Eclipses, New Moons & Full Moons in the Houses

From an astrological stand point Eclipses are the most challenging to predict for they often represent fated events that catapult our soul and quite often our lives into another direction. The two weeks leading up to the Eclipse often feel chaotic and people can seem frantic; for this reason alone I try to refrain from taking clients. Though I have been told by other astrologers this can be the most lucrative time period; still I usually take a pass.   

When we have an Eclipse the energy will light up a house and make this a hot spot /energize it for the following year.

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse: usually represent conclusions, illuminations, choices, endings, revelations and areas that require balance. A Full Moon activates two houses; with the Sun in one house and the Moon in the other.

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in the houses:

1st and 7th house: this can bring relationship issues to a head; sometimes I see a break up or divorce with this placement. This will illuminate relationship concerns. This placement is strong; if this Eclipse also aspects your IC and MC your entire life –including home and career – may be up for review. During this period you may have find balance between yourself and others.

2nd and 8th house: financial issues come to a head. If you have a loved one; being a pet or person that has been sick sometimes with this placement they will pass away. This is a great time to finish paying off debts and brining financial issues to a close.

3rd and 9th house: watch for disagreements with the 3rd house governing communication. You may complete an education and graduate during the year seeing how the 9th house governs higher education. Issues with siblings may reach a head.

4th and 10th house: family and home life are the focus point. You may have issues with family or decide to move during the year. Balance is required between private and public life. Job changes and possible relocation may occur during the year. You may re-route your entire life or at the very least feel restless and have a desire for change.

5th and 11th house: if a friendship has been on the rocks it may end during this period. You may be tired from excessive socializing. You may need to balance your wants and needs vs. the wants and needs of a certain group of friends or associates. You may decide to fully step into your power now.

6th and 12th house: changes in work are likely to occur. Watch for disputes with co-workers. This is a great time to eliminate bad habits and implement new and healthier routines. Emotions that have been in your subconscious will likely come bubbling to the surface. Eclipses tend to make us completely energized or totally exhausted in general; with this placement sleep will surely be disrupted.

New Moon/ Solar Eclipse: represent fresh starts and new beginnings; this is when seeds are planted (not always willingly/consciously) that unfolds over the next year or so.

I want to say that while I generally prefer New Moons and Solar Eclipses I have seen both Eclipses correspond with happy and not so happy events. As I said Eclipses are the wild cards in astrology; it is not always easy to see how the change will manifest but one thing is for certain things will change in the house that holds the eclipse.

New Moon/ Solar Eclipse in the houses:

1st House:  a change in appearance and the way you present yourself. This is the time when you will change your hair, lose weight and buy new clothes. You may find you are getting noticed by others and they are commenting on the way you look; for better or worse.

2nd House: finances and security are the focal point of the year. This placement can also suggest a change of income for better or worse.  This can also indicate your values are shifting and it is an excellent time to set intentions toward living more in alignment with them

3rd House: you may buy new vehicle, plan a short trip or decide to take a class. Your mind is curious now and you wish to learn and explore new areas of life. Communication may be heightened and you find yourself answering calls, sending out emails and generally on the go.

4th House: this can placement can bring up repressed emotions; as the 4th house is the root of the chart that corresponds with the Mother figure and beginning of life. You may decide to move or renovate your current place. Family obligations and home life may take center stage and you may find you are more focused on your inner world and personal life more than your outer life and worldly ambitions.

5th House: You really want to show case your creative talents and your personality. This can also be the time where you plan for children. The 5th house is linked to our ego, our talents, children, romance, and fun! This is a great time to enjoy yourself! If single this is also a great period to set time aside to date and connect with others.

6th House: Starting a new diet or workout routine is ideal now. You may wish to change jobs and begin sending our resumes. New routines are indicated. This is the natural house of Virgo so you may spend much time getting your life in order, throwing out what isn’t needed and catching up on mundane tasks.

7th House: New relationships are indicated-be sure you see them for who they are. A well seasoned astrologer once told me “we are eclipsed” during Eclipse season. Keep in mind a New Moon is a dark moon so much may be hidden. Relationships of all kinds-business and personal will be important over the next 12 months.

8th House: You may develop an interest in taboo subjects. Your sex drive may increase and you may be drawn to forbidden or darker connections. This is a great period to come up with long term financial plans; including setting up wills and inheritances. You may get in touch with the more shadowy aspects of your persona over the next year or so. Some may go to psychotherapy and others may seek shamanic healing

9th House: Going back to school to pursue a higher education is something you may consider now. During the year you may take several trips abroad. This placement suggests getting in touch with higher truths and ideologies. You may suddenly develop an interest in politics.

10th House: You may come before the public in some manner this year. This is a major placement that can suggest your life goals are ready to be actualized. You may uproot your life or begin a new career.  You may receive a promotion; your career and over all life path/direction are of importance over the coming year.

11th House: Friendships are the focal point of the year. The 11t house is traditionally known as the house of “hopes and wishes” you may begin to plant the seeds of desires you wish to see reach fruition over the coming year. Your social life will be very active. This is a great time for working with any group towards socio-political change. You may also join New Moon circles or any group related activity.

12th House: Sleep will likely be disrupted as you spend time facing emotions that were once hidden from your psyche. You wish to spend some time alone working on yourself behind the scenes or just in quiet contemplation. Meditation, sleep journaling and spiritual retreats may spark your interest now

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