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Published January 23, 2016 by starsmoonandsun

While meditating one day I was called to offer Angel and Oracle card readings. I hadn’t considered this before but I suppose it isn’t a far stretch considering I have Neptune in the 10th house and Sagittarius (Jupiter) rules my Midheaven -careers can be tied in to spiritual pursuits, creative endeavors this is the placement of the psychic and the mystic.

I recently completed a Doreen Virtue Angel Card Reader certification course and began studying the tarot a bit more. Something is a little bit less fatalistic about oracle and angel cards in comparison to astrology.

Certified angel card reader


I feel as though if I am giving an astrology reading and for instance I see you are going through a Saturn conjunct Moon transit I will advise you; you may feel depressed, your living quarters may feel small  and undesirable and a list of 100 other undesirable traits but If I give you a client an oracle reading we may focus on the more positive attributes I may pull the Energy Oracle Card For your 4th chakra and the message would be less of what is but more of what you need to do’ work on your heart chakra saying affirmations, envisioning a pink light in your heart center etc.

Fourth Chakra

Or perhaps I will pull the New Home from the Doreen Virtue  Magical Message Fairies deck and this will guide us to focusing on working towards finding a new home

New Home Oracle


Energy is energy and it reveals itself either astrologically or via the cards.

I am in the process of adding additional spreads  to my etsy shop but here are some that will be available on my etsy shop for purchase when I am back from vacation February 1st after Mercury has gone direct.

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This is a great spread for achieving goals

What do you have to do mentally, emotionally and physically along with a closing message from the angels .

Goal Spread



This one is my Full Moon Spread which is great just prior to a full moon to see what energy is hidden (that will reveal itself) What energy you have to release, What energy to embrace and the general message of this full moon


Full Moon Oracle Spread

If you are having issues manifesting love this is a great spread. The first card represents the situation,  Three Cards regarding energies you should get in touch with followed by a Message from the Romance Angels

Manifest love tarot oracle spread


Love this as a once a month reading I know I do it for myself! The month ahead spread

The theme of the month, the energy to embrace, the energy to release and how to make the most of the month

The Month Ahead Oracle Spread


The Love Advice Spread if you are involved with someone

What is the purpose of this connection, What do the romance angels have to say about this connection, what are the blocks that prohibit you from getting this situation to the next level, what can you do to get beyond these blocks, what are they here to learn from you, what are you suppose to learn from them and a closing message from your angels

Love Advice Spread


A Life Purpose Spread for those curious about your spiritual or professional path

What have you mastered or learned in the past or a past life, What are you currently learning, What steps do you need to take to fulfill your life purpose, How can you be of service or what can you teach others, What does your life purpose involve and a closing message from your angels

Life purpose spread


All readings are done with a positive but honest nature, I do not use reversals not even in Tarot I believe if it is written the message is direct and obvious. I close all readings with an angel message as I believe it is important that we remain positive always!

I would love to do a reading for you please contact me!




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