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Aries Moon Women AKA Warrior Queens

This week I have been on a Showtime The Wire Binge; I fell in love with Snoop a female enforcer for the head drug dealer Marlo. She kills people with ease and does so quite regularly. While I don’t condone unnecessary violence ( I do close an eye at vigilante justice; pedophiles, rapists, George Zimmerman etc)  It really got me thinking as to why and for the 1st time I realized it must be my Aries Moon.

The Moon in a chart indicates your needs, what you like in a woman, it is a soft place, in a woman’s chart it rules her femininity, our emotions, our instinctual reaction, the manner in which we find comfort, it also represents how both men and women have experienced their own Mother.

Those with Aries Moons are said to have needs that went unmet in childhood. The Mom of Aries Moon children were too busy working most likely to tend to everything a child needed. Aries Moon children often have to do things themselves. I often joke with my boss who is also an Aries Moon about our childhoods.  It wasn’t surprising to learn she took the bus (public transportation) to school since she was 8. Those early years of learning to depend on only ourselves turn us into adults that can lack compromising skills.

Hey that’s why we have Libra Moons 😉

The feminine Moon finds difficulty when placed in the masculine sign of Aries. Aries rules young men, war, guns, battle, independence, force and courage.

The Moon or emotional state isn’t necessarily comfortable in the sign of the ram. This is the most feminine point in the chart placed in the most masculine sign in the zodiac.

Relationships with Aries Moons are usually hot and fiery, argumentative; they thrive in battle. They need that, they need friction and competition, and while we confuse our wants with our needs; we never really “need” anything or anyone. We will never settle for second best; Aries is after all the 1st sign in the zodiac.

I like to think of us as warrior queens. We emotionally go where others wouldn’t dare. And this must be why I like to see women doing things we are ordinarily accustomed to seeing men doing. This is the feminine principal in a masculine sign.  I feel a sense of admiration when women step into the role that is typically thought to be for that of a man. I confess I enjoy Snoop a female contract killer on TV, I like Olivia Benson running shit on Law and Order, my god I cringe when I watch Criminal Intent and the man solves all the crimes. I like seeing sexually liberated women, women that rap, women running a boardroom.

This brought me to look at some famous Aries Moons and I wasn’t a bit surprised that they are some heavy hitters.

Aries Moon Keywords: Independent, enterprising, courageous, trendsetter,  warrior, feisty, bold and pioneering 

Here is a list of my Warrior Queen Moon Maidens

The One and Only Whitney Houston the first woman to have three Albums in Billboards Top 10

whitney houston quote

Lynda Carter AKA Wonder Woman Wonder Woman being one of the first TV Dramas with a female lead

wonder woman

To me Rihanna Embodies an Aries Moon with her phallic purses and her smoking weed and vulgar language her vibe is very I am going to do whatever a man can do.  In typical Aries Moon tradition she was the youngest artist in history to earn 11 Hot 100 #1 Hit

Rihannas Dick Purserihanna smokes weed

Pamela Anderson aside from running marathons, becoming a published author, spending time as an animal rights activist, starring in Barb Wire, she has had more Playboy Covers then anyone else

pamela anderson running marathonpam anderson barb wire

Tyra Banks was the 1st African American woman on the covers of GQ and Sports Illustrated  Swimsuit Issue

tyra banks quotetyra quotestyra banks quotes

Ellen DeGeneres Was the 1st female comedian invited to sit with Johnny Carson on his show and for a lot of people I think she was the first lesbian they ever saw

ellen quotes

Singer Pink fully embodies the spirit of an Aries Moon

pink quotepink quotesPink on bikepink quotes

When I googled Lauren Bacall I received an article entitled “Lauren Bacall was the First Woman in American Movies Who Answered back”

lauren bacall quoteslauren bacall

Anna Wintour

Ann WintourAnna Wintour

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War Machine & Christy Mack: The explosive synastry

War Machine & Christy Mack in happier times
War Machine & Christy Mack in happier times

While glazing over TMZ I came across the story of MMA fighter War Machine and his adult film star ex girlfriend. Allegedly he beat her breaking 18 of her bones, sawed off her hair and knocked out her teeth.

You can read the full story here and see the pictures I will not post as they are very graphic
I am not familiar with either of them but took a moment to review their synastry. Had an astrologer reviewed it, they likely could have very well predicted that domestic abuse would have been a theme in this relationship. Someone recently asked me about Mars and Pluto in aspect in synastry; it is considered the domestic violence aspect Pluto Lord of the Underworld; power and control meeting up with Mars God of War and action via square equals tension, conflict this can’t be good especially when combined with other  “bad” aspects.

No one aspect can be used as a stand alone, I’m in no way suggesting you to look at one aspect in a chart and run for your life. After all a chart comparison with all trines and sextiles will bore you to death! But when you have several I would say 3 or more harsh aspects particularly involving Saturn, Mars, and Pluto; there may be a cause for concern. Aside from Mars square Pluto War Machine and Christy also have Moon opposite Mars; Moon in astrology is your comfort zone, it’s the planet that rules your security, and here is someone’s Mars planet of military ruler of knives and guns opposing your moon; Christy has a sensitive moon in Pisces with War Machines Mars in Virgo opposing her emotional state, this indicates fights that are heightened emotionally, feelings swing high and low, and to be blunt Mars is never sensitive Mars wants what is wants and on her moon; her femininity we see the brute force he allegedly applies to her; chopping her hair, beating her face and the attempted rape.

Each chart individually has a propensity to attract troubling relationships; Christy Mack has Sun in exact opposition to Pluto the sun rules the men in our lives; with the opposition from Pluto she will likely attract dominant men , what is War Machines quote on twitter “I do alpha male shit”. In his chart he has Venus square Pluto this indicates love is all or nothing he has joked in the media prior that he would kill her if they broke up

War Machine joked about killing Christy Mack if they broke up (Video)

When Venus planet of love meets Pluto planet of domination and control; this indicates love is possession. He also has Pluto square Moon indicating his issue with needing to control women, he probably possesses depth of emotion, this like Venus square Pluto is all or nothing in love.

These aspects do not guarantee out right physical abuse but when Pluto is involved there is always this underlying not entirely normal connection; control, stalking and a feeling of needing to win. I often think of Pluto contacts like a chess game, Pluto has patience determination and is always looking to declare checkmate whether it’s via emotional upheaval or psychological warfare.  This is why you often read “Pluto always has the upper hand”

I also want to mention that sometimes two people come together and bring out the worst in one another. I remember I was in an astrology class discussing OJ and Nicole brown Simpson I believe her Uranus energy (unconventional, unorthodox, irregularity) fell in OJ’s 6th house of routine and order my instructor said her energy would be unsettling everyday to his routine. She brought that energy to him. I am in NO way implying a woman is at fault; I am simply bringing to your awareness the way someone’s planets fall on your planets act like a permanent transit; it’s always active so if someone’s Pluto falls on your personal planets the theme will always be digging, depth, darkness, obsession, power and control but you can meet someone else and maybe you don’t have any Pluto ties with them but instead have several Neptune connections so that relationship will be compassionate, telepathic, kind, surreal. If someone’s Uranus falls in your 6th house for as long as you know them you will find them unsettling to your daily routine.

In short you can’t choose who you love but you can chose what you do about those you love. Some connections aren’t healthy or normal and when we can use astrology to bring awareness to these connections and hopefully recognize patterns before it is too late.

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Synastry You dont attract what you want, you attract what you are…


In my late twenties I use to lie to myself and say “I want a calm normal relationship, why can’t I have a tranquil relationship. I use to lie to myself but I won’t dare lie to you today. I want a passionate partnership, I want my intensity dial turned up to 100, and I don’t have a clue what I would do with a “normal and tranquil” relationship. I guess that’s a good thing because they always elude me. In my natal chart I have an Aries moon, the moon is your comfort level Aries is the sign of the warrior.

Aries Sun Lady Gaga Sings in the song “Marry the Night” I’m gonna marry the night. I won’t give up on my life. I’m a warrior queen Live passionately tonight.

Just as the Cancer Moon finds safety at home, and Pisces moon may find religion or alcohol a comfort zone and a Libra moon needs to always be in a partnership, Scorpio moons destroy themselves, Virgo moons need to take care of others well Aries moons need battle, conflict, we find comfort in doing battle. We need the rush, the highs…there is simply no changing or denying that. My moon opposes my Pluto in the 8th house and Squares my Sun in the 5th.  Complicated order! Pluto on the Sun and Moon is not for the faint of heart. Relationships involve dominance, control, possession, issues surrounding jealousy and shared resources.

I laugh thinking I wanted a light love, a tranquil love. I didn’t know who I was in my late 20’s.  It is only over the last several years I have come to terms with who I am….or at the very least attempting too come to terms with who I am. Warrior Queen sounds about right

I saw an ex of mine, the last time I saw him was 7 years ago. I actually see him in 7 year intervals for most of our lives. He is important to me; he is someone that holds significance. He said to me something I always say to other people; real love doesn’t really die. If it is genuine it lives on. Ahhh god nothing like those loves in your youth.

While looking at his chart I could see the glaring similarities between us, but it made me wonder if we should seek out partnerships with those that are similar to us or those that can balance us?

I have been wondering about the relationships we form with people that inadvertently bring out our worst traits; whether that be our insecurities, over indulgence, or possessiveness.  Or what about those whos worst traits mirror our own more difficult attributes.

In synastry it is often said you find comfort in dating someone with the same moon sign. And I have always said I can’t date another Aries moon because we will kill one another. I mean who will take a step back, who will be the reasonable one?

I looked at my Leo ex’s chart and he has an exact moon square mars; this is very similar to having an Aries moon. Hot headed, emotionally impulsive, with a short fuse. He himself like moi, is attracted to relationships that involve conflict and battle.

It was many years ago that we were together and things fell apart do to his imposing his will on me. He would actually tell me “my will is stronger than yours”

In Synastry my Mars squares his Sun; this is where aggression (mars) and will power (mars) meets his ego and identity (my sun). The other day he remarked I try to overpower him. I assure you I don’t; this is simply how he receives me.

However Sun square Mars is a very combative aspect in synastry, one that I think may even negate a lot of beautiful synastry, we have major 7th house overlays my Venus and Mars fall in his 7th and his Sun, Venus, Mercury and Mars fall in my 7th. Obviously this is indicative of an important relationship; but never forget the 7th house rules partnership and open enemies.  Love gone wrong often becomes hate.

I have natal Mars in the 3rd; the 3rd house rules communication. Mars is the planet of aggression. I am blunt and direct in speech, people always say I am the most direct and honest person. If you don’t like me you will probably say I am rude.

My Leo ex has Mars conjunct Mercury; this is the same sort of dynamic simply in another form. Our Mercury’s correspond to one another nicely and I actually find him very funny; he is more direct then me which I find immensely refreshing. But would I want to argue with him, probably not we are both very assertive and go for the jugular. Who would take a step back and be the voice of reason?

So many things have crossed my mind lately; mostly the quote “you don’t attract what you want; you attract what you are”.

For so long I wondered why normal and serene relationships alluded me, and now I have the answer  perhaps because I am not a tranquil and serene person myself.

Mostly I think we can use astrology when relating to others; we can pinpoint the areas in relationships that will be a source of contention and bring them to light. Maybe and I do mean MAYBE in warrior relationships you can take turn yielding to one another. What do you think visit me on twitter and let me know? Should we avoid relationships with those that are similar? Do we need to find our opposites to find a balance?

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Bonnie & Clyde Its a Venus Square Pluto affair


I just finished wBonnie and Clyde 2atching Bonnie and Clyde on Netflix; I saw the original film and Bonnie & Clyde on Broadway what can I say I like tragic romances, that ride to you die sort of love.Bonnie and Clyde
The first thing I noticed about Bonnie Parker’s chart is that her Sun squares her Mars; the sun rules the man in a woman’s life this indicates she would likely attract a spirited man with the likelihood of him being an Aries…wha-la See Aries Clyde.
The accounts on her vary but I would tend to believe any women with Mars on her Sun was no wallflower; this had to be a woman with moxie. Since we do not have her exact time of birth we do not know the house cusps or the aspects her moon makes. However we can see she is extremely “Plutonian” with the planet Pluto forming hard aspects to all personal planets (even if the orb is a bit wide), Pluto forming a tight Square to love planet Venus indicates you are drawn to dark relationships, all or nothing partnerships, intense love affairs. Love is extreme when Pluto and Venus meet in the natal, composite or synastry charts.
In walks Clyde Barrow, he himself having an EXACT Venus square Pluto I mean we may as well call this officially the Bonnie & Clyde Aspect.  When you have this aspect love affairs are fated. Clyde’s Venus is in dreamy Pisces, Venus in a man’s chart is one indicator of what he is looking for in a woman, evidentaly he found that in Bonnie; a wanna be model and actress.
The Synastry of Bonnie and Clyde is quite hot; with his sun in Aries opposing her sun in Libra, they also have Sun opposite Mars these aspects make for a willful combination. Perhaps with the opposition there can be a seesaw effect with each taking charge, with each one running things at different points in time. Clyde’s Venus in Pisces opposes Bonnie’s Venus in Virgo each having something the other one lacks.
They also have a nice flow of energy from Uranus the planet of the unconvientional to one anothers personal planets; they encourage one another to be who they really are. And of coarse his Pluto Squares her Venus and vise versa. That ride till we ride love, us against the world sort of love…that all or nothing love. 
Just like the stars in Heaven 
Fling round the moon at nite, 
I’ll stay with you forever, 
Whether you are wrong or right.” – Bonnie Parker Poem




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Depositors in Synastry


there are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice
I was thinking about this quote lately i didn’t always believe it to be true for a long time I think I had a very narrow idea of what love was. I tend to be very black in white in thought I bend towards extreme. But in synastry another persons planets falling on your planets will never be exactly the same as someone else’s planets on your planets. Perhaps one person has their sun and mercury fall in your 8th house with them you may explore the depths of existence, sex is probably hot & intense, now say someone else’s sun and mercury fall in your 9th house you will likely globe trot with them, maybe discuss philosophical events maybe you share the same ideologies….things you probably never do with the person you have an 8th house overlay. Everyone you meet effects you differently brings out parts of you that at times lay dormant with out Another person activating them. Remember someone’s planets on your planets act like a permanent transit. I know when I have 5th house overlays with someone I want to write like mad, listen to music , sing to them, my sense of creativity is expressed 5th house is home to romance and creative expression.
Of all the many ways we look at synastry the house overlays, the patterns of each individual and how they match up, I think we often over look the planet that rules the love planets; venus (love, affection, finance, gifts, beauty, generosity) and Mars (ability to get along, passion, aggression, sex) In synastry we need to look at the planet that rules venus, mars and the ruler of the 7th house.
For instance I have venus in gemini love starts in the mind for me. I live for long conversations and banter you need to see how my mercury (ruler of my venus) is interacting with the other persons mercury our mercury positions become very important to me; mercury is considered to be the depositor of my Venus. It’s fine if my venus in gemini meets a man with venus in aquarius  yes they are both air signs, both love in a detached manner, both are ideas people, both  appreciate movement in love; both need an element of change & to feel free in love. On a superficial level that’s great but you need to take it a step further; my mercury is in cancer, if that man with venus in aquarius also has his mercury  in aquarius (been there done that) my intuitive, protective mercury isn’t going to jive with that mercury in a freedom seeking air sign. It’s important for me to find someone that’s mercury goes well with mine because mercury is the depositor of my venus.
The ruler of the 7th house in astrology is said to be the part of you you are searching for, you are the ascendent the 7th house cusp is your partner, your 7th house ruling planet should match well with another persons 7th house ruling planet. For instance I have Leo on the 7th house cusp so the sun rules my 7th house  now let’s say I meet a man with Aries rising ; libra will be on his 7th house cusp venus is his ruling planet. It’s very important that his 7th house ruler (venus) and my 7th house ruler (the sun) meet via a pleasing aspect such as a trine, sextile, or conjunction.


I hope I explained that ok; astrology has so many layers and synastry has even more..


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Knight of Cups and Neptune in Love

knight of cups tarotKnight of cups


I was reading something about the tarot card the Knight of Cups the other day; the Knight of Cups will do whatever it takes for the Queen, even if they could never be together. I am not well versed in tarot whatsoever. But as I read I was thinking how very Neptunian. Maybe he doesn’t carry the knowledge of the King of Cups or perhaps he is blinded by everything except his love for the Queen. I was reminded of a collection of books I once read by Rosalind Miles involving Kings, Queens and epic romances. Those grandiose romances belong to Neptune.

Rosalind Miles Books

As I dug a bit further I came to find out Knight of Cups is the Prince Charming of the tarot and is associated with the astrological sign of Pisces. Pisces is ruled by Neptune; it’s weird how the card holds a certain energy. How the tarot card or tarot reading call tell a story.

I began to think about Neptune in synastry it gets a really bad rap, I think one that isn’t really warranted. It seems astrologer Linda Goodman would agree.

Neptune square Venus



Saturn forces another person to mature; it can also be cold and distant in synastry; Uranus can indicate the unusual and instability, Pluto will strip you and rip your heart out and transform you and Neptune well at its best it is telepathic communications, the desire to meld and dissolve into another, compassion, you would do anything for the other person; Neptune infused relationships will involve some music and a transcdental feeling. On the negative a heightened sense of jealousy may stem from the Venus person due to the fact they will never entirely be able to pin down the Neptune person. That is in their mind, the Neptune individual may fully be present but the Venus person experiences them as elusive. Neptune/Venus relationships may feature some deceit MAYBE or maybe what someone perceives as deceit but all in all I think there are worse aspects to have in synastry.

Neptune and Venus create compassion and epic romances, the Neptune person gets to live like a glorified ideal. No one will ever see you (the Neptune person) the way the Venus person does. Neptune is placed like a pie in the sky to Venus. This is indicative of opening up other portals, a love that exists in another realm; you see each other’s best traits (sure because you tend to ignore everything else). The Venus person may not care about much of anything else, but when Venus meets Neptune they will find something that similar to the Knight of Cups is worth traveling on horseback with sentiments of love and blind devotion.

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Mercury conjunct Mars in the natal chart

Sometimes I feel like the Taylor Swift of astrology ( we both have sun in the 5th house so I would say creativity stems from romance). So often my posts are about a romantic interest.

This week I met up with an ex of mine. And as we talked I realized he had the inability to sit still. He isn’t still, he has never been still. He talks fast, he is theatrical in speech and funny without intending to be when I looked at his chart I realized he has mercury conjunct mars in Virgo. Mercury is your thought process, your intellectual ability, the way you process things, how you get around Mercury rules your mobility conjunct mars, planet of action, god of war, ruler of young men, the military and guns; this aspect indicates these two work in unison. Mars and Mercury, action and communication go hand in hand. It’s no wonder he jumps up when he is talking and has the inability to listen (he also lost a finger Mercury/Gemini specifically rules fingers in a gun accident which is Mars). He is abundantly blunt and I find it amusing; that someone can be more direct then me, the way he says exactly what he thinks and feels with precision (Virgo) He doesn’t mince words Mercury in Virgo is exacting. Mercury is strong in his chart, Mercury is well placed in Virgo. With a natal Mercury conjunct Mars thoughts must fly at him, information is processed quickly and you aren’t likely to sway his opinion or point of view. I laughed when he said he could be polite but if anyone asked his opinion he would indeed give it. Ha ha like I would’ve thought differently. Personally I have Mars sextile my Mercury so my mind rarely if ever shuts off I often tote: I solve problems in my sleep. People always say I am
blunt, I have Mars in the 3rd house of communication my internal process is always going, deciding thinking, I drive and walk fast (3rd house rules mobility) I am always analyzing but I’m still, I tend to sit still, I can appear still with Mars in slow ass Taurus and Mercury in sideways moving cancer. I think and then move but my thinking and moving aren’t occurring at once. In synastry we have nice mercury sextile mercury and mars trine mercury this is a nice mental rapport and it is unlikely that either are offended by one another though I’m sure many people in our outer worlds find us to blunt, direct or perhaps lacking tact.

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Ruler of the 12th house in the 7th house

An ex-boyfriend of mine called me this week (Happy Mercury Retrograde) from many, many years ago; he is one of those exes I will always see when he calls; meet for drinks & remember when’s. Ya know Cancers we are melancholy and nostalgic in nature. He is a lot of things, he introduced me to Versace (his Jupiter falls on my Venus) and on the list of all those things he is; he has spent some time in a penitentiary. Some extended time many many years ago. When he called me it gave me a flash back memory on something I once read about the ruler of the 12th house being placed in the 7th house. “Marrying an ex con was in the article”, something I quite honestly don’t have an issue with, true love comes in all forms.

Read Article Here

I wrote a little bit about the ruler of the houses in the houses and wanted to encourage you not to overlook the importance of them.

how to determine the ruler of the house in the houses

This is how it works; naturally in astrology the 12th house rules dreams, compassion, self undoing, merging, the soul, transcendental experiences, sorrow, things we turn a blind eye to, things we simply don’t see, perhaps things we don’t want to see, the skeletons in our closet, escapism, and yes jails & psychiatric facilities. That is the 12th house to everyone!

Now on my individual 12th house cusp I have Capricorn, the ruler of Capricorn is Saturn; Saturn is conjunct my 7th house cusp of partnership both marriage & professional partnership. This means I bring my 12th house energies to my 7th house of marriage and people I form relationships with.
I own it; I laugh at it in the past i have told my mother I wish I could meet a man out of rehab (12th house rules rehabilitation centers) I wouldn’t mind someone that has lived ya know. I don’t mind a little dirt, a little edge. I have in the past used my partnerships to escape my life. My plutonic love and I (the man whom this blog is dedicated to) spent time in this bubble. We were all those 12th house things music, a transcendental connection, baths (12th house is water) alcohol of coarse and when my bubble burst I realized that love cannot exist in a bubble, that you can use someone to escape your reality for only so long reality always and I do mean always waiting on the other side. I can see all the ways I betray myself in partnerships; I see myself undoing; I learned that lesson, I am meek in partnerships. I’m stronger alone, I can become needy and helpless; all 12th house attributes. In my next relationship I will try to not get lost. I also read that with the 7th house ruling business as well you take your sorrow over broken relationships to launch new businesses & wa-lah here is my blog.
I will forever bring Neptunian traits to my relationships; it has to be a soul connection, music, merging, dancing & sharing dreams are essential! And he can be fresh out of rehab, perhaps spent his youth in correctional institute or maybe he will just work in a hospital but I know one things for sure the connection must be outer worldly, the merging of souls, a little love, sex and magic is a must.

What are you bringing to your 7th house?

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Solar Return Chart 9th house heavy

solar return sun in the 9th

It is just a few weeks out from my New Solar Return which quite frankly is scaring the hell out of me (Capricorn Rising with Retro Saturn and Moon in the 10th conjunct in the sign of Scorpio) so now is as good of time as any to review the solar return I am coming out of. I am a big fan of Solar Return Charts some astrologers do not favor them, others say it can only predict an event but I feel it gives you the entire snap shot of the year and all the energy you are carrying with you.

You can read some further details here:

The first thing you want to look at is the Solar Return Ascendant the sign it is in and the house it is placed in. I have Scorpio rising this indicates a transformative year. It is important to take into consideration the natal chart. Scorpio rising indicates a year of transformation for some this may be shocking for me its business as usual. I have natal the ruler of the 1st in the 8th house, a house naturally ruled by Scorpio. I also have Pluto on my Sun and Moon I am prone to grand upheavals and transformation.

The Solar Return Ascendant is in the 8th house but it is so close to the 9th house (leaving the 8th) I would read this as Solar Return Ascendant in the 9th house. The sign and the house it is in give you some indicators as to what kind of year it will be.

If you see Saturn is on the Ascendant from the 12th house but NATAL Uranus is also on the Ascendant. These are called “rising planets” It is said a natal rising planet is stronger than a rising Solar Return Planet, I found this to be very much true.

I really wanted to establish a routine for myself this year (Saturn in the 12th) but things kept popping up (Uranus) that made it difficult.  With certain things I was very structured but nowhere close to the type of regiment I desired.

Next it is essential to look at the house that holds the Sun, you can see I am very 9th house heavy with the Sun, Moon and Mercury all conjoined together in the 9th house.  My birthday happened the day before a New Moon that is why the Moon is behind the Sun.

You can see with 3 planets and the Solar Return Ascendant all in the 9th house that the 9th house will be the focus of my year.

When Planets are grouped together natal or in Solar Return this is focused energy and to say this gently it doesn’t bring much excitement.

The 9th house in solar return indicates all the things it does natal; long distance travel, religion, higher education, law, journalism, publishing, anything foreign..Foreign lands, foreign languages.

For someone else this may have indicated back packing through Europe for me this year was all about trying to align my Mind (mercury) feelings (moon) and soul or ego (the sun) .

Looking at my Natal Chart You know I am not aligned lol I have Sun square Moon one of the more challenging aspects My needs and wants are not aligned, my masculine and feminine principal energies are at odds.

So this year for me was all about alignment, some of the things I did this year related to the 9th house

  • Yoga
  • Astrology Classes
  • Tarot Classes
  • Daily Meditation
  • Daily Affirmations
  • Juicing Daily
  • Chakra Classes
  • NYU classes for Journalism
  • Read books on Universal Laws and Energy

If you notice Mercury is Retrograde in my chart I think this indicates a retrospective year. I wrote in a journal a lot this year and I have never wrote in a journal a day in my life. In text book astrology when all the angles are in fixed signs as is the case here ; it is said to be an introspective year. Also keep in mind I had very few planets in angular houses, planets in angular houses bring forth activity. My planets fell mostly in cadet houses (3, 6, 9th and 12th)  these are the more laid back houses in astrology the cadet houses are for wrapping things up, they are the behind the scene houses

Venus is conjunct Saturn this to me this is not too promising in relation to money or your love life. I met someone I really liked but he was taken. Oh and we met at work notice Venus is conjunct the Midheaven and Saturn is in my 6th house; two houses that involve work. Venus on Saturn often indicates meeting some one that is married, the timing is off, something about it is hard.  You can read about him here and all of our Saturn ties BLAH:

Let sleeping babies lie; Saturn in synastry

Prior to meeting him I saw Venus was on Saturn and I kept thinking oh my god this is an affair aspect, I don’t want to meet anyone that belongs to someone else. It gave me a heightened awareness that I needed to watch my behavior because I didn’t want to end up in an undesirable love situation. I wondered if being aware of what was coming ahead could change the course of events. I will say awareness is key, I met him and I liked him very much but nothing occurred like that….

I think Pluto in the 3rd house is indicative of my trying to reshape my mind with all of the reading, meditation and affirmations.

The 4th house is on my natal 1st the 4th house indicates death, real-estate and the mother thank god none of those issues took central stage but I did have layoffs at work the 1st half of the year that resulted in me working over nights and the 4th house rules the midnight hour.

All in all it was an isolated year, I recall reading the 9th house is a joyous house and happy go lucky place but I quite honestly didn’t feel that way.I felt like I was fighting for happiness, trying to align in a way that I could live happily especially being single…the jury is still out on whether or not I succeeded.

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Jupiter transits Yes they are overrated

I decided to write a short post on Jupiter for everyone that emails me and asks if it delivers love. I think it was said best by my astrology instructor when he said “Jupiter is nothing more than a nice day”. Jupiter is said to rule abundance, optimism, risk taking, and the belief that everything will work out. Jupiter in the natal chart is said to bestow protection in the house it is located. Jupiter is expansive; it’s the natural inclination to go overboard because we are protected in that area. I have Jupiter in the 4th house in my natal chart I have a protective mother but I was also a wild child; I think I have good luck with real-estate. I do love my condo, I found it on craigslist and; it’s a place I never imagined I could afford to live in ….But Jupiter via transit has not been impressive. In the last few years I have experienced a Jupiter return, Jupiter conjunct Venus, Jupiter square moon, Jupiter conjunct sun & a Jupiter transit through the 5th house. Jupiter hasn’t delivered much except perhaps some strength to endure the more difficult, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto transits. Jupiter bestows the occasional break, the “I will prevail” but miraculous, grandiose love affairs, sweeping lotto wins uh that would be a no.
A Jupiter transit is quick taking roughly 1 year to transit a sign right now it is at the end of Cancer and will enter Leo on July 17, 2014; by this time next year it will have entered my 7th house. No grand expectations here. I suggest you release yours as well. The hard transits from Saturn, Uranus & Pluto are the ones that shape you, change you, shake up your world. Truth be told Jupiter hardly registers it’s a blip, a pebble; nothing more than a good day