Scorpio on the Cusp

On the Cusp of each house is a zodiac sign, this sign infuses the house with that energy

Scorpio on the cusp with infuse the house with intensity, power and the transformation.

Scorpio on the cusp shows where we likely experience our deepest transformations. It can also show where we likely have power struggles and wrestle with issues involving control. Scorpio can also show where are obsessive and acting out of our unconscious drives.

I use Pluto as the ruler of Scorpio but the traditional ruler is Mars and the modern ruler is Pluto

When Scorpio is on the Cusp this makes Pluto (or Mars as a co-ruler) the house ruler; look to see where Pluto is placed via house and sign for additional insights.

Scorpio on the 1st house cusp: the penetrating gaze and deep stare give them away; they exude an intensity that may make others uncomfortable. People usually have strong reactions to Scorpio on the rise; love or hate but rarely if ever indifference. With this placement a persons will is strong. They are in the top 3 for adorning a poker face; never revealing their hand. The physical appearance may go through many transformations in this lifetime.

Scorpio on the 2nd house cusp: This can suggest financial transformations; sweeping gains and losses. Watch for power plays involving assets. Pluto is the Greek God of Wealth so we always have to consider the entire chart when considering finances, but large earning power may be present when Pluto is linked to the 2nd house.  Also, the 2nd house is linked to values this can suggest your values in this lifetime will undergo many shits and changes.

Scorpio on the 3rd house cusp: The intense communicator; light and fluffy conversation may be like a slow death to you. This placement indicates a person that is profound in thought. It may be hard to pry you open even though you likely ask others a lot of probing questions. Transformation comes through your siblings and in your daily environment. You may find the meaning in everyday existence.

Scorpio on the 4th house cusp: Often with this placement secrets exist in the early home environment a lot was not spoken or out on the table. Sometimes this person has a Mother that was quite literally a Scorpio. This can also show power struggles within the home; on the more shadowy end it can signify abuse. I have also seen this in charts where people are bound to their family in an intense way.

Scorpio on the 5th house cusp: Strong sexual energy; you magnetize others to you. Can suggest an intense personality, my way or the highway. I have also seen this placement in those that play professional or college sports. Relationship with children can be intense and also combative at times marred by power struggles. Sometimes the child is a Scorpio or has other Scorpio or 8th house placements.

Scorpio on the 6th house cusp: I would not rule out working in 8th house fields; medical, other peoples finances, insurance, occult and investigations. This placement can suggest power struggles at work as well. Watch for being a work-aholic wherever Scorpio is placed in the Natal Chart we over tend to over do things. Also watch for fad diets and obsessions with food and other health regimens.

Scorpio on the 7th house cusp: Power struggles in partnerships. You transform through your relationships with other people. This can suggest attracting partners that are on the darker end of existence; remember Pluto is Lord of the Underworld and the 7th house is the house of partnerships. This can suggest marrying or forming relationships where sexual chemistry and financial security take center stage.  You are looking for intensity; this placement makes me think of the quote “Love isn’t measured in years it is measured in transformation”.

Scorpio on the 8th house cusp: Scorpio is at home in the 8th house; you may be a natural psychologist and be drawn to investigate the darker sides of human existence. You may have an affinity for the occult and life’s other hidden mysteries. With Scorpio here you will likely go through many transformations in life; with each crisis you overcome you reemerge a new and truer version of yourself. Your greatest growth comes though other people’s finances, deaths of those around you` as well as sexual connections with others.

Scorpio on the 9th house cusp: You may immerse yourself deeply in other cultures, philosophical and political beliefs. With the 9th house governing publishing you may write about various 8 house subjects: death, sex and the paranormal. With this placement you have to watch for clinging to your own beliefs so much you aren’t open to varying perspectives just because you may know the depth of a subject does not mean different view points do not exist. Intense belief systems, all or nothing mindsets are indicated with this placement. You transform when traveling to other countries.

Scorpio on the 10th house cusp: Your career and reputation may die and be reborn; your transformational process may be on display for the world to see. You may have a career in politics, law or any other career path where holding a position of power is required. Others may see you as a powerful and commanding person. You are intense in your drive to get ahead. The Father figure may have been an intense person; one that commanded respect, or he may have been a shady character. Because Scorpio is associated with all or nothing people may see you as someone they love, or they loathe you rarely inspire indifference with Scorpio ruling the Midheaven. Power plays and battles are likely on the career front no matter what position you hold.

Scorpio on the 11th house cusp: Transformation comes through groups of people these can be peer groups or associations that work towards some sort of socioeconomic change for the betterment of society. With this placement be aware of any fanatical/ cult like groups. Friendships can have heavy ties and perhaps shared secrets. Powerful associations and alliances may exist. You may be a powerful influence within your peer group or be easily influenced by power dominant people.

Scorpio on the 12th house cusp: Be aware of giving away your power to others or allowing others to have power over you. Be aware of suppressing emotions that are uncomfortable to deal with.  Because the 12th house is home to self-undoing and Scorpio is associated with power you may have to face issues surrounding your own feelings of helplessness. You may work with occult matters behind the scenes in private. Scorpio on the 12th when not repressed can show deep psychoanalysis,  profound interest in spirituality, dream analysis and past lives.