Planets in the 1st House in Astrology

The first house is naturally ruled by Aries and is considered the house of self. You can read more about the rising and ascending sign here:

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When planets are placed in the 1st house the energy is forceful and direct.

Dane Rudhyar writes in his book The Astrological Houses the Spectrum of Individual Experience; “the first house of a person’s birth chart indicates essentially the type of experience through which he will best discover who he is at a unique level”

Paul Wade states in Be Your Own Astrologer  “The first house is the first thing others notice about you. In a real house it would be the front door. It shows your outer personality and the impression you give on first meeting”

Please note when doing an interpretation we always consider the entire chart; that includes aspects to the planets. Also a house is never empty; you always have a sign on the cusp. Every house has a ruling planet if you follow the ruling planet you will find additional insights.

Sun in the 1st house takes on Aries like traits the energy may be seen as direct and forceful. Depending on sign and aspect the Sun in the 1st house native may be come off as confident, pushy and/or warm. The Sun in the 1st house likely gets noticed with ease; this position of the Sun is well placed. You may have strong leadership qualities or naturally find yourself taking charge.

Some famous people with Sun in the 1st house: Grace Kelly, Penelope Cruz, Blake Lively, Meghan Markle, Lucy Lawless and Nicolas Cage

Moon in the 1st house may experience fluctuations in their appearance; this can indicate weight fluctuations or changes in hair, clothes, mannerisms etc. Moon in the 1st house can also take on an Aries Moon like energy; your emotions are visible and difficult to keep to yourself.  This placement can certainly suggest moodiness or others seeing you this way. The Mother figure may be particularly prominent in the person’s life.

Some famous people with Moon in the 1st house or conjunct the Ascendant from the 12th: Whitney Houston, Zooey Deschanel, Bella Hadid, The Olsen Twins, Anna Nicole Smith, Amber Rose and Alicia Silverstone

Mercury in the 1st house may have nervous energy. Sometimes they are nail biters, smokers or suffer from anxiety. Mercury in the 1st can suggest someone that talks a lot and is easily bored. Mercury in the 1st house may also have a youthful appearance and be curious in nature. They can be quick witted and are often on the go.

Some famous people with Mercury in the 1st house: George W Bush, Paul Walker, Paul Newman, Christy Turlington, Morgan Freeman, Bobby Brown, Chloe Sevigny and Lauren Conrad

Venus in the 1st house can appear charming even if other aspects in the chart indicate a person is not particularly warm. Anytime I think of Venus in the 1st house I recall taking an Astrology class where we looked at Ben Affleck’s Natal Chart; Affleck has Venus in the 12th house but it is conjunct the Ascendant from the 12th house. The instructor who was reviewing his chart said: if he did not have Venus Rising I doubt anyone would find him likable. The 1st house is linked to how others see us but that does not make it entirely accurate in making an assessment as to who we are. We always have to look at the entire chart. With that being said Venus in the 1st house can easily be seen as attractive, agreeable and charming. Similar to Taurus rising they can wear a paper bag and look good. Allow me to insert a gentle reminder here; charming and polite do not necessarily equate to being a good person.

Some famous people with Venus  in the 1st house: George Clooney, Zayn Malik, Orlando Bloom, Halsey, Conor McGregor, Billie Holiday, Frank Ocean and Lisa Kudrow

Mars in the 1st is often seen as angry; even when they are not. This is a placement for being assertive as well as being impatient. While Mars in the 1st isn’t always angry when they are you will know. They can emit a “tough guy” persona and have (pardon me): Big Dick Energy regardless of gender. They appear strong and confident even if they struggle with these things internally. They want to be first and are a natural at taking charge and leading the way.

Some famous people with Mars  in the 1st house: Johnny Depp, Catherine Zeta Jones,  Sandra Bullock,  Edward Norton, Lucy Lawless, Nicolas Cage, Anthony Hopkins, RuPaul and Marie Antoinette

Jupiter in the 1st house may have a grand and expansive personality; they have to watch for the tendency to come across as “know it-alls”. Wherever Jupiter is placed in the Natal Chart a person is said to be bestowed good luck; with this placement you create your own. Unless otherwise indicated the person is likely be jovial and good natured. This placement natal or via transit may experience weight gain.

Some famous people with Jupiter  in the 1st house: Bill Clinton, Gerard Butler, Anthony Bourdain, Big Sean, Vince Vaughn, Shirley Maclaine, Ashley Judd and Dennis Rodman

Saturn in the 1st house is the person that places  the weight of the world on their shoulders. They appear stoic and like Capricorn rising Saturn in the 1st house is a part of my “resting bitch face” trio beside Scorpio and Aquarius Rising. They give Pluto in the 1st house a run for its money in the poker face department. Saturn in the first can appear cold, austere and all business like. They may suffer from arthritis. They are formal and outwardly serious. Life is approached like a burden and they often have a melancholic temperament. Where Saturn is placed we are working off past life karma with this placement it may be linked to the physicality or the burdens one places upon one’s self.

Some famous people with Saturn  in the 1st house: Britney Spears, John Lennon, Warren Buffett, Sean Penn, Kesha, Christina Ricci, Rose McGowan and John McCain

Uranus in the 1st house is going to be a wild card; independent and erratic they may get attention simply by entering a room due to mannerism or unconventional style of dress. This is the marker of a true non-conformist. It may be challenging for this individual to settle into a traditional way of life or to make compromises. They need to be free above all. Others may find them strange or peculiar as with all Uranus and Aquarius placements this is an individual that is ahead of society not in step with it.

Some famous people with Uranus  in the 1st house: Kurt Cobain, Jared Leto, James Dean, Nikola Tesla, Jessica Simpson, Johnny Cash, Bruce Springsteen and Shannen Doherty

Neptune in the 1st house I have written about extensively you are welcome to read about it here:

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Pluto in the 1st house has a powerful personality. You are welcome to read my posts about being a Plutonian here:

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When a person has Pluto in the 1st house they may be very forceful and aggressive. This is a placement that indicates even if the native is low-key others may not like them. Anyone with a prominent Pluto may experience others feeling threatened and intimidated by them; even if they have not uttered a word. This is a placement known for its deep penetrating gaze and poker face. They may exude a sexual energy without intending to do so.  Some may wonder what is beneath that composed exterior and others are frightened to dig that deep beneath the surface. This is the powerful persona whether the native is aware of this or not. Watch for the tendency to dominate and control others; this does not always occur on a conscious level. Pluto in the 1st is strong and resilient. They may have been surrounded by death or will experience many metaphorical deaths where they are challenged to emerge someone new.

Some famous people with Pluto  in the 1st house: Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Bieber, Sting, Tiger Woods, Judy Garland, Adrien Brody, Christopher Reeve and Jayne Mansfield.