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Most of the people that reach out to me for readings have a karmic relationship going on. We have karmic relationships with lots of people in our lives. A karmic relationship can be defined as a relationship that has karma or residual energy left over from previous lifetimes that we try to resolve in this life time. So we remeet people from prior incarnations to hopefully heal and resolve our issues. I’m not tremendously into past lives; this is really the scope of it for me. I acknowledge we are essentially energy that never dies. Karmic relationships are often painful and we can often feel stalked by the connection as if we can’t escape it. So many people have written to me wanting to know why they keep seeing a certain person. I don’t feel that synchronicity or constant reminder of a person = being together I more so think it serves to call our attention to something greater and larger then this plane this mundane plane of existence. Sort of like those of us that continuously see angel numbers 111 444 555 etc The universe is calling you to pay attention.

Karmic ties and meetings serve the purpose of fast tracking your souls evolutionary growth.
Karmic ties can carry some shame and guilt with them as well because A no one outside of the connection can understand it unless they have lived it. Try telling your coworkers and family members you have an etheric cord connecting your solar plexus to another persons LOL

I’m here to tell you to release the shame release the guilt Love is magnificent and no one should feel guilt about eternally loving someone; some loves span lifetimes.

A lot of people want to know why? The whys can haunt you Why did we meet? Why am I reminded of him/her? Why why why release the need to know why. The why is so much larger then one answer then one dimension. We could never in totality understand the why because we as mere humans can never understand the totality of how one person can alter our entire existence.

My advice is always to move on never wait for anyone. Love should just fit I’m not saying love should be light I prefer a darker depth of an ocean sort of love myself But it should roll in easy like a breeze it should work, love should never feel like it is forced love never demands you squeeze a round hole into a square peg? Is that the saying. You can eternally love someone and still move on with your life. And one day you will wake up and they will be frame of reference a marker of time; before and after and that is it

With all this being said I know so many people need insight into there karmic situation and I will be offering a karmic relationship tarot spread on my etsy shop Here is a sample reading, perhaps  I can help shed some insight into your karmic situation but please know we will never grasp the totality of these sort of loves xo


i have written about karmic ties before you can read about them here


I personally like to pull all of the cards as I go so as soon as I pull a card I place it face up so I can see all the cards at once I notice what is a predominant element

here is the karmic love spread

I first notice alot of water in this reading indicating this is a personal and emotional connection for the parties involved, water symbolizes emotion.

Karmic Tarot Love Spread

The First Card is Two of Air Traditionally knows as two of swords this card represents the individuals past connection. Now this can be earlier in this life or energy from a past connection the twos is tarot represent couples, choices. We can see the 2 unicorns locked, if you notice they are different they do not look the same. This card is also traditionally associated with closing your heart and listening to your mind. If I see this I would say in the past the individuals were unable to reach an amicable agreement. Perhaps they were unable to harmonize their differences. One of them turned away from how they felt and followed their head instead of hearttwo of swords tarot

The next card I pull is The World Tarot in the position of What is the purpose of this meeting; The World card! This card is everything! This is sweeping changes. Completion, rebirth, coming full circle. This is the final card in the Major Arcana. This is one of those Karmic cards ruled by Saturn; so the individuals have come full circle. However this isnt a marriage card like say the 4 of wands it is the card of completion so the individuals have met to wrap things up for closure

The World


What is the other person here to learn from this connection “The Lovers”

The Lovers Tarot

The Lovers is the card of Soulmates but originally called “The Choice” card it can signify the person in question needs to learn to make balanced choices.  This card like the water cards it signifies deep emotional connections. Perhaps the person in question needs to learn lessons of deep bonding as well as making balanced choices in love.

What are you here to learn? 8 Of cups

Eight of cups Tarot

This card represents leaving the past behind. This isnt an easy moving on; it hurts but you know you must keep going. We feel like something is missing but we forge ahead anyway. This card corresponds to the Death card in the Major Arcana so something must pass away in search of a more profound existence . This card is also linked to Saturn suggesting great lessons are learned here emotionally being the card is in the suit of cups.

What do you mean to them? Nine of Cups

Nine of cups tarot


Although the Purpose of this meeting relates to The World card; which shows endings and completion this isn’t to say you haven’t meant a great deal to the person. 9 of Cups is known as the Wish Card and it relates back to The Lovers card which also popped up earlier in this reading. This is great love, and as the card says wishes coming true. Some adjectives are harmony, comfort, and abundance.


What do they mean to you? King of Water

King of cups

Again we are seeing the water/cups theme The King represents mature love in a reading after all he isnt a Page (an apprentice) nor is he a Knight (still learning) he is a King! Some keywords are devoted, romantic, and loving. I would say the feelings flow equally in both directions.


How can the other party make the most of this connection ? Five of wands (traditionally) or here it is Five of fire

Five of wands

This is a challenging card in the Tarot,it is the card of conflict, arguments and competition. Seeing this card tells me it is best this individual put their ego aside. In the Thoth version it is called “Strife” It is the card of competition which obviously has no place in loving relationships. It can also signify inner struggle so going within and being self reflective is also key .

How can you make the most of this connection? Ace of water

Ace of cups

This is the card of falling in love. It is known as the “Holy Grail” so perhaps the advice would be love them in-spite of their petty arguments, this card also has to do with expressing yourself creatively so I would suggest writing,  painting and creating in whatever capacity you personally enjoy. This card can be linked to love, compassion and forgiveness


Two closing cards were pulled one Tarot and one from the romance angles as two closing messages regarding this Karmic connection; Three of Fire (Wands traditionally) and Express Your Love

Three of wands Wands are creativity, they represent passion this card is associated with creativity as all 3’s are cards of creation and self expression and look at that; the romance angels say Express your love.

With the Three of Fire the backs of the dragon and girl are toward us I am not entirely sure if they have turned their back on the past or as they gaze out beyond the sky are they waiting for someone from the past to return? In any event the wands remind us of our own creative expression and with the romance angel stating express your love it almost echos the 3 of wands, tell them how you feel, express your love, and if not directly through creation; painting, writing, singing.

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