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the road to hell

I never try I always walk away but when someone tells you they are doing everything they can to make you happy; you want to give it a go. When they tell you their intentions are not to hurt you, you want to try. But we all know that saying “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”. A psychic told me we will not make it very far, the two of us we were not meant to be (his Venus squares my north node I am sure this is some Karmic shit) She said I am meant to be single a citizen of the world not bound to anyone…. so I suppose one day I will write a blog post about him in entirety I will confess how I am so tired of leaving people behind and how I attempted to defy fate. How I have given up on the belief of true love, unicorns and Santa Clause.  Secretly I prefer to write a blog post on how I did defy fate….prayers up. I have been praying to god on the regular lately I am not sure he hears me.

His Venus conjuncts my sun, we have a 2 way sun moon sextile and some other really nice aspects but what I feel more than anything is his Saturn opposite my Venus. I wouldn’t wish this aspect on anyone.

Its Karmic all of my relationships no matter how fleeting, dysfunctional or downtrodden they might be are karmic, I have Saturn in the 7th house (so does he). I was thinking maybe relationships for me aren’t meant to be easy …scratch that I know they are not meant to be easy. So for once let me try, like really try

According to Linda Goodman

“Saturn has many lessons to teach Venus and Venus won’t be anxious to learn them. It will occasionally be a struggle but it’s your karmic destiny so you may as well make the best of it.  Saturn may not always but periodically behave toward Venus in a limiting, resentful, critical manner. The Plus side is Saturn will never leave you but will hang around you to provide a large measure of stability”

In the book “The Astrology of Human Relationships” it states

“This comparative combination indicates cold, emotionally distant relationships”

But of all the descriptions I have read the one from Is by far the most accurate

“Your obligations are standing in the way of your relationship potentials. There is emotional distance as well as physical distance. When the Venus person is in opposition to the Saturn person, it may be very difficult for you to get together because of their other obligations”

There is this feeling of the person being a 1000 miles away, he feels 1000 miles away even when he is telling me everything I ever wanted to hear, even when he calls me daily

It can feel debilitating really.

Ya know I like merging with someone, infusing myself with someone and that won’t be permitted here. It’s like there is a wall up and I can’t get beyond it. I can’t climb over it or drive around it. And quite frankly I don’t understand it.

The other night we were out and I wanted to stay out later and he said I have to go to work in the morning and a lecture on duties and responsibilities followed and I thought wow their goes that Saturn opposite Venus. His responsibilities come before love, they come before me and that is something I could never relate too because I would put love above everything I believe love should come above all. And ya know I have an Aries moon so I think nothing should come before me LOL

It should come as no surprise I handed him a print out of what Saturn opposite Venus means and told him “we have that can you work on it” and he says he doesn’t want to be distant but yet he is even when he is sitting right there.

If you see this aspect in your synastry I believe it will override the nice aspects; Even Venus conjunct Sun

Which in the book “The Astrology of Human Relationships” it states

“This comparative aspect contributes greatly to romantic attraction and may indicate marriage”

Linda Goodman says of Venus conjunct Sun

“Friendship, companionship and loyalty are beaded on a silvery blue cord connecting you even when you are not in the same room” It’s one of the better aspects to have in synastry and maybe one of the reasons I haven’t walked away yet

That’s probably why I try it’s that small glimmer of hope that somehow we can connect that in some way we can transcend these limitations – it’s not looking too good.

Just to recap

Saturn rules

  • Responsibilities
  • Hardship
  • Coldness
  • Karma
  • Work
  • Blocks
  • Restriction

Venus Rules

  • Love
  • Affection
  • Enjoyment
  • Pleasure

When they meet via opposition or square there is a block, coolness, hardship when it comes to love, limitations on affection, and restrictions in pleasure.

I wonder how he receives me I told him I don’t want to nag you he says you aren’t nagging me. “When a car has a flat you don’t throw out the entire car you fix it. I will fix it”, he assures me and I can’t help but smile at his maturity with him being 10 years younger than me all that rational I don’t possess all those Saturn like ways  in a lot of ways its beautiful. I never said he was ill intended I simply said the road to hell was paved with good intentions.

PS It is said  Satan is derived from the word Saturn and The Devil Tarot Card is ruled by Capricorn which in turn is ruled by Saturn


Prayers Up



2 comments on “Saturn opposite Venus Synastry

  • In my experience with this aspect both partners played the role of saturn and both played venus at different times…the main component was off timing…difficulties with getting together…etc. When one person was needing and expressing love the other had commitments to tend to or was feeling closed off. (he actually played the saturn role more) In my case I was actually saturn opposing his venus…we both took turns being a bit cold and being extremely loving. Looking back it was the most loving and nurturing relationship I’ve had yet, but timing really threw us for a loop.

    • I agree, Little11. I am Venus in Aries and he is Saturn in Libra. He is 10 years younger than me also. There are times when I want to hug and be sweet, and he is focused, tied down with his child, has meetings, etc. I have been a “big girl” about it all for the most part, but recently I told him I wanted a hug because I was excited about a successful event I was having, it was like he didn’t even hear me and walked off with his son. Aries likes to be first, but my God–I don’t want to compete with a child and his business. This hurts so bad. Something about that moment was like a plug was pulled and I was like “I’m done”.

      How many times have I said that? I go away and fate brings us back together and then he is excited to see me and all this admiration and adoration gushy love comes flowing out of nowhere. I am usually thrown off and confused…”so you REALLY DO have feelings for me?” And I give in, because it seems so real. But within a few weeks, it is like I never existed; no phone calls, no texts. I try to keep up the communication by initiating contact but I feel drained between trying to keep the fire going alone, and worried about appearing needy. My efforts are not appreciated; I don’t think I really matter. Then I MAKE the effort to stay away…at first it was just to see if he will think of me (now it is because I am tired and want it to end). Nothing…. But as soon as I think that….life brings him back around.

      His Mars is in my 12th house too; and I can relate to everything StarsMoonandSun said about that. I can’t get him out of my mind! His Mars also squares my Pluto–best sex I’ve ever had and probably will for the rest of my life!

      I just want my life back. I was an ambitious young woman on the path to entrepreneurship; that has come to damn near a screeching halt because I’m in the “hanged man” position. Every time I pull away from this guy, I get to feeling more energized and focused on my business and MY life–then he comes back and pulls that Neptunian cloud over me (his 7th house Neptune sextile my Sun conjunct his moon in my 8th house) again and sends me back drifting in confusion where all I can do is think of him.

      I can’t seem to get away! I keep studying, trying to get THE Lesson–love myself, find ways to make myself happy, enjoy my own company. This works for a little awhile. Somebody pray for my release from this karmic prison!

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