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Not another Karmic entanglement – The Ties That Bind

Published April 8, 2016 by starsmoonandsun

I feel like I am a cat trying to fight my way out of a paper bag.

I am writing about the same man that I have written about for the last several blog posts.

We are somehow locked in together in this strange entanglement

You will know its karmic when It doesn’t make sense

When you feel like it’s a ball rolling down a hill and you have no control

I wish things were seamless with us but they are not.  I wish they had turned out differently but they aren’t.

We are not together but rather in some weird holding pattern with one another that I can’t seem to break free from.

My Tarot lady said their will be a break in energy between us this month, let’s see.

The quote “Nothing goes away until it teaches what we need to know” comes to mind.

I have felt since day one the timing was off with us I met him during a transitional phase in his life

You know what they say right guy + wrong time = wrong guy

I had originally said to him: you can call me when you are in a better space but he insisted on seeing me, he still insists on seeing me.

A Part of me thinks he would like to put me on a shelf for a later date, but he knows he can’t do that he knows that life doesn’t work that way. So instead he tries to squeeze me in when he can. It is not enough, it will never be enough.

My Venus opposes his Saturn

I wrote about that here

His responsibilities get in the way of being with me. He feels forever cold and distant.

My Saturn squares his moon I am pretty sure he experiences me as unsympathetic.  Truth be told I am

I am 10 years older then him odd how that plays out. Saturn rules older people and I am on his Moon (ruler of women)

I have tried to shove him away in the most extreme scenarios and here he is calling me just to say hi like nothing has happened.  That oh Danielle we need to talk. Talk about what I am not completely sure as we seem to go in circles never moving forward, never making any progress.

Someone once told me that some ones planets on your planets (synastry) will feel like a permanent transit. Think about the magnitude of that for a minute.

So he will always feel distant to me, no matter what time we pick up in life. He will always put work and life responsibilities ahead of me.  His Saturn after all will always oppose my Venus

This results in me yelling at him, throwing fits and pulling away text book astrology will say “Venus will withdraw affection when Saturn is too cold”

Saturn in synastry is binding. It’s like you are locked in. It is said one of you feel like you owe the other something. writes “Saturn with respect to synastry represents ties to one another that are binding-not always pleasant but binding”.

It really isn’t pleasant at all on any level

He keeps me at bay, he is cold, he is hard to get close to and at the very least the timing is off.

These are all Saturn things.

They say the Saturn person is here to teach the Venus person lessons on love, maturity, what a mature relationship is blah blah blah

I am trying to grasp the lessons. I see them One by one falling in my lap. How I should never make someone else responsible for my happiness is clearly one. That maybe love isn’t a whirlwind but a slow buildup over time.

When I try to move away and he pulls me back and I do wonder maybe I am here to help him with something. Maybe we are here to help one another. This clearly isn’t just some insignificant rendezvous.  He has meaning he means something I am just not entirely sure what where and why lol

On the Kepler astrology sight they write “Saturn is the glue that binds people, enduring ties”

I feel like perhaps I should just surrender to the process let it run it course.

Ya know what you resists persists and all of that.

But I can’t 

Some other Karmic Indicators we have

His Venus squares my North Node I have read this indicates being star crossed lovers.  North Node is where you are headed in life with the square a disharmonious energy meeting with Venus the planet of love this relationship is not on your path….(There are no absolutes in astrology this is one manifestation) the timing is off for this relationship

His vertex opposes my moon I am not into the Vertex like that but It is considered a point of Fate and destiny and according to Google cafeastrology has it top ranked in synastry for being highly significant. According to one website the Vertex is a relationship point and a wish fulfillment point. The author teases be careful what you wish for.

This made me laugh because this Saturn man told me he wished for me and I always quietly think to myself did I meet the ideal?  And I always sing “be careful what you wish for you just might get it all”.

It is one thing to love the idea of someone it is another to love them up close and personal flaws and all.

We also have 12th house synastry overlays The 12th house is astrology is the house of karma and past lives. My Moon falls in his 12th allegedly we have been together in previous lives and failed.

And his Mars falls in my 12th so he is always digging up my subconscious shit that I would rather ignore. I also feel a weird connection to him while sleeping. I can wake up from a dead sleep with a thought of him.  I sometimes wonder if he is getting up at that time or if he can’t sleep. I never ask because well he is Saturn forever at a distance.

Karmic Relationships aren’t all cut from the same cloth some will snatch your soul while sleeping others will blow up your entire life so you have no choice but to rebuild and well here is Saturn cold, depressing rejecting with the firmest grip on your ankle as you are trying to make your way out the door. Lets see how far away I can get this time


Rising Sign What you see is not always what you get

Published March 28, 2016 by starsmoonandsun


The rising sign is the front door to the natal chart. It is the ruler of the 1st house it is what people get when they don’t really know you.  It’s a façade, window dressing in a way. It’s the outer layer it’s the shell it’s the mask that protects the sun sign. Not everyone is worthy of your sun, maybe you are not comfortable expressing your sun to everyone. My Gemini colleague always tells me: when you go on dates don’t send your representative. That’s the rising sign, your representative; the sun is who you are.

In the book “The Rising Sign Your Astrological Mask” Jeanne Avery writes

“The Ascendant is interpreted as indicative of the individuals personality as well as his appearance . It also indicates the circumstances of childhood”.

“it is the rising sign that indicates an individual’s particular outlook on life”

“The ascendant can act like a wall or a façade that an individual erects around himself”

“It describes the part of the personality that is most easily expressed”

“It is how a person allows others to see him”

I have known this man for years and recently began dating him. And as we grew closer I thought wow he is not who I thought he was or rather he is different then who I thought he was. I was talking about him to someone and she asked: what do you like about him and I spoke about how polite he is, I am not polite so the energy can be intriguing to me. And he pulls out my chair and opens my door and he can be very chivalrous and strong. He hardly curses, he takes charge in a way …I never have to plan a thing with him. She said oh you like all his Taurus traits. He has Taurus on the rise with a Gemini Sun.

For years I got his Taurus Ascendant, charming I would say nice. He can wear a paper bag and look good. Clothes just fall beautifully on Taurus rising, something about him seems refined and elegant. (Venus traits though more pronounced in Libra)

Then in walked that Gemini Sun

That’s how it works once he became comfortable with me I got to see more of his natural self. He is funny and quick witted, his mind is vibrant. All those Gemini traits…but you know they can be hard to pin down energetically they aren’t like home body loving Taurus.

This isn’t to say he isn’t still chivalrous, he is and god knows in typical Taurus fashion he seems immovable and can be concerned with appearances. Venus ruled risings can be very much, “but what will the neighbors think”. He has commented on how I don’t care what anyone thinks.

Nope sure don’t. I have Aquarius rising.

I am sure at first he experienced me as aloof, indifferent, laid back

Oh how I laugh

My Aquarius rising masks my cancer sun

My cancer Sun is needy and in need of 24/7/365 constant admiration

Lets be honest Gemini isn’t about that life and Cancer isn’t about Gemini’s need for exploration or flirting or child like tendencies

These are 2 radically different Sun Sign/Rising Sign match ups.

This is a case of what you see is not what you get.

Have you ever dated someone who turned out radically different then you thought they were?

Let me know

Saturn opposite Venus Synastry

Published March 21, 2016 by starsmoonandsun


the road to hell

I never try I always walk away but when someone tells you they are doing everything they can to make you happy; you want to give it a go. When they tell you their intentions are not to hurt you, you want to try. But we all know that saying “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”. A psychic told me we will not make it very far, the two of us we were not meant to be (his Venus squares my north node I am sure this is some Karmic shit) She said I am meant to be single a citizen of the world not bound to anyone…. so I suppose one day I will write a blog post about him in entirety I will confess how I am so tired of leaving people behind and how I attempted to defy fate. How I have given up on the belief of true love, unicorns and Santa Clause.  Secretly I prefer to write a blog post on how I did defy fate….prayers up. I have been praying to god on the regular lately I am not sure he hears me.

His Venus conjuncts my sun, we have a 2 way sun moon sextile and some other really nice aspects but what I feel more than anything is his Saturn opposite my Venus. I wouldn’t wish this aspect on anyone.

Its Karmic all of my relationships no matter how fleeting, dysfunctional or downtrodden they might be are karmic, I have Saturn in the 7th house (so does he). I was thinking maybe relationships for me aren’t meant to be easy …scratch that I know they are not meant to be easy. So for once let me try, like really try

According to Linda Goodman

“Saturn has many lessons to teach Venus and Venus won’t be anxious to learn them. It will occasionally be a struggle but it’s your karmic destiny so you may as well make the best of it.  Saturn may not always but periodically behave toward Venus in a limiting, resentful, critical manner. The Plus side is Saturn will never leave you but will hang around you to provide a large measure of stability”

In the book “The Astrology of Human Relationships” it states

“This comparative combination indicates cold, emotionally distant relationships”

But of all the descriptions I have read the one from Is by far the most accurate

“Your obligations are standing in the way of your relationship potentials. There is emotional distance as well as physical distance. When the Venus person is in opposition to the Saturn person, it may be very difficult for you to get together because of their other obligations”

There is this feeling of the person being a 1000 miles away, he feels 1000 miles away even when he is telling me everything I ever wanted to hear, even when he calls me daily

It can feel debilitating really.

Ya know I like merging with someone, infusing myself with someone and that won’t be permitted here. It’s like there is a wall up and I can’t get beyond it. I can’t climb over it or drive around it. And quite frankly I don’t understand it.

The other night we were out and I wanted to stay out later and he said I have to go to work in the morning and a lecture on duties and responsibilities followed and I thought wow their goes that Saturn opposite Venus. His responsibilities come before love, they come before me and that is something I could never relate too because I would put love above everything I believe love should come above all. And ya know I have an Aries moon so I think nothing should come before me LOL

It should come as no surprise I handed him a print out of what Saturn opposite Venus means and told him “we have that can you work on it” and he says he doesn’t want to be distant but yet he is even when he is sitting right there.

If you see this aspect in your synastry I believe it will override the nice aspects; Even Venus conjunct Sun

Which in the book “The Astrology of Human Relationships” it states

“This comparative aspect contributes greatly to romantic attraction and may indicate marriage”

Linda Goodman says of Venus conjunct Sun

“Friendship, companionship and loyalty are beaded on a silvery blue cord connecting you even when you are not in the same room” It’s one of the better aspects to have in synastry and maybe one of the reasons I haven’t walked away yet

That’s probably why I try it’s that small glimmer of hope that somehow we can connect that in some way we can transcend these limitations – it’s not looking too good.

Just to recap

Saturn rules

  • Responsibilities
  • Hardship
  • Coldness
  • Karma
  • Work
  • Blocks
  • Restriction

Venus Rules

  • Love
  • Affection
  • Enjoyment
  • Pleasure

When they meet via opposition or square there is a block, coolness, hardship when it comes to love, limitations on affection, and restrictions in pleasure.

I wonder how he receives me I told him I don’t want to nag you he says you aren’t nagging me. “When a car has a flat you don’t throw out the entire car you fix it. I will fix it”, he assures me and I can’t help but smile at his maturity with him being 10 years younger than me all that rational I don’t possess all those Saturn like ways  in a lot of ways its beautiful. I never said he was ill intended I simply said the road to hell was paved with good intentions.

PS It is said  Satan is derived from the word Saturn and The Devil Tarot Card is ruled by Capricorn which in turn is ruled by Saturn


Prayers Up


A Neptune Affair

Published March 14, 2016 by starsmoonandsun

Composite Chart

I’m intuitive I can see through situations I can see through people so I either like them or don’t I’m either with them or I’m not but looking at him is like looking at a mid day blazing sun. I squint, turn my head put my hand up to block the light. And I can’t look directly at him. He’s an eclipse I’m blinded. I’m going blind.

I don’t attract Neptuniun partnerships probably because I like to know what I’m dealing with, probably because I prefer Pluto and depth over confusion; intensity over cloud 9 perhaps i prefer the depths of hell over pink puffy clouds. After all you cant touch clouds you cant reach out and grab them, and in that way they are intangible. You have to stop running from me he says but I can’t see him clearly he is an enigma. An ethereal dream.

His sun is an exact opposition to my Neptune 
Neptune is elusive and perhaps that’s why I run, I hide I disappear. He will says he always liked me being with me is a wish come true but I can’t see him clear it’s almost as if my Neptune fogs who he is. All I feel is confusion between what is real and what isn’t

My moon falls in his 12th house a house naturally ruled by Pisces/Neptune and I wonder a million times a day is this real, is he real, is what I feel real, can I trust my intuition? Where is my intuition….. it feels like its on hiatus.

His Mars falls in my 12th house the closet of the zodiac, the 12th house is what you don’t want to see he digs up my subconscious; he brings me face to face with my shit. The stuff in my closet the things and facets of myself I would rather NOT look at. Mars is action and something about his intentions are lost on me. Even when he is saying I want you no one else.

The Composite Chart

This is an excerpt about composite charts from

“Composites have their own laws and energies, and these have nothing to do with whether we are “well matched” with someone. A composite in itself will not tell us about compatibility. That is what synastry is for. The composite won’t reveal whether the relationship is “good” or “bad” in terms of the chemistry between two people. The composite says to us, “If you choose to enter this relationship, here is its meaning and pattern of destiny. This is what it is made of and what it is for.” If we want to get a sense of whether or not that meaning and destiny are going to make us feel good, we have to compare the composite with our own chart”


So this is us functioning as a unit, the energy that surrounds us

Pisces on the rise their goes that ethereal dream

The Sun in the composite Chart is the identity or purpose of the relationship

The Composite Sun is in the 4th conjunct the IC this can be the purpose would be to start a family. This is also an emotionally based relationship the 4th house is naturally ruled by cancer so sharing feelings. I also feel that the 4th house Sun in composite indicates a very private relationships the 4th house is what you do NOT see, it rules midnight so an energy of spending time alone with one another away from the world But there is Neptune opposite the sun (the identity) the purpose of this union. The purpose can get lost and confused, it isn’t clear. You may wonder why did we get together? Neptune rules what you don’t see clearly. Their can also be a lack of clarity and sometimes deception perhaps not intentional

Neptune is exact opposite Venus

Venus is the planet of love Neptune is the planet of delusion and confusion the ideals are high as are the hopes almost too high. It feels like a dream hyper sensitivity to one another. Highly romantic Dream love in nature It wasn’t lost on me that he said I am not the way I am with you with anyone. Every person put you in touch with a different side of your self. Different relationships bring out different things, some good some bad. This isn’t particularly great for financial endevors and again it’s the is this really real aspect LOL

Composite Mars in the 12th house

Mars has to do with assertion how we assert ourselves also sex drives

You have no idea why you argue,  we have no idea what motivates us. (I cant speak on sexual anything) you are motivated by unconscious drives not from your rational mind.

And the composite Mars is Square Neptune this is like a double dose of Neptunian energy Again the intentions aren’t clear, the motivations aren’t clear etc etc a general distrust permeates. I have read this also suggest infidelity

Danielle we make our own fate he says ….

Neptune also squares our Composite Ascendant… throws in towel

This isn’t to say their isn’t great affection here Moon (feelings) conjunct Jupiter (expansion) says this aspect creates a little piece of heaven, Moon sextile Sun and Venus conjunct Sun (love) are all present but it would appear that Neptune is undermining everything


I am going to jump in and pray I dont drown (Neptune rules water)

I am pretty sure I will be back for a follow up post


Love Light and Many Neptunian Dreams

Dating & Aspects that will forever get the side eye

Published March 6, 2016 by starsmoonandsun


I don’t let astrology dictate who I would date but I will give the side eye from now on to a number of aspects. I expect to add to this list as I continue dating ( feel my eyes roll)


Moon Opposite Venus –The you will not complete me aspect

You can read the full post here

This in a mans chart indicates what a man seeks in a wife (the moon) and what he wants for pleasure (Venus) does not come in the same package. This can highlight infidelity or a general feeling of being unfulfilled.

Mars square or opposite Uranus- I cant keep my hands to myself aspect

Mars is the sex drive and aggression when it aspects Uranus the planet of the unexpected, liberation and sudden urges this is someone that may have little self control regarding sexual urges and also with anger

Venus Opposite Mars – Projection is my Perfection

These people have perfected the art of projection. Here the planet of War meets the planet of love. They like or at the very least subconsciously create inharmonious relationships. Love and War go hand and hand. Passionate YES but also combustible. They often have tumultuous relationships but see the other person as being the issue. Oppositions involve others, they seem to happen from outside of ourselves.  So in their mind you make them mad, you are abusive, you have anger issues. If they took a moment they would notice they keep recreating the same scenario; the players may change but the game stays the same


Moon in the 1st house -I cant offer you emotional stability

This placement is personally not for me I have attempted it twice and the 3rd time will not be the charm. As a hetero woman I never want to meet another man with this placement. The moon in the 1st indicates the disposition is changeable, the moods fluctuate, self esteem fluctuates up and down up and down up and down. This can be similar to having planets in cancer I am already emotional my men need to be rock solid Besides moody men are kind of a turn off



Let me know what aspects do you give the side eye too


Xo Danielle

First House Eclipse Coming Right Up

Published February 29, 2016 by starsmoonandsun

The Pisces Eclipse is a week away and I have been feeling the impact. I feel like I am underwater (the eclipse is in Pisces after all), I offer clarity for everyone else via readings but I myself lack certainty. I recently met someone and we took off in a fury, flying high and I quietly thought to myself how will I get anything done with him around. What about my dreams, my astrology readings and my needing to complete a book I want to send off to publishers. I can get swept away in romance. I dissolve. This shocks people who see me as this independent super woman. This probably shocks men I become involved with. I think this stems from my Sun square Moon; I may seem independent (Aries moon) but when I’m in a relationship I’m not. I become my Cancer Sun; needy and clingy. I oscillate between complete independence and complete codependence.

I thought I conquered these issues, I thought I felt whole until I met someone and they brought all those issues bubbling to the surface. It’s easy to stay aligned alone PS. But when we meet others that’s when we see the cracks and the flaws in our spiritual practices. People after all serve as Mirrors. My greatest growth comes from relationships with Saturn in the 7th house and Pluto in the 8th house. Add to this his Mars falling in my 12th house so he is digging up my subconscious, making me see what I would rather not acknowledge. The 12th house rules the closet in the zodiac; it’s what we don’t want to acknowledge its home to our own self undoing. And here are all those facets of life staring me in the face.

These have been the issues for me, quietly, wondering how am I going to handle this energy. And then my Aries Sun and Moon boss said Danielle you can make this work but you can’t be so needy, then my Mom echoed his sentiment and then I went to my tarot reader and she said this relationship will require you to be independent.

I got the message loud and clear

I don’t know how I will do it but I will try

I will try not to dissolve (such a Neptune/Pisces word), not to need, not to get lost

This must be what the eclipse in the 1st house is about; asserting yourself, being yourself, owning yourself, acknowledging yourself and not forsaking yourself not even when faced with love, loss and all of the in between

Look at your natal chart for 18/19 Degrees of Pisces in your natal chart to see where this Eclipse will fall for you

Neptune Opposite Mercury Poetic Liar

Published February 27, 2016 by starsmoonandsun



Lately I have been thinking I should take my show on the road and date all the men in the United States that have serious issues and afterward blog about the astrological indicators that serve as HUGE red flags that I love to ignore.

I knew this man for several years and he always had a crush on me or so he has said.  Everyone that knows us will say he liked me until one day he didn’t or maybe he never did.

They don’t tell you in astrology school the curse of being able to read for everyone else is the inability to read for yourself.

He has personal issues including 2 stalkers (red flag ladies) but I recall one fall day saying to friend “I would swear on a stack of bibles for that man”

I checked our chart later to revel his Sun (identity, ego) opposes my Neptune (Rose colored glasses) exact

I don’t see him clearly, perhaps it goes two ways maybe he doesn’t see me clearly either. And maybe upon seeing me up close he came to find I wasn’t that Neptunian Dream he once deemed me to be. Who knows…. I would love to know your experiences with this aspect

After our first date I thought he could be my new muse and god a new muse was so long over due.  We had 3 dates back to back I thought I could fall head over heels in love with this man and then he fell right off the face of the earth

Neptune also rules evaporation. POOF and he was gone

My Aquarius barista at Starbucks offered to call him “Maybe he died” he suggested making my Venti Macchiato

I am intuitive and felt the emotional disconnect. The ethereal cords being severed.

I want to say I did not sleep with him- I am for sexual exploration and all of that I only say this because that makes everything 1000000% stranger

Being with him felt otherworldly, sitting with him, kissing him was like I tapped into some sort of ethereal dream. I haven’t done ecstasy but I imagine this is how it would feel everything was amplified.

I thought wow he is like walking breathing art in motion. (Neptune rules art and transcendental experiences)

The Great Gatsby quote comes to mind

I’d like to just get one of those pink clouds and put you in it and push you around”

I like feeling encased in a bubble with someone, entranced really, the ruler of my 12th is in my 7th

(Relationships are also the cause of my own self undoing but we shall save that post for another day)

And if that feeling, that vibe wasn’t enough, he spoke in song its as if he was fluent in poetry.  I cant even type the words that he spoke because I am so embarrassed  to even admit I was lapping it up like my favorite Ben and Jerry’s. And it was all bullshit

He has Mercury opposite Neptune this aspect has been associated with compulsive liars. I have known liars without it and I have known Neptune/Mercury types that just in general have a sense of confusion, they often have a hard time expressing themselves and they suffer from people misunderstanding them. Some times people with this aspect are  viewed as slow from others. The truth is they are simply misunderstood. Someone told me about this man, “I could never date him he doesn’t get anything”. Truth be told I found his mind fascinating and vibrant.  It was like the world was black and white before and suddenly it was all in color.

Neptune opposite Sun Synastry

Mercury square Neptune Natal


I never want to date anyone with these aspects again I am  throwing them up with the Venus opposite Moon man and Mars/Uranus Man

Are their aspects you see in another chart and run from ? Let me know

The Loss of a Job and the rule of 3

Published January 15, 2016 by starsmoonandsun

Astrologically most astrologers like to see confirmation in more then one area when making a prediction. I like to stick with the rule of 3 which I will demonstrate in this post. I had advised my friend I saw a change in job and perhaps some financial  restraints a year prior to him losing his job. I didnt predict him being terminated because he works in a Union related position (no he is NOT in law enforcement) and I will tell you he is innocent on every account and in the end he chose to resign. I dont want to get into it more but I do want to show you how A.accurate astrology is B The technicalities so you can predict for yourself


He was suspended and then officially terminated during a full moon phase .

Full Moons are for culmination, they are endings

No Full Moon weddings please unless you feel marriage means your life is over

A few times I have been to events where people are using Full Moons to bring forth newness and I cringe, that is what New Moons are about.

Full Moons occur when the sun is opposite the moon they relate to endings, they signify being torn in 2 directions as the Full Moon is across 2 houses

He was terminated when the Full Moon was on his Midheaven this is the house of career and reputation. This Full Moon is all about your inner self (4th house) and your outer self 10th house. Your needs and the needs of others


Termination Chart

Also Uranus planet of change and unexpected; things you do not see coming is squaring his Venus tight tight tight, the tighter the aspect the more it is felt. Uranus squared Venus the planet of money, located in his 6th house of work and Venus is the planet that rules his Midheaven (Taurus is on the 10th house cusp)  in less then 1 degree. Indicating a shake up with money and career.

I think if Pluto had not just entered his 6th house of work this may have gone another way-Pluto in Capricorn no less this rules “the  man” power struggles, when Pluto is involved its coming for your entire life. Pluto in the 6th doesnt always = termination for some like Rob Kardashian it equals BIG health issues. I’m so tired of saying this but: you have to look at the whole chart .So Pluto ruler of power struggles, placed in Capricorn sign of “the man” has just reentered his 6th house of employment, day to day activities, his routine. It forms an exact square to his moon indicating a emotional upset likely related to work.

Those transits alone could predict his job loss but I think the solar return (the true horoscope) showed this entire situation with a lot less work.  The  Moon and Uranus are placed in the 6th house of work. This almost always indicates a change in job. Where ever Uranus and the Moon are placed in the solar return chart you can expect a change.

Solar Return Job Change




Saturn often shows where we are blocked and restricted and it is located in his 2nd house of money earned.  When you lose employment you want to look at the money houses as well.

His Progressed Moon is also in Capricorn-this indicates emotionally geared toward work and accomplishment, again this can indicate job changes. On the exact day he was terminated it entered his 6th house. For me; I quit smoking when it entered my 6th. The 6th house rules health, work and routine anything we do on a day to day basis.

During Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn and in his 6th house of work while Pluto transits the 6th and conjuncts Venus he was able to resign and reach a financial agreement.

C.S Lewis Quote


Moon opposite Uranus synastry PASS

Published December 9, 2015 by starsmoonandsun

Dear God

That’s where I am at tonight lol

I could write a dozen posts on this man, our synastry the many ways we are similar (we both have Aquarius rising, both have sun in the 5th house, both have Neptune in the 10th, and Uranus and Pluto in the 8th)

You will often find me saying: sometimes you lose yourself in others and sometimes you find yourself in them. This man –not sure what to call him –has been a mirror for me on many occasions. We both suffer and shine in the same areas.

You will never hear me say a bad word about him, not really because I have a natural affinity for him. I genuinely like and care for him as a person.

The other day I was thinking about people I have loved (using that term loosely) but didn’t even like them as people. What is that shit PS.

That’s not the case here. I like this man immensely as a human as a person as a living breathing being that has the ability to drive me crazy,

Along with having a similar chart in synastry we have moon sextile sun  (great for getting along one of the best aspects you can have), Venus conjunct Venus (we have the same likes and dislikes) mars conjunct Venus ( great chemistry) Did I mention he sings and dresses nice (Venus in Taurus), We are karmic and have lived past lives together (I swear all these karmic loves are different) his Saturn conjuncts my Venus and we like talking with one another (Venus conjunct mercury) oh and we have an ever flowing vibe of forgiveness (sun conjunct Jupiter) a nice dose of whimsical romanticism (Neptune opposite Venus) and  my Pluto and his Pluto aspect all of one another’s planets by trine and sextile so just the right amount of transformation and depth without the parasitic I want to rip your heart out and possibly eat it that comes with Pluto squares, oppositions and conjunctions.

And despite all of his feminine planets being in a George Clooney state of detriment Capricorn moon (emotionally cool and closed off)  oh and Venus conjunct Saturn ( fear of commitment) I think I could have hung in there for the duration if it wasn’t for our Uranus (his) opposite moon (me) aspect.

I can’t do it I simply will not.

Lets recap the moon which is moi rules, your home base, your security, where you feel nurtured

And Uranus rules liberation, erratic-ness, and sudden changes

In his natal chart he has Moon square Uranus this indicates he is emotionally (moon) on and off, his relationships with women (moon) will often have an on and off quality. He will also say he has only moved a few times in his life but in the few years I have known him he has lived in a loft, a night club, a hotel and 3 other apartments. Remember Moon rules the home and Uranus rules sudden changes.

Uranus/Moon can indicate and inner restlessness so the person keeps moving to pacify it but the work is required to go inwardly. As the saying goes “where ever you go there you are”.  Until you recognize this inwardly you will keep facing the same circumstances outwardly.

According to Robert Pelletier in the book Planets in Aspect

“Because of your eagerness for personal freedom and your rejection of responsibility you would be totally unprepared for a union except on your own terms” .

I could possibly follow him as I lag behind letting him lead the way I don’t mind a man that runs things …if we didn’t have this Uranus opposite Moon synastry. I find he always upset me, as a water sign Cancer I need to feel stable. I don’t need to live in a white house with a picket fence and have a child I can travel the world I have an Aries moon after all but I can’t deal with the on and off quality of the Uranus opposite Moon in synasty when there is complete unawareness of my needs. Ya know I am impatient as it is (Aries Moon) and on edge Uranus aspects only enhances this. I can’t help but wonder who would like this energy? That feeling of forever being emotionally influx of not knowing what is coming next. That Venus conjunct Saturn doesn’t feel like it anchors this aspect at all.

moon opposite uranus

(Picture from The Astrology of Human Relationships by Frances Sakoian and Louis S. Acker)

It’s hard to form anything consistent. And he remains oblivious to this. One time he called me on New Year’s Eve telling me he needed me to fly to Mexico he had to see me. .I can’t make this shit up, the urgency of it all and when he returned to New York he didn’t call me and was baffled as to why I was angry. Emotions come and go.

And I know he experiences me as needy the level of projection is so high like I know he is a Gemini so let me love you in a way that you feel free. I get it I have read the books. But when we go out he will tell me can we not talk about having kids. (I don’t care if I ever have kids and I certainly never talk about them). It is the strangest thing.

I could never emotionally collapse on him; I think the weight of it all would kill him LOL

I had a tarot reading recently I didn’t tell her anything she pulled a house for me (Lenormand Deck) and The Rider for him- pictured a man on a horse. She stated you are stable he is in constant movement. She pulled the Star card for what we share (it’s a lovely card, its love, hope and all the stuff that past life connections are made of it relates to the 6 of cups) I only wish she would have told me where he was headed on that horse of his.

No doubt he will call me from a new home in a far off city but next time I won’t answer I will be at home emotionally stable and reading about the stars.  


A Charlie Sheen Update

Published November 19, 2015 by starsmoonandsun

charlie sheen


This is a Charlie sheen update post you can read my original post on him below. My heart extends to Charlie Sheen I feel he is an addict with mental health issues that has been exploited by women for a very long time. They admittedly went to his house to have sex with him some hoping to get pregnant, they themselves knowing he was having sex with up to 50 women on rotation but didn’t demand he wear a condom or simply opt out nope because they wanted his money: while I know my opinion is not a popular one I find these women shameful. Some black mailing him regarding his HIV status, they didn’t care that he may potentially infect other women nope they just wanted a pay day! So really who was exploiting whom? This all comes down to money. Who was caring for Charlie Sheen when he was on a binge, who was arranging interventions for him certainly not these women. I certainly don’t see them as victims but more so as contributors. And if any legal charges should come down the road for Charlie Sheen the ones who knew should be also considered coconspirators.

Astrologically speaking Charlie Sheens progressed Sun moved into Scorpio in early March 2015 and is currently in 0 degrees. This marks a new beginning, a start, in Scorpio the ruler of transformation, death, and yes sexually transmitted diseases. Ruled by Pluto Scorpio is often symbolized by the Phoenix this is the sign of facing our own mortality, confronting the darkest parts of our soul before being reborn. Before becoming the eagle soaring upward and onward.


From now until 2018 Charlie has transit after transit and I wonder how someone can survive all of this.

Via progression Charlie has some major losses to his money planet Venus Progressions stay active one degree approaching, one degree exact and one degree separating. A progression can last about 3 years ( If you have not taken a class on progressions I will advise you they are NOT read like transits. Do not attempt to read them without reading about them) I don’t know when this blackmailing of Charlie Sheen began but his Progressed Venus (planet that rules women, money, love etc) began squaring Saturn (karma, restriction, loss) in the summer of 2012 then with that still being active progressed Venus squared his natal Uranus (unexpected and unforeseen changes financially) and with those still being active progressed Venus also is squared by natal Pluto (all or nothing, heavy losses). As of today Pluto and Uranus continue to square his Venus via progression and will do so over the next year. This doesn’t look fortunate financially especially with all his homes on the market and countless lawsuits looming over his head.

We don’t have the exact time frame that he was diagnosed with HIV so I won’t get into this too deeply I believe he has claimed it was in 2011- Pluto had been transiting his 8th house for quite some time and Saturn first entered his 6th house while in Libra in September 2011. I am not well versed in Medical Astrology and do not want to speculate all I can say is the 6th house rules health and Saturn’s transit through the 6th can indicate the onset of a chronic disease.  Is HIV classified as a chronic disease I am not sure?

Currently Charlie Sheen has Saturn transiting his 7th house while the 7th house is often connected with open enemies and marriage it is also the house of legalities and lawsuits. Wherever Saturn transits it is where we experience karma, have to pay the piper so to say. His chart has some challenging transits coming up involving Saturn. In January Saturn will square his Sun (issues involving vitality, ego, joy, identity) then go on to square his natal Saturn and around February Saturn will square his Pluto and Uranus. And while all of this is happening transiting Uranus will oppose his Venus –indicating again some losses financially (this is like a double whammy with a similar progression also happening); followed by Pluto squaring his Venus in Libra again indicating big losses and the potential to file for bankruptcy. And by the time 2017 arrives Saturn will be conjunct his moon with Neptune opposing his sun. Saturn bringing to the forefront karma (Saturn) involving women (moon) and I m not sure how and if he will ever overcome his addiction tendencies with Neptune opposing his sun. Neptune rules addiction, escapism and the need to dissolve into something greater and transcend reality.


A friendly reminder

“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.”


You can see my original Charlie Sheen Post Here From 2011-ish & I copied and pasted it below

He is messy yet somehow endearing and brings to the forefront of my mind questions like, how is it as a society we stand by and watch this man self destruct. Even more than that, buy tickets to his one man self destruction tour at places such as Radio City Music Hall. Charlie was born under a Virgo Sun on September 3, 1965 and if the internet is correct at 10:48 PM in New York, NY. The Virgo sign in itself rules the 6th house in astrology which encompasses; small pets, daily routine, work and health HABITS. Habits keyword and quite obviously a case of habits going arise. Virgos are nothing if not consistent. With Charlie Making his way onto again, the idea of his astrology and utter immortality have peaked my interest.

5th House Emphasis

Charlie’s Virgo Sun is in his 5th house….Awww so is mine! I feel a sense of comradery with those that have a 5th house Sun. Our longing to create something, the 5th house is naturally ruled by Leo. Home to “I Create” any Sun placed in 5th will have a dramatic flair and Lioness tendencies. Needing to be the center of attention, to feel the pulse of those around us. The 5th house rules children, creative abilities and speculation such as; gambling. There is some amount of risk involved with the 5th house. We are risk takers. Jump in take a chance. I’ll try anything once. You only live once are Sun in 5th house mottos. Charlie as we can see is all about taking risks. In his 5th house are also 2 major players in the zodiac. Pluto planet of transformation, death and rebirth and Uranus planet of surprise. These 2 transformative planets are conjoining his Sun and each other. The Sun as I have discussed in previous posts is the identity, the ego. Uranus is the unexpected, surprise and rebellion and Pluto is death, transformation and rebirth. Being that they are all in the same house and in the same sign this is a conjunction. Almost as if the Sun, Pluto and Uranus are holding hands. They are used simultaneously. They are in Harmony with one another. These are MAJOR players in the zodiac. Uranus placed in 5th house usually indicates unexpected or unplanned pregnancies. We look to the 5th house to see if and how many children you will have. I imagine Charlie has gotten many a girl pregnant besides the 5 he is believed to have with former High school girlfriend, ex wife Aquarian Denise Richards (love her) and other ex wife and train wreck and Leo Brook Mueller. Also Pluto the planet of death and rebirth Pluto , sometimes means birth figuratively as well as in giving birth to a child or children. With Charlie’s Sun conjoining Uranus this means he appears radical. Scratch that he IS radical, a true renegade, he bucks the system. He hates the system. He is a true individual. I have natal Uranus trine Sun, this makes for a lighter aspects. I’m comfortable with my uniqueness but the conjunction amplifies this to the next level. You may notice individuals with Sun conjoining Uranus seem disheveled; perhaps there style of dress is messy and speech is erratic. They may appear that way however they are prone to sudden flashes of insight and genius. Tiger Blood, perhaps with a sober mind this may have been conveyed and understood better. Ha! They live and breathe uniqueness add that to Sun conjunct Pluto and he has the inept ability to look at someone and see through them. They live in extremes, Pluto is a powerful force and these people are brimming with intensity. Very sexual in nature can almost be compulsive. Hmmm Hookers and Goddesses anyone?

Neptune the planet of Addiction and Escapism and Mars the Planet of Sex

Here is how Neptune works, where it is placed you will have escapism tendencies. Neptune is prominent in the charts of many people that struggle with addiction, Demi Moore, Whitney Houston; Johnny Cash…the list goes on and on. Natal Neptune in 4thhouse perhaps you had an addict in your parental home, Neptune in the 5th child with drinking issues, well here is Charlie with Neptune planet of escapism in his 6th house of Daily Habits. It doesn’t get any more literal than that. Sometimes when reading a natal chart you don’t have to seek, surf and dig the answers are right there. The planet Neptune as I stated represents escapism and it is conjoins his planet Mars. Mars represents your sex drive, his Mars is placed in Scorpio, it is at home there. Sex appeal full throttle. Sex drive is amplified. A person with Mars conjunct Neptune may fantasize more so about a perfect partner and how can I say this delicately…I can’t: they like porn. They like the idea of this perfect woman. Neptune colors the way people see you, Neptune rules glamour. Having Neptune conjunct Mars indicates others see him and are drawn to him sexually. And with them both located in the 6th house of daily habits sex and porn is most likely on his daily “to do “list.

Jupiter and Venus: Making money

Jupiter and Venus are considered the great benefices in astrology. They represent what comes easy where you like to spend money, how you earn money and where you are just plain lucky. How nice it must be to have Jupiter in the 2nd house, the 2nd house is the money you earn (Jupiter in the 8th house states you earn money via spouse or inheritance) Jupiter in the 2nd house makes earning money just easy for you. Ca-ching. Opportunities easily present themselves it’s almost like cash has dropped down from the sky and into your lap. And with all he gets Charlie is probably very giving. He makes money easily and likes to spend it lavishly as well. How much coke was in that brief case reported by Venus in the 6th house indicates you can make money easily as well through some sort of daily activity. And Venus is quite strong being placed in sign of rulership Libra

The 8th house moon, Loneliness an addiction

With a Sagittarius moon it is often said that the only thing a Sagittarius loves more than you is his freedom. They are eternal wanderers and in a way they belong to the world. They are freedom seekers. However with his moon snug in the sad 8th house home to transformation, psychoanalysis and sex we can surmise that just as the moon changes in size every night he will expierence some great heights and lows emotionally. Prone to emotional depths and sorrow. While he is a freedom seeker by sign…placed in the darkness of the 8th house he may experience bouts of loneliness. I think of this as being surrounded by 20 so called good friends on a Yacht in the South of France and yet you still feel lonely. Like no one really gets you. Fuck you may as well be on Gilligan’s Island. That is 8th house Moon to me.

In Closing I bet Charlie adores his children (Sun in 5th), Enjoys love affairs, taking risks and all that comes with a 5th house Sun. I would surmise he is abundantly generous (Jupiter in 2nd house) and most definitely free spirited (Sagittarius moon and Gemini rising) He should never remarry and wrap up his equipment frequently ;)(Pluto & Uranus in the 5th  The fifth house does rule casual sex and Virgo’s generally rule health).  He has a ride till you die spirit and while I won’t be buying any tickets to his one man Self Destruction Tour, if he asked I wouldn’t mind partying the night away with another 5th house Sun Hey after all you only live once!

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