The Natal Moon in the 1st House Emotional Spectrum

Published July 8, 2016 by starsmoonandsun

When the moon transits my 1st house I always know, I become very emotional, perhaps take things personally or experience and influx of endless emotions in a short period of time.

The first house is you, the way you appear, your physical constitution. This year I have the Solar Return moon conjunct my Solar Return Ascendant this means for an entire year I will have the energy of the moon-fluctuations, mood changes, and emotional needs in my 1st house I am waiting to see how this goes.

I know several people that have the natal moon in the 1st house that take a lot of things personally the 1st house is YOU and the moon rules your feelings so perceived slights can be emotionally exaggerated. These individuals are highly sensitive and are emotionally very reactive. This is the placement of taking things personal. Once you learn nothing in life is personal you will breathe a sigh of relief. Everyone is only operating from their own level of consciousness and some people are deeply asleep.

Having the moon in the first house of the natal chart often indicates a few things:

  • your appearance will go through many changes, where ever the moon is placed in your natal chart you will experience ups and downs,
  • you wear your emotions on your sleeve so the responses to people, places and things are very emotional. You cannot really mask your feelings when the natal moon is in the 1st house they are simply out there for the world to see.
  • Often when the moon is in the 1st house or the ruler of the 4th house is in the 1st the individual has a strong tie-for better or worse to the mother.


According to Donna Cunningham ” The Moon in Your Life Being A Lunar Type in a Solar World”:

“The moons meanings dominate your face to the world starting with the powerful impact your mother had in shaping your interactions with the worlds you may even look a lot like her so you may be either intensely maternal or intensely dependent but the world at large confuses you with mom no one around you could miss knowing how you feel”

I think those individuals with the moon in the 1st house need to learn to not take everything so personally. That being offended is an ego issue. If you own who you are and know who you are what others say should not and can’t not offend you. I know some people are ignorant and it can be very frustrating but a person being ignorant or rude is no reflection on you. So stop allowing other people and circumstances to alter the way that you feel.

Being offened quoteBeing offended magical

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you will know I recently have dealt with someone that has Narcissistic Personality Disorder before I could grasp the totality of this disorder I simply saw him as a person that has this ongoing spectrum of emotional ups and  downs (more downs never really up). That even with me being a Cancer found quite difficult to grasp, his natal Moon is in the 1st house. Anyone that has dealt with a true Narcissist knows they have fragile egos and are prone to narcissistic injury when they believe someone has offended them.

This site is great for insight on Narcissistic Personality Disorder:

Any perceived slight results in anger and it is nearly impossible to get them to detach from the rage or emotional feeling of being a perpetual victim. This gentleman’s appearance fluctuates from very skinny to the size of the hulk, I do believe he unconsciously has a strong identification with his mother, her sun and moon both conjunct his and her Venus conjoins his mars. And his moods are often in this rapid state of upheaval.




First house moons like Aries (Aries rules the 1st house in astrology) moons can be emotionally aggressive and reactive. They or shall I saw we (I have an Aries moon) are emotionally the babies of the zodiac. While the rest of us may be evolved the feeling part of us often is not. Some one once told me I had the mind and soul of someone that lived 100 lifetimes but the emotions of a teenager. It has been said that Aries Moons or 1st house moons have needs that went unmet in childhood so as adults we respond like everything is an emergency. Me Me Me is an Aries moon mantra LOL

It is said people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder have the emotional intelligence of a toddler. I began to think of moon in the 1st house or all astrology aspects perhaps as a spectrum with the lighter end of moon in the 1st or moon in Aries being lightly selfish, impatient, easily offended and on the darker end completely unaware, lacking complete emotional intelligence and consumed with themselves and needing constant positive reinforcement at the narcissist spectrum.

If you would like to read about how to NOT raise a narcissist or more on understanding Narcissistic Personality Disorder and how it was developed from childhood I recently read this book and recommend it.

object of my affection is in my reflection

While I maintain you cannot have them in your life you may be able to meet them in your mind with compassion after reading. They simply can not control their behavior, if they could it wouldn’t be a pathological (compulsive) disorder (state of confusion)

While doing my research on narcissism I looked at the chart of Sam Vaknin self proclaimed narcissist and author of “Malignant Self Love: Narcissism Revisited” and if his birth time is indeed accurate he has the moon sitting right on his ascendant.

Picture courtesy of


Sam Vaknin Natal Chart

I began to wonder if Moon in the 1st house for some is a mere crying out to be validated and acknowledged but for those that cannot bear the thought of rejection, they have shut off their humanity like Damon in an episode of the Vampire Diaries to feel everything was simply too much to bear.  Especially when they had caretakers that never acknowledged their needs in the developmental stages of life. So they have covered up/denied/rejected all feelings of neediness and shame thus replacing them with rage.
For non disordered people I want to stress that you not give away your power. Don’t give anyone the power to influence your emotions and how you feel. It has taken me 100 years to realize if you give them the power to make you happy and fill you up, you also give them the power to make you sad and empty.

And for those struggling with mental illness and seeking help there are resources out there for you. If you are depressed the Suicide Hotline is 800-273-TALK and if you need help with your mental health call 877-SAMHSA7

People love you and want to see you well.


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  • I have moon in the 1st in Cancer and I’m far from clingy. I’m very independent and have always been more of a loner. Also people always complain that they can’t read me

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