Cancer On The Cusp

On the Cusp of each house is a zodiac sign; this sign infuses the house with that energy. 

Cancer on the cusp will infuse the house with a desire for safety and security.  The house that holds the Moon inside and Cancer on the cusp is also prone to fluctuations. Just as the Moon goes through phases so does the house that corresponds with Cancer.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon; the Moon corresponds to our emotions, moods, comforts and instinctual responses.

When Cancer is on the Cusp this makes the Moon the house ruler; look to see where the Moon is placed via house for additional insights

Cancer on the 1st house cusp; this persons appearance may change often. This can suggest weight fluctuations as well as shifts in hairstyles or style of dress. With Cancer Rising others will see you as moody ; your emotions are visible for everyone to see. You are likely guarded and can be seen as defensive. Cancer Rising can also be intuitive, fashionable and very feminine. Can suggest having a beautiful chest area regardless of gender or breast size.

Cancer on the 2nd house cusp; financial situations fluctuate you may accumulate money and spend it just as fast. You may have a strong desire to own a home. You may work from home or in a business involving real-estate, the food industry or public relational fields. Financial security is very important to you; your self-esteem may fluctuate. May benefit from women financially. This placement may also have intuitive insights regarding financial investments.

Cancer on the 3rd house cusp; this person is likely very talkative. You should watch for allowing your emotional mind to take over your reasoning abilities. You may talk about your feelings often or be the type to keep a journal or several. May feel eternally restless and most at home when not at home. This individual can be emotionally fulfilled when on the roads and taking short trips. You may have a gift for writing short stories, novels or poetry.

Cancer on the 4th house cusp; Cancer is at home in the 4th house. You want a place you can return to after you have been out and about in the world; a retreat, a home base and a place that feels like home. You may have an inner feeling of restlessness and may move often. You are interested in emotional stability. You may be deeply connected -for better or worse- to your childhood home environment. To get a complete picture we would need to look at the planets inside the 4th house, the Moon sign and house placement and the aspects to the Moon.

Cancer on the 5th house cusp; may be emotionally expressive and dramatic. You like to take risks, have fun and showcase your creative talents. You may enjoy, sporting events, being around children or just being playful. The 5th house is the house of joy and pleasure with the Moon being the ruling planet you may feel at your best when nurturing your inner child or performing.

Cancer on the 6th house cusp; you may work in an environment where the hours or daily activities fluctuate. It may also be a challenge to maintain a routine. This can be seen in those that work in real-estate, hotels, and or restaurants. The 6th house is also the house of health with the Moon ruling the stomach often with this placement when a person is upset the stomach is the first thing to go. You may act as a caretaker to those you work with or your coworkers may be like family. Cancer governs home and the 6th house oversees work; I would not rule out working from home with this placement.

Cancer on the 7th house cusp; may experience much fluctuations in personal relationships. This shows up for me a lot in the charts of people that work in public relations. The life partner may be a watery-emotional type. With this placement you often see paternal themes playing out in relationships where one person acts like the Father/Mother to the other partner that may play out the role of the child. A number of clients complain about attracting “needy” partners with this placement; but the “needy”partner is meant to assist in bringing out the emotional needs and desires the Capricorn rising individual often suppresses.

Cancer on the 8th house cusp; may financially benefit from women. Financial stability, intense sex and deep connections are emotionally fulfilling. You may be drawn toward occult subjects and anything hidden. You will go through many emotional transformations in this lifetime. You have a strong intuitive sense and may be psychologically astute.

Cancer on the 9th house cusp; I see this often in those that live far from birth place of origin, those that study abroad and those that have worked as flight attendants at some point. Something about the home being somewhere else when the Moon is connected to the 9th; perhaps it was the Mother that was from another country. This is one of my “most at home when not at home” placements. It is important for you to travel; you will find it emotionally fulfilling. You may be deeply emotionally connected to you religious and political beliefs; even as they shift and change.

Cancer on the 10th house cusp; often comes before the public in some way this can be in a grand way like on TV or working customer service in a store. I also see this in those that work in public relations and family owned businesses. Reputation goes through many fluctuations. This person may be very concerned about public image and perception. They are emotionally driven by success and accomplishments.

Cancer on the 11th house cusp; unless the Moon is afflicted attracts women friends with ease. The Mother figure may be seen as a BFF. You enjoy being with others-unless other indicators in the chart state otherwise. May have many friends and enjoy being a part of a group. Sometimes friendships may shift and change; being with one group for a period of time and moving onto another.

Cancer on the 12th house cusp; may spend some time alone in isolation. May carry sorrow over the loss of the Mother figure or other sorrows linked to her. I see this often with those that either feel everything or those that do not acknowledge emotions at all the 12th house is what is hidden and sometimes the feelings are hidden even from oneself with this placement. This placement has to watch for self sacrificing and neglecting ones own needs to please others.