A Little Astrology on New York City



Going to work in the middle of a pandemic or a planned-demic has been a little strange. Watching co-workers leave one by one (no shade at all) till the numbers dwindled. Most were laid off and others left by choice. We started with about 950 employees on March 3rd and by April 3rd just a handful of us were left. Most of us had worked there 15-30 years.

I am not scared; it is just not who I am as a person. Maybe I am reckless; surely at times I am. Perhaps I am woke (totally kidding) or maybe with Pluto in hard aspect to my Sun and Moon I know that death cannot be avoided and its more disturbing to live  half alive worried about something that may or may not come.

I can tell you one thing I do not believe in sacrificing our personal freedoms, but allow me get back on track and discuss Astrology

During my final days at work I was sitting with 3 people- all Aries Suns and I myself am an Aries Moon and one asked; “what the hell are we still doing here”.  I wasn’t sure.  I read a quote once that said

“Aries go where angels fear to tread”.

I was just not going to be run off, I was not going to cower and hide.  I chose to stay until the doors closed.

There is a huge difference between being aware & cautious vs. being drenched in fear & scarcity consciousness. I will never choose the latter.

With all that is going on here it made me wonder what the natal chart of New York City was. I know New York State is a Leo Sun. I always joke that Leos and New Yorkers are always the first to announce what they are and where they are from so New York State being a Leo made perfect sense.

New York City however is a Capricorn Sun with an Aries Moon. I am using the date NYC was consolidated.

My Aries Moon relates to that Aries Moon so well. We are always in a rush, we always have some place to be, even when we don’t. We are fast walkers someone once remarked I walk at such a speed they feel a breeze when I rush by. We aren’t exactly known for our friendliness, but god knows we aren’t fake. I always say Aries Moons hold no false pretense. What you see is what you get.  I love us.

I love New York. You can pop out of the Underworld in Central Park, hail a taxi, head down Fifth Avenue with a giant hellhound loping behind you, and nobody even looks at you funny.”
Rick Riordan

Aries is the sign of the warrior. I have quietly wondered how many native New Yorkers attempted to flee the city and have a suspicion most of them were transplants from another State.

New Yorkers have survival instincts running in our veins.  

I think we are likely known as the Big Apple partly due to the Capricorn Sun being squared by Jupiter. When Jupiter squares the Sun in a chart it Kanye West-ifizes it.

The whole persona becomes larger than life.

 Jupiter is also smack dab on the Ascendant.

With Jupiter Rising the face or mask of the person also expands.

Here I am-insert Jazz Hands

Sometimes when I am driving from Queens over the bridge I take a deep breath and admire New York City’s magnificence and I intentionally try to take it in like it was the first time.

I often; if not always think of the F. Scott Fitzgerald quote

“The city seen from the Queensboro Bridge is always the city seen for the first time, in its first wild promise of all the mystery and the beauty in the world.”

Did I mention Libra is New York’s Rising Sign?

Never let the Rising Sign fool you; it’s a mask.

Then again never allow a Libra placement to fool you either; this is a white glove with an iron fist.

Despite everything we are lead to believe to the contrary I know New York will bounce back, we were built for perseverance.

Capricorn Sun was built to last.

Just ask national treasure Betty White

New Yorkers may not be known for our politeness but aside from Gotham City, Concrete Jungle and the Big Apple we are also regarded as the City of Dreams.

The Chart Ruler–Venus is opposed by Neptune Planet of Dreams.

When Venus is opposed by Neptune a sparkling veneer is assured. This is a creative aspect so it is no surprise we are known for our Broadway Shows, museums and as a City have been the subject of many books, films, and shows.

I use to work as a background Actor and one of my favorite things to do was sit in the Law and Order and other shows holding areas and listen to creative’s tell me about their dreams; something so beautiful about a person that can maintain and hold the vision in a world full of people so eager to sell out.  

I am a predictive astrologer, usually assisting clients on when to make moves and when to fall back and play the position. If New York City was a person I would tell him/her hold on things look rough on and off till November with transiting Saturn conjunct the North Node but come 2021 we may come up for a deep breath of fresh air; going about our business, rushing by people, taking in the theater and letting out of towners know to back up! Not because of Social Distancing but just because if we aren’t on a packed train headed to work New Yorkers don’t really want anyone in our personal space.