The Astrology of Beth Dutton

I have been binge watching Yellowstone ;Season 5 Episode 3 is what prompted me to write this.  That is the episode where Beth gets into a fight with a woman hitting on RIP in bar. I would be lying if I said I didn’t see myself there for a moment – What sign is Beth? Isn’t that what we always ask ourselves as Astrologers? The actress that plays her; Kelly Reilly is a Cancer Sun born July 18, 1977 and what do you know Beth Dutton is a Cancer born July 18, 1984-no time- I love when fictional characters get birthdays and I love even more when they match the part they are playing.  Water signs can always add a little razzle-dazzle to any series. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast has four women born under the astrological sign of Cancer for a reason.

Ahh Beth Dutton how could she not be a Cancer ? We lead the way in crimes of passion-we are fiercely protective over those we love.  The issue with Cancers more so than anything else is we are cardinal water – so we take action based on how we feel unlike our Air Cardinal counter parts that let intellect govern them or Aries that take inspired action or Capricorn that plays calculated games of chess toward goals and achievement . But Cancer we feel it and we are off to the races.

Cancer is a sign that is heavily identified with the mother in astrology-for better or worse. Beth’s Mother died during a horse riding accident when she was still just a child. Beth’s Cancer Sun is squared by Lord of the Underworld -Pluto -this speaks of the father being a shadowy figure- sometimes powerful, other times a criminal, often a loner in many respects…in walks John Dutton. When a person is born with Pluto on the Sun the person can have a very lone wolf like energy about them; they never let anyone get to close and are often careful about who they trust. When the Sun meets up with Pluto in the natal chart the father almost always has a profound impact on the child. Those of us with Pluto on our Sun will face many deaths in these lifetime-sometimes physical and other times metaphorical. Did I mention Pluto also governs natural disasters?

You can read more about Pluto in the Natal Chart here.

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Beth’s Moon can either be in Aries or Pisces the Moon changed signs that day and honestly I could make a case for either. Aries Moon can explain why she has hair trigger responses but whether her Moon is in Pisces or the sign of the ram –it is squared by Neptune which speaks of her alcoholism and sorrow surrounding the loss of her Mother.  I am leaning toward Aries due to her independency and temper. Also Beth’s Mother Evelyn was herself an Aries Born March 30th. The Moon in the Natal Chart represents the Mother among other things and sometimes astrology is quite literal. In this case I believe it is and I have to say I love when that happens.

We can see Mrs Duttons sadness; she wears it like a cloak; this is a woman that looks like she has been carrying around grief for lifetimes. She drinks, she smokes and she wears a heaviness even when laughing or hitting people with one line zingers-there is a lost quality sown right into her character. That right there is Neptune/Moon.  One of my favorite Astrologers (also a Cancer) Adrian Ross Duncan writes about Moon/Neptune individuals have their own private lake of sorrow”.

Mrs. Beth Dutton has Venus square Saturn – and at the end of the day Beth is a boss bitch – if she was not involved with the Ranch that is who she would be out in the world – a no nonsense business woman/boss bitch. I have mentioned before in various posts that Saturn in hard aspect to Venus is often an aspect you see in the charts of many successful individuals. Usually some sorrow exists around the personal life so the energy is easier channeled into the arena of career. Beth has many sorrows –as my Mother once told me “Happy people aren’t alcoholics”. Venus/Saturn aspects can often show up in the charts of those that marry “later in life”. It is not the easiest aspect to live out but then again none of the major aspects in her chart are. If her chart were easy she would be simplistic and she is not -she is layered and interesting, complicated while also self destructive and at times abrasive. Venus/Saturn often comes equipped with fears of intimacy and limiting beliefs around love and commitment. It is a melancholic aspect that has a trail of life disappointments behind it. Isn’t that one of the things that binds her to Rip? Shared sorrow.

*Rip does not know his birthday Beth gave him 9/28 which makes him a Libra Sun and although I am personally conflicted about this particular date I am open to him being a Libra. The way he is easy going and gentle; Rip allows Beth to do her own thing – in a way only an air sign could. People often underestimate Libra’s due to their seemingly passive nature but we have to remember they are still a cardinal sign. They are calculating and intelligent and often referred to as the iron fist in a white glove. We shouldn’t let the shiny veneer fool us This is a man who has seen things, done things and been things.

Beth also has Venus square Pluto –it can be self destructive and all consuming. I think this quote pretty much sums up the aspect.

Let’s see what next season brings