Vacation & Saturn’s Transit Through My 9th House


I have read some warnings about traveling while Saturn is transiting the 9th house, don’t travel you won’t have fun or if you do travel you should travel to a Saturn ruled country. My New Year’s resolution last year was to take one major vacation a year this year Costa Rica; next year my goal is Italy. I usually take quick trips; 4 days to PR or 4 days to Las Vegas; once I even flew to Paris for a weekend. But I have never taken a vacation that lasted for over a week. It’s hard for me to relax.

I was amazed at the ways I could see Saturn transiting my 9th house manifest 3 days into my vacation. Keep in mind Saturn is also in Sagittarius the sign of long distance travel First and foremost this was an all inclusive thoroughly planned trip that involved getting up at 5am the days were planned from morning to night with activities. (I never ever plan and I’m not a morning person) this is so Saturn. Saturn represents the rules and structure.

I once read “you always take the natal placement of a planet with you during a transit” and I truly felt that way on this 10 day meticulously planned trip. In my natal chart Saturn resides in my 6th and 7th house. The 6th house rules daily work and while on vacation I learned many lessons I will return to work with. I work in a hotel and am continuously annoyed that people checking in do not want to leave a credit card; well what do you know I didn’t have to leave a credit card at my hotel. It also drives me crazy when people leave luggage in the room and believe someone will magically pick it up at check out. Well wa-lah in Costa Rica someone does magically pick up the bags from the room! I learned a lot of lessons-God Saturn is always teaching us something and I will take what I have learned back to work.

I haven’t forgotten that Saturn is in retrograde motion so I have been given an opportunity to review my habits and reconsider the way I relate to other people. I also have Saturn in the 7th house- people sometimes forget that the 7th house isn’t merely your marriage and business partners it rules “others” period. The 1st house is you and directly across from that is the 7th-others and what do you know most of the individuals on my trip were my Mothers age (no shade, they were lovely)! It never occurred to me that I would be traveling with “older” people when I saw Saturn transiting my 9th but Saturn does rule maturity and the 9th house rules long distance travel. That is how Saturn manifested for me; these are things an astrology cookbook usually does not tell you.

I enjoyed my trip and I loved talking to people about their lives the lessons they learned, the regrets they had marriages that fell apart, others that lasted, who had children and who couldn’t. I learned a lot about people and the ways we are all connected, the way our lives are similar at any age, in any country and of any social status.  I laughed to myself when one person advised me to put sunscreen on because I was getting sunburn and another lovely woman told me, “Danielle you have 10 more minutes in the pool then the bus is leaving”. So parental …that’s Saturn for you.

As I was packing up and getting ready to fly back home Saturn was about to retrograde across my natal Venus in Gemini in the 3rd house; Gemini and the 3rd house both ruling transportation I left my car at the shop while I was away only to be informed I have a bill for car repairs upon my return that are THREE times the amount I was expecting to pay (Venus also rules money, Saturn opposite Venus can indicate hardship in finances).  Saturn rules time & one of the things I had done was a timing belt I had also been putting some other stuff off and off and off and Saturn always forces your hand. What you didn’t do/learn during Saturn direct Saturn will certainly get you for on the retrograde.


  1. I was just saying to someone if you are traveling internationally I would never want to see the same place twice! Thanks so much for your well wishes be careful with that Saturn in the 3rd it can effect your mobility xo

  2. I keep thinking about how you were receiving The Emperor in your tarot readings prior to your trip to Costa Rica. It sounds like you learned a lot from your older fellow vacationers! I love to travel and I am an itinerant traveler. I have a schedule for each day and it’s completely organized with sight seeing activities from start to finish. I suppose I don’t take relaxing vacations but I also have a compulsive need to see “everything” and feel like I would never need to return to where ever I am visiting unless I really wanted to. My husband and I never like to visit the same destination twice, with Paris being the exception, as it’s my favorite city in the entire world.

    Leaving my luggage in a hotel room upon departure (particularly in a foreign country) would freak me out. I remember when my husband and I visited Buenos Aires together, we stayed at the most amazing B&B with the loveliest owners who were so kind and sweet to us. On our parting, they gave us a little, gift wrapped souvenir to take with us to the airport. It turned out to be a beautiful, wooden knife and fork but I was so nervous about taking that gift on the plane. What if it had drugs in it? It freaked me out. I think I was watching too many episodes of Locked Up Abroad at the time which ruined the pleasure of receiving a beautiful gift from them.

    I’m happy to hear that you had a really lovely time on your trip. Good luck with your future travel plans. I’ve got Saturn transiting my 3rd house right now and there are days when I just want to pack my family up and head somewhere totally exotic like Indonesia or super fun like Berlin. Instead we are planning a big road trip through the Rockies this summer to see Mount Rushmore. Lots of local, road trips and trips via ferry are also in our immediate future.

  3. Saturn has not been in my 9th house since the late 1980’s when I had to work all the time and I had my first child too – tons of responsibility with no end in sight! Others I know ended up traveling for their work.

  4. This was a difficult posting to read. Did you accidently publish an unedited version?

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