MGK and Megan Fox Synastry

I had several requests to look at the astrology of Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox. I am not abundantly familiar with either, just FYI. I did not like the timing of the engagement. Venus retrograde engagements are often seen when a couple has been together forever and finally decide to get married.  I personally do not think they bode well for long lasting marriages.  I also do not like that he has the progressed Moon going through his 12th house this is usually a period of endings. With all that being said let’s take a look at the charts

MGK Natal Chart

Machine Gun Kelly has Sagittarius on the Descendant which can suggest he likes a certain level of freedom in partnerships and intelligence is important. He has a wide Venus Moon conjunction in Pisces this can suggest he is looking for a Neptunian Dream in a partner. I think we can agree that Megan probably fits the bill. These placements also suggest he may experience many disappointments in love – he may have to learn many times over all that glitters isn’t gold. His Venus and Moon are nicely aspected which is great.

BTW he has stated in an interview “It’s no secret I think feet are beautiful and Megan has the most beautiful feet that exist”

Pisces rules feet in astrology and Venus governs what we value.

*2023- 2025 when Saturn enters Pisces is going to be a big testing period for this couple as Saturn will make harsh aspects to his Venus, Moon and Descendant.

For those that are curious I did not see engagement in his transits.

He does however have a Venus return within his upcoming Solar Return –I keep seeing this in the charts of people getting married as of late.     

Megan Fox Natal Chart

Megan Fox has a Taurus Sun this suggests she is looking for a man that has Taurian like traits. MGK is a Taurus so that is easy- it does not always work this neatly and I am not personally a fan of same sign coupling.  Her descendant is in Cancer which suggests she likes or attracts a man that is watery-emotional. MGK fits the bill his Sun is in the 12th house a house naturally ruled by Pisces and he has 5 planets in Water signs. (It’s worth noting her ex husband Brian Austin Green was a Cancer Sun they have some very interesting synastry-His Sun Falls in her 7th and his Moon falls in her 1st).

In Megan’s chart she has Venus opposite Uranus this can suggest someone that runs hot and cold or has open relationships or prefers long distance connections. Sometimes this can suggest someone that has fears of intimacy. I do not know anything about her so you are welcome to fill in the blanks here.

In terms of her being engaged she has transiting Saturn opposing the ruler of the 7th house; Saturn is opposing her Moon – this can suggest a make or break period for most couples or a testing period. Are we leveling up? What are we doing?

In her upcoming Solar Return she has the potential for marriage with the Midheaven conjoining her Descendant. This is common when people marry-but I would not have jumped to that immediately. It can also mean other things.

It is worth noting Transiting Neptune began squaring her natal Venus in 2021 and will continue to do so until early 2023. This is my number 1 transit for cautioning people about jumping into marriage. We see the person through rose colored glasses. We may have codependency issues or get involved in victim/savior connections. This transit is probably the reason she stated they are twin flames. When the veil of Neptune is lifted it can be brutal. I do believe the person we connect with can be a soul mate but soul-mate does not equal healthy life partner.

Her Venus is in Gemini which will also be influenced by Saturn in Pisces so again as I mentioned above 2023-2025 look like some tests may be headed the couple’s way if they make it that far.


Twin Flames – uh no


I am sorry it is a no go from an astrological perspective on them being Twin Flames if you subscribe to that sort of thing. Twin Flames are the realm of Neptune. Neptune governs transcendence, Universal Law of One, Neptune rules unconditional love and while they have some Neptune contacts meh- they do not have enough nor do they even have a Neptune/Venus contact-if these birthdates are authentic –this is no way a Twin Flame union.


Now here is where we find the great sex and drinking one another’s blood.

Didn’t he sing My Bloody Valentine ? That’s all Pluto!

I am sure the intensity is on a solid 9. I would not expect anything less with Pluto in synastry.

I have to say they don’t have a Pluto/Venus tie though.

They both claim to have had an instant connection and I do believe that. His Pluto Opposes her Sun and Squares her Moon and her Pluto opposes his Sun. Pluto always has this come hither whisper. The draw is unconscious and it can pull you in. This quote from the movie Comet always reminds me of Pluto contacts in synastry.

Pluto synastry is intense particularly Pluto/Moon you keep digging and digging wanting to experience everything on the deepest level. This is both parties-do not believe astrologers that tell you it only goes one way. I find these aspects can swing from person to the other. Pluto governs obsession, power and intensity. This is what this connection is built on. They will have to watch out for power plays and emotionally destroying one another or destroying themselves in the process of being with one another

Megan Fox has said about MGK “Loving him is like being in love with a tsunami or a forest fire, the intensity of merging with him is overwhelming”

Pluto in astrology governs natural disasters-earth quakes- tsunamis and hurricanes etc. As I stated it governs destruction so it needs to be handled with care.

Some Concerns

He is the softer of the two and I honestly think she may be the one to break his heart in the end. Her Uranus squares his Venus this can sometimes suggest she is a runner on some level or she pulls away when he needs her or somehow the relationship turns out to be not as stable as he would like.  He should have a prenup-although the internet states they are roughly worth the same her Venus conjoins his Jupiter this is great for affection and forgiveness but this also suggests she benefits from him financially.

Some Karmic Ties

His Saturn squares her Nodes this can suggest they have some past life history and do feel bound in this life- it may be hard to separate. His Sun conjoins her North Node so regardless of outcomes here they are important to one another from a soul development perspective.  Her Moon conjoins his South Node this is a past life tie that also suggests maybe she was his Mother in a previous incarnation.  Regardless they go back lifetimes.

His Saturn conjoins her Ascendant and her Saturn conjoins his Descendant this is probably why the relationship became serious pretty fast

Mercury Conjunct Mercury

I love when you have nice mercury ties with another person; you just get each other mentally which is so important.

Overall it’s missing something when I look at the charts. The driver is Pluto unconscious, primal and intense. I love Pluto he is my favorite planet but to quote an instructor of mine: You can’t set up a house with Pluto Danielle; you can only live with that amount of intensity for so long.

Let’s see how it goes.