Planets in the 3rd House in Astrology

The 3rd house is naturally ruled by Gemini and is traditionally associated with early education, short distance travel, siblings, our immediate environment, learning, and communication.  The sign on the cusp and the planets inside offer insights into our communicative abilities as well as our thirst for learning and travel.

Dane Rudhyar writes in his book The Astrological Houses the Spectrum of Individual Experience; “The third house, refers not only to the nature of the environment and to the persons who act within it-close relatives etc but to the development of intelligence……

Paul Wade states in Be Your Own Astrologer “the 3rd house indicates your logical mind, conscious thought process your speech how you write and other forms of communication. It has a strong link with education, your siblings and with your community involvement”

Please note when doing an interpretation we always consider the entire chart; that includes aspects to the planets. Also a house is never empty; you always have a sign on the cusp. Every house has a ruling planet if you follow the ruling planet you will find additional insights.

Sun in the 3rd house takes on Gemini like traits.  The Sun in the 3rd house may feel restored when traveling, can always be on the move, they are fast and versatile with a thirst for knowledge. The 3rd house Sun is naturally curious, may be a good teacher and lifelong student. They may be close to siblings-unless Chiron is also in the 3rd house or other mitigating factors exist. Interesting and intelligent; the 3rd house person may be a wealth of information.

Some famous people with Sun in the 3rd house: Drake, Jay Z, Russell Crowe, Bono, Sting, Denzel Washington, Zoe Kravitz and Michael Bolton

Moon in the 3rd house this person can be quite talkative. Problems are emotionally intellectualized. These people want the why, what, where and when. They may change their mind quite a bit and find it hard to feel settled. When we have the Moon linked to Mercury we want to make sure we are not allowing emotions to flood our reasoning abilities or relying too heavily on reason and closing off our emotions. Always on the go; unless something else is going on in the chart this person is quite sociable and needs to travel and feel free to move about.

Some famous people with Moon in the 3rd house: Elvis, Heath Ledger, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jim Morrison, Jack Nicholson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Gerard Butler, and Winona Ryder

Mercury in the 3rd house establishes dignity; it is at home in the 3rd house and regardless of sign it will take on Mercury in Gemini like vibe. This is a person that is talkative, curious, interesting and may do well with all things involving communication and writing. Lack of concentration may be an issue. This placement can suggest you possess knowledge on a variety of subjects but not necessarily the depth of any subject.

Some famous people with Mercury in the 3rd house: Jim Carrey, Jessica Biel, Walt Disney, Jhene, JFK Jr. , Zoe Kravitz, Joan Rivers and Phil Collins.

Venus in the 3rd house is charming and intellectual. This placement has a love of words and may enjoy taking classes, short trips, reading and engaging in intellectual pursuits. May have literary gifts. The love life can be scattered. I have this placement and I always feel my motto is: Tell me something I haven’t heard and take me some place I haven’t been. For us love starts in the mind. It can also be difficult to fully settle down. This placement regardless of sign takes in a Venus in Gemini energy; the social butterfly, fluttering and floating about. This placement can also suggest a good relationship with siblings or a close connection with sisters since Venus is the feminine principle. Naturally we always have to look the entire chart.

 Some famous people with Venus in the 3rd house: Lindsay Lohan, Nikola Tesla, Stephen King, Frank Sinatra, Stevie Nicks, Tiger Woods, Nicole Richie and Azelia Banks

Mars in the 3rd house is scattered. This placement can be the Jack/Jill of all trades and master of none. Mars in the 3rd house walks fast, talks fast and drives fast. They may suffer from road rage. This placement is known to be abrupt in speech and argumentative. This can also suggest fights with neighbors and those in the community. This shows a fast mind, one that never shuts off. They can benefit from meditation.

Some famous people with Mars in the 3rd house: Miley Cyrus, Penelope Cruz, Halle Berry, Nadel, George Michael, Bruce Springsteen, Bill Maher and Tyler Perry

Jupiter in the 3rd house tends to talk a lot and on the negative end may seem like a know it all and/or be long winded. The person with Jupiter in the 3rd house is likely open minded and intelligent; good luck comes via siblings, intellectual capabilities and travel. I like this placement it suggests you may be a glass half full person and lean towards optimism.

Some famous people with Jupiter in the 3rd house: Uma Thurman, Zac Efron, Gordon Ramsey, Dwayne Johnson, Betty White, Ernest Hemingway, G-Easy and Wendy Williams

I honestly find Saturn in the 3rd house to show up in a variety of ways from difficulties in early education to those that excelled and took school seriously. This placement can also show up as people that are realistic and also those that are melancholic and pessimistic. For communication style I would really need to examine the entire chart. Can suggest a rigid way of thinking and lack of compromising abilities; but can also suggest a person that speaks in a structured and serious manner.

Some famous people with Saturn in the 3rd house: Steve Jobs,  Tom Hanks, Mia Farrow, Jenna Elfman,  Annie Lennox, Christopher Reeve, Ashley Benson and Liza Minnelli,

Uranus in the 3rd house may have had disruptions in early education. The communication style may be erratic and others likely find it difficult to keep up with or follow the train of thought of the person with the Uranus in the 3rd. The mind is innovative and open. A free thinker! Follow your intuition; sudden insights and ah-ha moments can positively change your life.

Some famous people with Uranus in the 3rd house: Albert Einstein, Warren Buffett,  Jane Fonda,  Tim Burton,  Jaden Smith, Stephen Arroyo, Christina Ricci and Lisa Bonet

Neptune in the 3rd house is very imaginative. This is the poetic and creative mind. This is my number one placement for feeling being misunderstood.  This person often intuits conversations and may A. may not pick up on the correct undercurrent of a conversation B. expects other people to intuit what they feel and mean. It is essential that if you have this placement you clearly articulate what you need and want. Communication can lack direction and seem aimless. If you have an important talk planned I suggest writing it down and compartmentalizing your thoughts prior.

Pluto in the 3rd house deep thoughts can communicate in a manner that borders on interrogation. This person may observe more than they speak and when they do talk it is with deliberate intent.  This is not the placement for superficial chit chat. Life can be transformed through your relationship with siblings; perhaps even the death of one. You can find profound experiences in your immediate environment. May be distrustful and tends to read non verbal cues. This person can have a powerful influence when communicating to masses of people.

Some famous people with Pluto in the 3rd house: Martin Luther King, Drake, Carl Jung,  Vanessa Hudgens, Bella Hadid, Henry VIII, Louis Armstrong and Marianne Williamson