate and deep and enduring sometimes makes me feel alone in my quest, but in the end, having this sensibility and the potential to defend and pursue my beliefs is a gift I am eternally grateful for being given. Thank you for reminding me that although the path of power, succes and most importantly selflove and self fullfilment is worth the difficult, sometimes lonely moments.

  2. Another woman who I admire with an Aries moon is Angelina Jolie. I would love for you to do a profile of her, or a cpatability chart with her and Brad. I am even interested thier children’s astrology. Thank you.

  3. Ooh Danielle, this post hits the spot. So close to home. My partner has her Aries moon to my Libran. She has just read war and peace. An original independent woman. She is feisty and holds her own opinions. Made her own way in life from a young age. But her Leo sun with my sagittarius, that’s something else.

  4. As I watched exact this sequence when Snoop is buying her tool, I felt confirmed that The Wire is one of the very best series ever made. I agree: very Aries Moon like. – (I know an Aries Moon woman who is a pyrotechnican, fights with swords and worked as a dominatrix.)

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