Planets in the 4th House in Astrology

The 4th house is naturally ruled by Cancer and is associated with our Mother, our early home environment, family, real-estate and our inner most world. It is not often discussed but the 4th house is connected to our deepest most private self. The 4th house lays opposite the 10th house which is associated with our Father, career and public persona/perception. The 10th house is seen by everyone whereas the 4th house is not seen at all.  The sign on the cusp and the planets inside offer insights into our early home environment, relationship with the mother and the way we connect with ourselves.

Dane Rudhyar writes in his book The Astrological Houses the Spectrum of Individual Experience; “The fourth house can be said therefor, to refer to the basic psychic function which Carl Jung called feeling”

Paul Wade states in Be Your Own Astrologer “fourth house shows your home both during childhood and in later life”

Please note when doing an interpretation, we always consider the entire chart; that includes aspects to the planets. Also, a house is never empty; you always have a sign on the cusp. Every house has a ruling planet if you follow the ruling planet you will find additional insights.

Sun in the 4th house takes on Cancer Sun like traits; a lot of you may go unseen. The 4th house rules the Midnight hour. You may hide parts of yourself away; regardless of the zodiac sign the Sun is placed in you may hide beneath a tough outer shell similar to that of the hard-shell crab. The Sun in the 4th may be a slow warm up; you likely shine in private and are slow with allowing others to get close. This person may long for a family. I have known 4th house Suns that did not have a close family and created their own later in life. If you have had a challenging relationship with your parents, you want to make sure you do the work to not allow that relationship define who you are as an individual.

Some famous people with Sun in the 4th house: Jennifer Aniston, Harry Styles, Julia Roberts, Bill Maher, Jane Austen, Jon Benet Ramsey, Michael J Fox and Jessica Chastain

Moon in the 4th house is said to be dignified however I know a lot of people that have Moon in the 4th house or in Cancer that have issues with the Mother figure so the entire chart must strongly be considered including the Moons sign, house placement, aspects to the Moon and aspects to the ruler of the 4th house. As a standalone the Moon in the 4th house needs some level of security and a home to retreat too. The Moon in the 4th house is intuitive and emotional. This also suggest strong ties to ancestry or Mother figure for better or worse

Some famous people with Moon in the 4th house: Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Robin Williams, Sting, Dakota Fanning and Tyler the Creator

Mercury in the 4th house can often feel uneasy emotionally perhaps the early home life was changeable or transient. Mercury in the 4th may feel an inner restlessness and may move often or perhaps they may have moved frequently as a small child. This placement of Mercury may discuss the Mother often and have an excellent memory. As with the Moon in Gemini watch for the tendency to intellectualize feelings or on the other end of the spectrum allowing feelings to override reason capabilities

Some famous people with Mercury in the 4th house: Tina Turner, Bon Jovi, Marcel Proust, Annie Lennox, Janelle Monae, Chelsea Clinton, Katie Couric and Stedman Graham

Venus in the 4th house may really enjoy being at home, a beautiful home may be of paramount importance ; may also want to marry someone that fits in with your family. This placement can also suggest a sense of appreciation for your family. As always, we have to consider all aspects of the chart when it comes to evaluating family/paternal dynamics. This can infuse someone with an inner sense of harmony or a desire to have peace and harmony within a family unit if Mars does not make an aspect to the Ascendant or the 4th house cusp or ruler.

Some famous people with Venus in the 4th house: Ariana Grande, Amy Winehouse, Charles Prince of Wales, Vanessa Hudgens, JFK Jr, Diana Ross, Kamala Harris and Nick Cannon

Mars in the 4th house can show someone that has repressed rage and hostility; it may not be fully directed outward or even acknowledged. This placement at worst can show a family or home environment that contained violence and aggression on the lighter end this can show a person that works from home or someone that always has some home project going on. If Mars also squares the Ascendant and descendant others will often see you are angry even when you are not; this placement can also make for combative interpersonal partnerships. I have also seen placement in those that have grown up in military families or went to military schools early in life-meaning they lived there. This also shows a person that is very protective over their family.

Some famous people with Mars in the 4th house: Faye Dunaway, Ted Bundy, Gerard Butler, Steven Segal, Shannen Doherty, G-Easy, George Carlin and Megan Thee Stallion

It is always written that those of us that have Jupiter in the 4th house have grown up in very large homes and come from aristocratic backgrounds. Jupiter is the planet of good luck and expansion and here we are said to benefit from good breeding and good fortune with real estate investments.  Having this placement natal I can say this is not how it manifested for me; I often say the streets raised me. I was often on my own with very little supervision. Jupiter is associated with Sagittarius and Sagittarius governs travel, horses and wide-open spaces. I would say I was given a wide birth in the self-exploration department. This has come to be one of my favorite personal placements with the 4th house governing your inner most life Jupiter placed in the 4th when not harshly aspected by Saturn bestows us the gift of inner optimism and an inner wealth that no matter how difficult circumstances may be we believe in better tomorrows.

Saturn in the 4th house takes on a similar energy to Capricorn Moon here the emotional nature is repressed. The early home life or the Mother figure may have been cold or strict and in adulthood the person may experience separation from self and from family. I find this to be one of the more challenging natal aspects to live out. Saturn in the Natal Chart shows us where we are working off past life karma when placed in the 4th this karma is linked to our family but also our own inner most private world. The Saturn in the 4th house person may have repressed feelings of unworthiness or false beliefs that life is meant to be hard, that they are unlovable/inadequate or that family is somehow a burden. The person here needs to cultivate an inner optimism that is not naturally present unless the Moon indicates otherwise. This individual needs to acknowledge their emotions and ask for help when needed instead of recreating the reality that no one can help you or accept you and that life was meant to be burdensome.

Some famous people with Mars in the 4th house: Anaïs Nin, Cary Grant, Marilyn Monroe, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Hayden Panettiere, Ava Gardner, Ernest Hemingway and Judy Garland

Uranus in the 4t house can show a person that has moved around a lot or that feels an inner restlessness. Sometimes the Mother figure was cold and detached and other times the child may have been shuffled around to different homes. Almost every classical text book writes that Uranus in the 4th house had an unusual upbringing but I have to say it is more often that my clients with this placement are the black sheep of the family they are the ones that somehow do not fit in with the rest of the family members, they are the one that stand out from the crowd. No matter how it outwardly manifests this is often the marker for a person that needs to feel free and may make sudden and unexpected sweeping life changes. If Uranus aspects the Midheaven they may experience many career changes if it aspects the Ascendant/Descendant they may have inconsistent relationships, open connections or long distance relationships.

Some famous people with Uranus in the 4th house: Miranda Lambert, Angelina Jolie, David Bowie, Elizabeth Taylor, Tyra Banks, Kirsten Dunst, Zoe Saldana and Nicole Richie

Neptune in the 4th house can show addiction, artistry or spirituality was apart of the upbringing. This placement can also show sorrow or some sort of vagueness surrounding the Mother figure. Neptune can show where we are idealistic so this can show someone that glosses over what was actually occurring in their family environment. The native may also have some confusion about who they are and what their place in the world is. You may be religious, spiritual and possess a creative talent. You may feel parts of you are dissolving and you are not sure who you are or where you will end up next.

Some famous people with Neptune in the 4th house: Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr, Marilyn Manson, Jeff Buckley, Farrah Fawcett, Chelsea Handler, Jessica Lange and last but not least Brittany Murphy * I always find it interesting that she has Neptune in the 4th since the 4th house governs the beginning of life and the end of life; with Neptune placed in the 4th it is a testament of the suspicious circumstances surrounding her untimely death.

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Pluto in the 4th house may have had an abusive upbringing, a lot may have gone unsaid and the child had to intuit what was actually occurring this can create an environment where the child felt unsafe or like they were walking on egg shells. The Mother figure may have been controlling and the relationship between Mother child may be close but not entirely healthy. Family bonds in general may be tight and sown together by unconscious drives and desires. Pluto in the 4th can suggest you need to be in control this includes controlling the family environment. You likely have family secrets and secrets of your own that are buried and never discussed.

Some famous people with Pluto in the 4th house: Scott F Fitzgerald, Drew Barrymore, Charles Manson, Rita Ora, Liza Minnelli, Joe Pesci, Tonya Harding and Matthew Mcconaughey

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