Leo on the Cusp

On the Cusp of each house is a zodiac sign, this sign infuses the house with that energy

Leo on the cusp will infuse the house with creativity and ego identification.  It is not often written but Leo is a governed by the Sun and is a sign that is strongly identified with the ego. I do not mean this in a shady way, a healthy ego is important; it assists us with accomplishing goals, having standards and setting the tone for how others treat us. We do want to watch out for negative ego in the house that holds Leo on the cusp-when things are NOT going well we may feel bruised and unworthy, we also may be self-driven in this area, use it as a means to self-identify or attract self-consumed types.

Leo is ruled by the Sun

When Leo is on the Cusp this makes Sun the house ruler; look to see where the Sun is placed via house and sign for additional insights.

Leo on the 1st house cusp: Great posture sometimes has big hair and a commanding presence when they walk into a room they gets noticed. A warm disposition and a big personality is likely.. They can be great leaders and naturally take charge. Leo Rising can suggest someone confident, grand and flashy in dress or persona. Naturally we have to consider the entire chart and the aspects to the natal sun are of particular importance.

Leo on the 2nd house cusp: May strongly identify with having and obtaining financial and emotional security. With this placement a person can feel bad about themselves if things are not going well finically. The identity may be linked to materialism. It is important to recognize you are not your things. Is likely generous and spends money freely/extravagantly ; has to watch out for the tendency to try to keep up with others.

Leo on the 3rd house cusp: May love to socialize and flutter about. Self expression and creativity comes in the form of communication; public speaking, writing etc. May have a close relationship with siblings. As always it depends on the entire chart. May feel energized when taking classes and taking short distance trips.

Leo on the 4th house cusp: May be the center of attention at home. While Leo is an outgoing sign when the Sun is linked to the 4th house it can indicate a person that is very private. When looking at the family environment a lot of factors must be considered. This placement can suggest a Mother figure that also took on the role of the father, the child being the star of the show with in the family or a Mother figure that was self important. The entire chart must be evaluated. One thing is certain this person has parts of them that are hidden away.

Leo on the 5th house cusp: This is the best place for Leo to be placed. The person shines creatively. They may have an affinity for children or be deeply in touch with their inner child. With Leo on the 5th house cusp a person must be aware of allowing ego blows to influence them greatly particularly when they are faced with unrequited love or a game of competition where they are on the losing end. This placement wants to be the winner; they want to be King or Queen. Warm and outgoing; this suggests risk taking and larger than life persona unless Saturn is in the 5th or connected to the Sun.

Leo on the 6th house cusp: The 6th house is linked to Virgo naturally with the Sun here a person feels good when being useful and productive. They enjoy working out, following routines and having a sense of organization unless Uranus is connected to the Sun or 6th house in some capacity. Leo on the 6th house Cusp should select a work environment where they feel valued, where they have a certain level of consistency and feel they can offer others help or assistance.

Leo on the 7th house cusp: For the longest time I could not understand why I was drawn toward Narcissistic types; this is my placement. The partner is King/Queen here; the partner is the Star or the Showman/Show woman. The 7th house is linked to what we seek in a mate; when the Sun is linked to the 7th house we have to be aware of making others the center of our world. Our ego is somehow linked to the “other” the 7th house is the house of “others” in a grand scope; as well as business and personal partnerships. We can suffer deeply when we feel undervalued and unappreciated. They key is recognizing our own worth! A healthy relationship is where we both shine. This placement can suffer major ego blows and distortions when love is unreciprocated or relationships end.

Leo on the 8th house cusp: You may experience many ego deaths and transformations in this lifetime. You shine a light on dark sides of people psyches. You may do well in handling other people’s finances. You have to watch out for self destructive tendencies. Sex and power are important to you.

Leo on the 9th house cusp: The nomad, the wanderer; values freedom. Strong ego identification with political and religious beliefs. Loves to travel and have a sense of freedom.

Leo on the 10th house cusp: Driven towards success; wants to be someone. May run a company or be the boss. You want to achieve something special in life and you often command respect. The ego can be linked to how others see you as well as your ability to advance career wise. Recognize that not everyone will like you and that is ok. I often find with the 10th house placement a person is driven to perform; they do not want to let people down. Robin Williams had this placement. It is ok to not feel like the shining star everyday! You were not put on this earth to perform for others.

Leo on the 11th house cusp: Watch for forming friendships with others where it is all about them. Make sure the give and take is equal. With this placement a person can shine as a part of a group or very well be in charge of a group-this can be personal, professional, political etc.

Leo on the 12th house cusp: May work best behind the scenes. You can see this when someone is self sacrificing and works against their own best interest; sometimes addiction or escapism is an issue. The Father may have passed away or was missing in some capacity; he may have had addiction issues. Parts of yourself are likely hidden from view; you are a person with secrets. Some other manifestations I see are people that work in hospitals, are highly spiritual and/or are involved secret societies.