The Astrology of The Blacklist Ray Reddington

I love when television shows assign fictional birthdates to a character.

Emily Thorne from the show Revenge was assigned a Cancer Sun. I always say no one does revenge like a water sign.

The psychologically complex and shadowy Frank Underwood from House of Cards was naturally assigned the sign of Scorpio. Ruler: Pluto Lord of the Underworld

You can read more about his astrology here:

While I think The Wire was one of the greatest shows of all time I have not watched it in years and have forgotten a lot of the details with that being said Stringer Bell was a Virgo.

Now we get to The Blacklists; Raymond Reddington they actually kept the actual birthdate of James Spader and I thought to myself this really fits.

****Disclaimer I know Ray Reddington is said to have sociopathic tendencies I am in no way saying these aspects indicate psychopathy. I personally do not believe we can diagnose a personality disorder from a natal chart however we can see how some of his personality traits link back to his birth chart.

The first thing I noticed was his lack of water in my experience this often manifests as one or two ways someone that is overly emotional or someone that is cut off from the feeling aspect.

Here are some notes I have about those that lack the element of water in the Natal Chart

I apologize I do not know who said these; when I find out I will credit person

“Manifests as a wide range of psychological, emotional and physical problems”

“Are dry, disconnected, out of touch with how you really feel, inability to commit, feel numb and are disconnected”

“In extreme cases one finds cold, aloof and callous people with this imbalance and have difficulty entering into the feelings of others with empathy and compassion”

The next thing I noticed is with him being water deficient this places Neptune as a singleton. When a planet is a singleton it places a lot of focus on that energy or area. I remember seeing the chart of Drew Peterson that killed multiple wives; well, he had Pluto as a singleton. That puts a lot of focus on Plutonian themes of death, control, and power dynamics.

With Neptune being in Reddington’s 2nd house I began to wonder how did Ray acquire his wealth. In typical Neptune fashion it isn’t abundantly clear to me with the ruler of the 7th (Neptune/Pisces) placed in the 2nd I gather it comes from his nefarious dealings with others (7th house). At one point he has his money stolen; when Neptune is placed in the 2nd or 8th one should take extra care of their finances.

Neptune as a singleton adds to the magician like quality he just seems to be everywhere and yet he is nowhere. Neptune governs things we do not see. It also rules secrets, prisons, spies, escapism, con artists and a slew of other attributes we could assign to Ray.  I just finished Season 8 Episode 1 where Elizabeth had an entire dialog with someone about not really knowing who he is. Is he bad? Is he good? Neptune is the sinner or the saint, an enigma really.

His exact manner of speech and his neat/perfected appearance we can attribute to his Virgo Rising. Virgo placements can be searing and cut right to the bottom line. His chart ruler (Mercury) is placed in the 6th house lending his Mercury in Aquarius a Mercury in Virgo like energy. This is one of my favorite placements for Mercury it is exacting, cool and to the point when not afflicted.

In typical Aquarius Sun fashion he does not apologize for who he is.

In typical Aquarius fashion he loves being right.

Aquarius Keywords: I know

If I am honest the character of Reddington lacks the depth or complexity I look for; that darkness that was evident in Frank Underwood, Emily Thorne or Patty in Damages (she was a Pisces no birthdate)

I attribute that to the fact he does not have a heavy Pluto/Scorpio/8th house or water influence. As I said in the beginning of this post no one does revenge quite like a water sign. He is double air (Sun and Moon) and predominant earth this isn’t a fire/watery persona that responds impulsively, He is deliberate and analytical.

He will never show his hand; ruler of the 3rd (Pluto/Scorpio) is placed in the 12th and he does have that wide Pluto opposite Mercury aspect.

What we do know is he will do anything for his daughter!

That stems from his 5th house Sun; I have this placement and know it well. The 5th house governs the children we birth; it also governs love affairs’. A lot of our identity can be wrapped up in those who we care about. Which is certainty the case for him with Elizabeth.

I know King Edward VIII has a sorted history but he possessed a 5th house Sun and abdicated the throne to be with Wallis Simpson = that is the 5th house Suns for you. We will do whatever it takes for those that we love