Neptune Opposite Mercury Poetic Liar

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Lately I have been thinking I should take my show on the road and date all the men in the United States that have serious issues and afterward blog about the astrological indicators that serve as HUGE red flags that I love to ignore.

I knew this man for several years and he always had a crush on me or so he has said.  Everyone that knows us will say he liked me until one day he didn’t or maybe he never did.

They don’t tell you in astrology school the curse of being able to read for everyone else is the inability to read for yourself.

He has personal issues including 2 stalkers (red flag ladies) but I recall one fall day saying to friend “I would swear on a stack of bibles for that man”

I checked our chart later to revel his Sun (identity, ego) opposes my Neptune (Rose colored glasses) exact

I don’t see him clearly, perhaps it goes two ways maybe he doesn’t see me clearly either. And maybe upon seeing me up close he came to find I wasn’t that Neptunian Dream he once deemed me to be. Who knows…. I would love to know your experiences with this aspect

After our first date I thought he could be my new muse and god a new muse was so long over due.  We had 3 dates back to back I thought I could fall head over heels in love with this man and then he fell right off the face of the earth

Neptune also rules evaporation. POOF and he was gone

My Aquarius barista at Starbucks offered to call him “Maybe he died” he suggested making my Venti Macchiato

I am intuitive and felt the emotional disconnect. The ethereal cords being severed.

I want to say I did not sleep with him- I am for sexual exploration and all of that I only say this because that makes everything 1000000% stranger

Being with him felt otherworldly, sitting with him, kissing him was like I tapped into some sort of ethereal dream. I haven’t done ecstasy but I imagine this is how it would feel everything was amplified.

I thought wow he is like walking breathing art in motion. (Neptune rules art and transcendental experiences)

The Great Gatsby quote comes to mind

I’d like to just get one of those pink clouds and put you in it and push you around”

I like feeling encased in a bubble with someone, entranced really, the ruler of my 12th is in my 7th

(Relationships are also the cause of my own self undoing but we shall save that post for another day)

And if that feeling, that vibe wasn’t enough, he spoke in song its as if he was fluent in poetry.  I cant even type the words that he spoke because I am so embarrassed  to even admit I was lapping it up like my favorite Ben and Jerry’s. And it was all bullshit

He has Mercury opposite Neptune this aspect has been associated with compulsive liars. I have known liars without it and I have known Neptune/Mercury types that just in general have a sense of confusion, they often have a hard time expressing themselves and they suffer from people misunderstanding them. Some times people with this aspect are  viewed as slow from others. The truth is they are simply misunderstood. Someone told me about this man, “I could never date him he doesn’t get anything”. Truth be told I found his mind fascinating and vibrant.  It was like the world was black and white before and suddenly it was all in color.

Neptune opposite Sun Synastry

Mercury square Neptune Natal


I never want to date anyone with these aspects again I am  throwing them up with the Venus opposite Moon man and Mars/Uranus Man

Are their aspects you see in another chart and run from ? Let me know


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  • Oh my, yes. I run from Venus-Uranus 8th H, Vesta-Juno-Saturn 12th H, Piscean 3rd H hard aspects (e.g. T-sq w/ Mars-Neptune-Jupiter involvements). For starters.

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