Planets in the 11th House in Astrology

The 11th house is naturally ruled by Aquarius and is traditionally know as the house of like-minded friends, hopes and wishes.  The sign on the cusp and the planets inside offer insights into our group activities peer and work associations as well as humanitarian goals.  I think a high level of freedom and individualism is present in the 11th house. Personal planets here may suggest a live and let live energy.

In a lot of ways I think the 11th house takes what we have accomplished in the 10th house and shows how we integrate that or not into society.

Dane Rudhyar writes in his book The Astrological Houses the Spectrum of Individual Experience; “in the eleventh house the power of society, of the collectively or the group is released through the individual”.

Paul Wade states in Be Your Own Astrologer “The eleventh house relates to society to friendship and to groups you interact with regularly. It illustrates your hopes and aspirations, on a more qualitative level than the aims and ambitions of the preceding house”

Please note when doing an interpretation we always consider the entire chart; that includes aspects to the planets. Also a house is never empty; you always have a sign on the cusp. Every house has a ruling planet if you follow the ruling planet you will find additional insights.

Sun in the 11th house takes on Aquarius like traits.  The Sun in the 11th house or placed in Aquarius can swing one or two ways. These placements often suggest someone that is not like the rest of society. They are ahead of the masses; it is not uncommon for those with either placement to feel ostracized. And sometimes they rebel just to rebel-middle fingers up to everyone that asks them to conform and other times they find themselves desperately longing to fit in. They are often faced with the choice of creating their own reality or conforming to someone else’s. It is essential for anyone with an 11th house Sun to maintain and honor their individuality. This placement can certainly be used towards leading a group in humanitarian ways. Wherever the Sun is placed we have strong ego identification so it is essential with this placement to not define your worth by those outside of yourself.  This is a great placement for advocating on behalf of others.

Some famous people with Sun in the 11th house:  Angelina Jolie, Lady GaGa, Cher, Frida, Jane Fonda, Mitt Romney, Anthony Bourdain and Goldie Hawn

Moon in the 11th house takes on an Aquarius Moon vibe emotionally detached unless otherwise indicated. May feel emotionally fulfilled when a part of a group or association. Similar to the Sun and other 11th house placements the Moon can suggest progressive interests. This also suggests having a strong network of women friends. Wherever the Moon is placed we experience fluctuation so this can suggest friendships and associations change over time.  A sense of purpose or personal contentment can also be cultivated when bringing others together for something involving higher levels of consciousness.

Some famous people with Moon in the 11th house; Drake, Bruce Lee, LeBron James, Patrick Swayze, Lisa Bonet, Zoe Kravitz, George Carlin and Mr. Rogers (Fred Rogers)

Mercury in the 11th house suggests an innovative mind; someone that is ahead of their time. This is the person that has an electric and original ways of thinking and communicating. Aquarius is associated with Ah-ha moments; it’s that flash of lightening. If you have this placement please follow your hunches; your intuition is strong. (This is not the same as water intuition) This placement can suggest flashes of brilliance. You want to be around people that are free thinkers and not bound by tradition, you want to discuss aliens and conspiracy theories anything else will likely bore you. You may have a way of communicate with others often online.

Some famous people with Mercury in the 11th house: Ellen DeGeneres, Lorde, Margaret Thatcher, Mac Miller, John Legend, Dave Chappelle, Zoe Saldana and Queen Latifah

Venus in the 11th house may require a lot of freedom in relationships and may also require a strong friendship element above other things. Similar to the Moon in the 11th house this can suggest attracting women friends or networking with others that act on behalf of women’s issues. You may be well liked in your social circle and attract friendships with ease unless otherwise indicated. You may also be attracted to groups that involve the arts in some capacity.  

Some famous people with Venus in the 11th house: Madonna, Alyssa Milano, Patti Smith, Sarah Silverman, Jamie Lee Curtis, Monica Lewinsky, SZA and Mandy Moore

Mars in the 11th house can certainly suggest discord amongst friends. It can also suggest expending a lot of energy toward group movements. This person may work organizing all kinds of events. This is the person that may also go against whatever the group objective is; particularly if they are not running the show. This placement can be the rebel and the person going against the grain.

Some famous people with Mars in the 11th house: Christina Aguilera, Prince Harry, Oprah, Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Sigmund Freud, Shia Labeouf and JFK Jr.

Jupiter in the 11th house can suggest friends from all walks of life and from various backgrounds. You may also make connections while traveling and find yourself around scholars, politicians and lawyers. You can benefit from your social circle. Friendships form with those that have expansive and generous quality unless Jupiter is afflicted. You may also take on the role of Spiritual Advisor and confidant to a certain group of individuals.

Some famous people with Jupiter in the 11th house:  Jessica Biel, Kate Uptown, Christina Hendricks, Sheryl Crow, Michael Bloomberg, Jonah Hill, Venus Williams and Dave Navarro

Saturn in the 11th house can feel excluded or feel inhibited when surrounded by a group of people. Self conscious may be the description I am looking for. I do know people with this placement that have deep and lifelong friendships and I also know people that feel like they never quite fit in. Wherever Saturn is placed we are working off past life karma so for some people this may indicate feeling alone or on the outside even amongst a group and for others it can suggest friendships can with heavy obligations. I attended a class many years ago on astrological aspects in the Natal Chart that indicated depression and this was one of the placements that were featured. Another manifestation of this aspect may be forming friendships with older people and those in positions of authority. This can also suggest your work life is in some capacity linked to group projects. Friendships may be best cultivated on a one on one basis.

Some famous people with Saturn in the 11th house: Megan Fox, Robin Williams, Vincent van Gough, Demi Moore, Zac Efron, Halle Berry, Jessica Simpson and Johnny Cash

Uranus in the 11th house attracts interesting friends from all areas of life. Friends can be innovative and non-conforming; people may also come and go from your life. You may do better with acquaintanceship and connections that do not carry heavy obligations. You want to connect with like minded people. You can certainly connect with astrologers or link up with astrology groups. You can also connect with those interested in scientific advancements or technology in some capacity. You very well may meet and form friendships with various groups of people online.

Some famous people with Uranus in the 11th house: Stephen King, Julain Assange, James Spader, Lauren Conrad, Paula Abdul,, Chris North and Al Gore

Neptune in the 11th house can suggest seeing friends through rose colored glasses wherever we have Neptune we have to ask if we are seeing things clearly. This can suggest self sacrificing for friends or having a desire for someone or some group to come and save you. I would not rule out connecting with others and forming friendships though such organizations as AA/ALANON or any other group orientated healing modality. You want to watch out for enabling friends that have addiction issues with this placement. You also want to watch out for questionable associates with unethical behaviors. On the lighter end this can suggest getting together with others that are interested in healing, acting, music as well as other artistic pursuits.

Some famous people with Neptune in the 11th house: Brad Pitt,  Nicolas Cage, Sean Penn, Michelle Williams, Richard Nixon, Martha Stewart, Barbara Walters and Lamar Odom

Pluto in the 11th house can certainly suggest powerful associations. Wherever Pluto is placed we experience circumstances beyond our control and our greatest transformation for you that comes through friendships and other associations-non romantic-Pluto is known as Lord of the Underworld so this can suggest ties to those that have unsavory character traits. You also may experience power struggles with friends and other group dynamics. Friendships and group association may also stir up the unconscious and a more complex side of your persona. Watch for the natural inclination towards wanting to control and dominate others. With this being said you may serve as a powerful force and have the ability to change the lives of others.

Some famous people with Pluto in the 11th house: Nicole Kidman, Bill Clinton, Bruce Willis, Tony Robbins, Maya Angelou, Chelsea Clinton, Bernie Madoff and Paul Simon

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