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The Loss of a Job and the rule of 3

Astrologically most astrologers like to see a confirmation in more than one area when making a prediction. I like to stick with the rule of 3 which I will demonstrate in this post. I had advised my friend I saw a change in job and perhaps some financial restraints a year prior to him losing his job. I didn’t predict him being terminated because he works in a Union related position (no he is NOT in law enforcement) and I will tell you he is innocent on every account and in the end, he chose to resign. I don’t want to get into it more but I do want to show you how

  • Accurate astrology is
  • The technicalities so you can predict for yourself

He was suspended and then officially terminated during a Full Moon phase.

Full Moons are for culmination, they are representative of endings

No Full Moon weddings please **************

A few times I have been to events where people are using Full Moons to bring forth newness and I cringe, that is what New Moons are about.

Full Moons occur when the Sun is opposite the Moon they relate to endings, they signify being torn in 2 directions as the Full Moon is across 2 houses in the natal chart.

He was terminated when the Full Moon was on his Midheaven this is the house of career and reputation.

Termination Chart

Also, Uranus planet of change and unexpected; things you do not see coming is squaring his Venus tight tight, the tighter the aspect the more it is felt. Uranus squared Venus the planet of money, located in his 6th house of work and Venus is the planet that rules his Midheaven (Taurus is on the 10th house cusp) in less than 1 degree. Indicating a shake up with money and career.

I think if Pluto had not just entered his 6th house of work this may have gone another way-Pluto in Capricorn rules “the man” power struggles, when Pluto is involved he is coming for your entire life. Pluto in the 6th doesn’t always = termination for some like Rob Kardashian it equals BIG health issues. I’m so tired of saying this but: you have to look at the whole chart. So, Pluto ruler of power struggles, placed in Capricorn sign of “the man” has just reentered his 6th house of employment, day to day activities, his routine. It forms an exact square to his moon indicating an emotional upset likely related to work.

Those transits alone could predict his job loss but I think the solar return (the true yearly horoscope) showed this entire situation with a lot less work.  The Moon and Uranus are placed in the 6th house of work. This almost always indicates a change in job. Where ever Uranus and the Moon are placed in the Solar Return chart you can expect a change.

Solar Return Job Change

Saturn often shows where we are blocked and restricted and it is located in his 2nd house of money earned.  When you lose employment, you want to look at the money houses as well.

His Progressed Moon is also in Capricorn-this indicates emotionally geared toward work and accomplishment, again this can indicate job changes. On the exact day he was terminated it entered his 6th house. For me; I quit smoking when it entered my 6th. The 6th house rules health, work and routine anything we do on a day to day basis.

During Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn in his 6th house of work while Pluto transited the 6th and conjunct his Venus he was able to submit his resignation and reach a financial agreement.

C.S Lewis Quote

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Sins of the Father a little Astrological Karmic Inheritance. Sun/Uranus in the Natal Chart

I’m more into predictive astrology and synastry but the other day I sparked my own interest when tweeting about Charlie Sheens natal Sun conjunct Uranus.  Forgive me one other post will follow this about Denise Richards as per a request. I know some of you in boxed me wanting me to do Gwen Stefani but it is very difficult for me to do the astrology of people that I find tremendously dull


Last week I quoted Charlie Sheen on Twitter


“I’m tired of pretending like I’m not special. I’m tired of pretending like I’m not bitchin’, a total freakin’ rock star from Mars.”


He has natal Sun conjunct Uranus

charlie sheen natal

In Astrologer Adrian Ross Duncan’s book Astrology Transformation and Empowerment his chapter entitled Sun-Uranus visiting Planet Earth he writes

People with this aspect “tend to zoom out and view things dispassionately as if they were from outer space (and some complain that they feel as if they are)”

I began to wonder about Martin Sheens parenting with this aspect, not knowing much about him I would learn he was an alcoholic and not a very hands on father and to quote Emilo Etevez

“My father and mother, neither of them cared if Larry Fishburne [Sheen’s teenage co-star] and I jumped in a jitney and went to Manila for the weekend. President Marcos was in power, martial law was in effect, and you were shot on sight if you were seen on the street after 1am. What were they thinking?’ He says he recently asked his parents that very question. Their reply was, ‘We had four of you. If we had to lose one, we would. We were just trying to survive.’

The article goes on to describe Martin Sheen as “erratic” a word in astrology we would indeed use to describe Aquarius/Uranus energy.  Aquarius and Uranus in hard aspect (conjunction, square and opposition) to personal planets is where we say: fuck the system. I have Aquarius rising, I have my own issues with “the man” lol Uranus square Saturn Authority? What is that!


Charlie has Sun square Uranus and the Aquarius Midheaven. The Midheaven indicates both how he is viewed by the public-erratic, changeable etc. and it also gives a glimpse into his father


The Sun in the natal chart rules the father by sign, house placement and aspects along with the Midheaven. Both Emilio and Charlie have Uranus in hard aspect to the Sun and as I combed through countless articles of Charlie and Martin Sheen, I quietly wondered if Martin Sheen has ever taken any accountability regarding the condition of his adult son.


This got me thinking of the karmic inheritance in natal charts. I have done a lot of readings and have often noticed patterns Sun square Saturn; inheriting the fathers melancholic/depressive nature. I have seen up to four generations that have Sun square Saturn in the natal chart. My own father had Sun and Pluto as a part of a Stellium and I have Sun square Pluto in a configuration an astrological inheritance of intensity, loner mentality and the need to confront the darker parts of the identity. And with Sun in hard aspect to Uranus there is a need to buck the system, to be unapologetically you and this indeed tells the story of an erratic father.


Some quotes on hard Sun/Uranus aspects

Any contacts between the Sun and Uranus “signifies unusual parents and unusual childhood environment” “The influence of the father is important; he is unorthodox and unusual man in some way” – Astrologer Betty Lundsted

Sun Conjunct Uranus “The life will be unusual perhaps erratic” Any contact between Sun and Uranus indicates “unusual behavior can range from unorthodox on a healthy level to all kinds of perversity”. The person with Sun conjunct Uranus has to learn to channel the energy of the aspect or he will be controlled by it” Parents have problems raising this child for the child picked up the father’s unorthodox behavior” –Betty Lundsted


“There are several possibilities. It is unlikely that there was real intimacy with the father, though likely there was a lot of excitement connected with him” “The child gets use to not knowing whether the father is going to be there or whether he will be friendly a remote. Anything could happen, emotional dissociation takes place.


Martin Sheen does not have this aspect natal but I wonder if his parenting or lack of parenting kicked off generations of Sun aspecting Uranus that will need to be reconciled.


Starting with Charlie and Emilio and is very apparent in the charts of Charlies Children

Casandra Estevez born with Sun conjunct Uranus like Charlie

Lola Sheen Sun Square Uranus

Max and Bob Sheen Sun conjunct Uranus like Charlie


Sam Sheen; Charlies first child with Denise Richard is the only child that does not have Sun in hard aspect to Uranus perhaps Charlie Sheen was sober when she was conceived, she does have Sun in Pisces which can AT TIMES NOT ALL THE TIME indicate a father with addiction issues.


I believe it was Jung that wrote


“Among all possible ghosts that haunt man the spirits of the parents possess the greatest significance”


I wish more people thought of this before carelessly bringing children into the world


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A Little on the Astrology of Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom


Oh Lamar Odom… I can’t tell you why I cried when I found out about of his current situation. I don’t like sports and I am anti anything Kardashian. But something about his energy has always been light to me like a big white light circles his aura. He seems like a cool breeze. I always say it’s a thin line between who we are and who we could be so let’s not judge his addictions, his actions and his demons. We are all struggling with something.  Lamar is a Scorpio Sun; Scorpio is the sign that is known for destroying itself. Scorpio rules death and transformation. This sign will die many times in one life time; let’s hope this time he will be reborn. Pluto/Scorpio is often compared to the caterpillar becoming the butterfly, it is no easy task. Scorpio Sun/Moon/Rising and strong Pluto types are familiar with death, it is etched into their lives. The having to let people go, that’s why you often find Scorpio types alone or drifting from person to person. Scorpios have known loss and they fear feeling that pain again. “Death always seems to be around me,” Odom told the Los Angeles Times in 2011. “I’ve been burying people for a long time.”

Odom has Neptune the planet of drugs, alcohol, addictions and artistry opposing his natal Moon in Gemini; the Moon rules our needs, our comforts. When Neptune meets the Moon we need to escape, perhaps we find comfort in alcohol we want to dissolve and merge (those are 2 big Neptune adjectives) into something. God perhaps you want to dream (Neptune) for a bit. I don’t think Pluto/Scorpio types get to dream that often, we simply know too much, see too much. When Neptune aspects the Moon in the natal chart It can mean a variety of things from an alcoholic mother, an unknown mother, or sorrow surrounding the mother, which is Odom since he lost his mom at the age of 12. In astrologer Adrian Ross Duncan’s book “Astrology Transformation and Empowerment” he writes “it is as if Moon Neptune individuals have their own private lake of sorrow” and goes on to say “Naturally the desire to take mood enhancing substances that can lift them out of sadness is strong”

His Neptune also squares Saturn, Saturn is the planet of boundaries, discipline, and authority and here comes Neptune planet of confusion and of dissolving, he knows no boundaries.

We must not forget his father is/was an addict the on and off quality of their relationship is reflected in the Sun conjunct Uranus aspect in Odom’s natal chart. The Sun ruling the father in astrology and Uranus is associated with anything that is erratic and has an unexpected quality.  Astrologer Adrian Duncan writes about the Uranus/Sun aspect “The sudden disappearance of the father can provoke reactions that create behavioral patterns that can be the root of a troubled environment later in life” Lamar once commented on his relationship with his father ” He wasn’t there to raise me. He was absent ALL of my life due to his own demons”

Lamar apparently overdosed on the day after a New Moon; during New Moons/Full Moons/Eclipses everything is heightened. The energy is heightened, the emotions are heightened, we are prone to excess and god you can’t seem to escape those feelings…. you drown in them.

Robin Williams killed himself on a Full Moon

Jim Carrey’s Girlfriend Killed herself after an Eclipse conjoined her Sun

L’Wren Scott killed herself on a Full Moon

Philip Seymour Hoffman killed himself with in a New Moon Phase

I am not saying Lamar intentionally overdosed but merely trying to prove the point that we are deep into our feelings during these periods.

Lamar is having an exact Saturn Conjunct Venus transit, Saturn rules restriction, delays hardships, coldness, hard work, and is considered Lord of Karma

Venus rules love, tenderness, affection, fun, sensual pleasure, and harmony.

Saturn on Venus leaves you feeling short on love, deprived of affection, it’s as though all the fun has gone out of your life.

I saw someone post something to the effect of poor Lamar Odom; lonely, depressed and unloved. That’s how the Saturn/Venus transit feels!

The New Moon was also in the sign of Libra ruler of love, marriage and partnership conjoining his natal Pluto so this pain must have run deep. Pluto is bottomless; Pluto rules the underworld, breakdowns, death and rebirth.

As a side note Venus conjunct Saturn can also rule sex workers. Saturn is work Venus is pleasure. (This aspect is quite common in sex workers) as is Mars conjunct Saturn Just an interesting foot note with him having OD at a Brothel.

If you are having thoughts of taking your own life call National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1 (800) 273-8255

If you are struggling with addiction reach out and get help. People love you and are rooting for your sobriety. Even people that don’t know you are rooting for you!

I am wishing him recovery at god speed.

Lamar Odom Natal Chart

Lamar Odom

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Uranus transits

I decided to write a short post on Uranus transits. I hardly mention them perhaps because I have aquarius rising. Ruling planet being Uranus is placed in the 8th house. I was born free. Not that, that hasn’t come with a price. Everything does. My life journey is a transformative one. I do not adhere to social norms. I’ve met more then 1 person bothered my this. My need to be free my inability to conform. I can’t recall the time Uranus transited a planet though for many years it made its way through my 1st house, my appearance often fluctuating from blonde to brunette oh fuck I’ll take a pob … But with Uranus now conjunct my moon & squaring my sun. I feel the need to be liberated. I need to be free from what I’m not exactly sure. I’m not tied permanently to anyone or anything. I feel the underbelly of this transit I feel it’s undercurrent. Some days I run just run through the street with a desire to take off, I want to fly. Mind you I have a fear of heights. But Uranus rules birds and things with wings, planes. I took a class on Uranus transits yesterday the astrologer said Uranus transits have you wanting that birds eye view of the world. For astrologers they are the hardest transits to predict, they bring awareness, adventure,you never saw it coming, things you never thought you would do, it rearranges you I confided how I feel oddly more alive, how I want to zip line & go to surf camp even thought I can’t swim. Everyone chuckled in the class. My instructed pointed out there is a desire to walk on air Go! ski, ice skate & rollerblade. He went on to further say, the key words for Uranus often are made up with the word “vol” revolt volatile volunteer vol apparently means to fly. Uranus breaks habits, breaks marriages, it Awakens you, delivers ah ha moments, sets you free. What’s going on with Uranus in your chart? Do you feel more alive? Are you longing to fly?

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Orbs in synastry

The orb is the distance from one planet to another this can be in the natal chart or in synastry; the examination of your chart to another. The tighter the orb or distance from one planet to another the greater the impact. Looking at charts can be overwhelming. All this information often conflicting. I’ve taken the synastry (comparison of 2 charts) of my natal chart & that of a male friend We have a lot of outer planet connections, we have karmic ties what else is new 😉 . If you take a look at his Pluto in the 6th it touches all my personal planets. His Pluto squares my sun by 8 degrees & opposes my moon by 9 degrees this is a very wide distance. Some astrologers wouldn’t even consider this because it’s so far. Personally I would go up to 8. Normally Pluto creates obsessive, intense, crazy loves I’ve written tons of posts about Pluto plutonic love & at first glance one may think we are plunging the depths of one another emotionally but upon further inspection we see his Saturn in the 6th is exact square on my sun & opposite my moon with a 1 degree orb. This is tight tight tight. Saturn is like hitting a brick wall in synastry. He puts up walls between us. That’s fine he is taken so if those walls weren’t up my pants might be down ha ha This is not a complaint but rather an observation for learning purposes. Where Pluto is getting to the root of the root of the planet it touches Saturn keeps the planet at bay, at a distance, don’t get to close; the timing may be off, the Saturn person has other responsibilities. My plutonic love & I had very tight orbs with my Pluto on all his planets. Pluto rules destruction, annihilation I use to fall apart on him, collapse on him You can’t do that with tight Saturn in synastry. You have to walk the line, keep it together. Saturn after all is the disciplinarian of the zodiac. The distance between us is further enhanced by his Uranus in the 7th opposite my venus by 0 degrees that is exact, When I try to get close (venus) he will run (Uranus). I have learned to accept relationships as they are. Trying to find the unacceptable acceptable. So when you are looking at synastry first begin with the tightest aspects up to 3 degrees you will notice them immediately & have to deal with them often. Are you hitting a brick wall?(Saturn) Running for your life? (Uranus) Walking in a dream? (Neptune) Or is apart of you dying only to be reborn? (Pluto) or maybe a bit of all 4


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A little Hope for the hopeless Jupiter conjunct Sun

Transiting Jupiter planet of good luck, fortune and abundance is conjoining my Sun and squaring my moon. The aspect is almost exact. Jupiter enhances whatever it touches in Cancer this may indicate why I have been cooking like mad; I wake up in the morning yearning to make sweet treats. I’ve never been one that feasts on ice cream and Snicker bars. I like wine and cheese. Just sayin I feel like I’m having a very Jupiter-esque year. My Solar Return chart has Sun, Moon and Mercury in the 9th house. The 9th house rules the higher mind, is home to Jupiter and the Sun sign Sagittarius. It rules religion, the journey along the path not the destination. I have to be honest I do not feel this wild sense of enthusiasm. I’m not brimming with happiness and doing cartwheels in the street. All of the Cancers have Pluto opposing our Sun and Uranus squaring our Sun so life is still a period of growth and transformation which is quite frankly sometimes painful; I think if nothing Jupiter negates this, perhaps lessens it a bit. I’m 3 weeks in to daily meditation, I have signed up for Yoga classes starting next week; I’m trying to realign with the universe. I’m wildly passionate; I feel everything with manic intensity so this is no easy task… the attempt of finding balance without losing my passion. Jupiter is all about expanding your consciousness. According to it’s a “push to better your life”. This hit me last night. I was moping around about things I can’t change, events that are not with in my power to change. I took note of the repetitive patterns in my own life, suddenly aware of my own undoing, my own poor choices, and the manner in which I float through life whimsical and on a cloud; at times detached from reality. And I thought I cannot do this anymore. The way I have been living is simply no longer doable. I have released the past slowly over the last year; I hold no desire to go back to any other time, place or person. I feel very forward thinking, perhaps is the nature of Jupiter sometimes it isn’t big lotto wins or some grand romance that sweeps you off of your feet. It’s that feeling of fuck this I deserve better, look at all that I’m and a little bit of expanding your mind, making the journey a bit more enjoyable and yes at times tolerable, realizing happiness and abundance isn’t some place you park your ass at it; is something you have to work toward and Yes certain days something you have to fight for. And I certainly intend on continuing to put up the good fight. Why not with Jupiter on my sun I believe I can


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Venus in Gemini Mars in Taurus Calling all dependable risk takers

Dependable risk takers.. I believe this in itself is an oxymoron. Recently I read someones chart that wanted to know what kind of woman he should date, his chart lacked consistency; though I believe I decided on an water sign. It’s so hard putting all of ourselves together. I should know I have Leo on the 7th house cusp:Calling all dominant males but wait my Sun is in the 5th house giving me Leo traits; damn it I want to be dominant too. Then my sun is in Cancer, love me I’m fragile easily wounded and cry during thunderstorms then again my moon is in Aries, your cute but I have to go find someone that will take me to new places & well we have already been to Buddakan twice. Sun square Moon: my wants (the sun) and my needs (the moon) are not aligned. Nurture me, baby me but fuck sleep on your own side of the bed. Then we have Venus in Gemini & god awful Mars in Taurus; Gemini is the quickest moving sign in the zodiac & Taurus is the slowest. Venus in a woman’s chart tells how she gives love. I’ve said before ill write you a letter, pen you a poem, sing you a song. ( In a mans chart look at Venus to see that type of woman he likes). I crave long intellectual conversations, preferably deep in nature (venus trine pluto) my cancer sun wants to nest at home, my Aries moon longs to jetset around the globe, my 7th house cusp wants a strobe light loving super star for a partner & my mars in Taurus wants the slowest sign in the zodiac. Uh? The way i express love is quick flirty on the move but how i want to receive love is slow going & dependable. Mars in a woman’s chart indicates the kind of man she is attracted to and what turns her on sexually; mars in Taurus seeks a stable & financially secure partner that offers bubble baths & kisses that last for hours. So if you see a financially stable man that isn’t a bore who enjoys going out to different places often, will be the center of attention with out ever flirting, play hero to my every whim in a New York City minute and treat me to chocolate covered strawberries & champagne bubble baths while whispering sweet somethings in my ear please give him my number I’ve been looking for him for months! Thanks!

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Pluto Transiting 11th house I’ve got dreams to remember

I’m a firm believer we come into this world with certain gifts and talents that are eroded through time. Life’s harsh cruelties strip us of our essence; we lose our child like charm to societal restrictions, peer associations and parental molding.

I know I was born with the wish to be married and have children, what woman isn’t, but really it’s in my soul…well the marriage part. Children have often been negotiable, with Aquarius the natural ruler of the 11th house rising I have always considered adoption a lovely option. After all the 11th house is home to other people’s children.

As for my career choice I have Neptune-confusion- conjoining the 10th house cusp-career. Truth be told I have never wanted to be some sort of career woman. Like Melanie Griffith in Working Girl…oh hell no. As a child I use to “write” scripts to soap operas, that is what I dreamed of doing; somewhere that got lost, I became lost. I have natal Venus in Gemini in the 3rd house this gives me a natural affinity toward writing. I have a fiction piece I’m working on, currently up to Chapter 5 I think it is genius while simultaneously I wonder if I have the discipline it takes to see it through to the end. Remember I’m earth deficient. I dream of taking 3 months off from work to complete it but I just purchased my dream apartment and that comes equipped with a not so dreamy maintenance. Ha! No regrets though It’s like an oasis to me.

I recently came to the conclusion Pluto transiting the 11th house is quite possibly the most boring transit on the planet. I felt unmoved by it, I wondered if the reason is in part due to the fact that my natal Pluto is in the 8th house where it is strongest and it also natally touches my Sun, Moon and Venus. Then I read a quote regarding Pluto transiting the 11th house (sorry I don’t know who said it) about your dreams dying and you will birth new dreams. Pluto ruling complete transformation.

So here I’m September 16, 2012 widely in tuned to this Pluto transit, abundantly aware of dreams the way in which they manifest and yes dissipate.

Pluto transiting the 11th house is currently setting a blaze to prior dreams, in the early 2000s I went back to college for a degree in Hotel Management. After a trip to Las Vegas I abruptly quit my job, went back to school and after several maneuvers landed a job at my DREAM hotel. I recall saying to myself: if I could just get that job I would be so happy and magically they called and it is where I reside 7 years later. Without getting too much into my current situation in an attempt to avoid getting slapped with some defamatory lawsuit my dream hotel changed ownership several times and is more like a nightmare! There was a period employees were privy to paid in full vacations via raffle, car service rides home and big screen TVs and iPods were given out at Holiday parties. We ate filet mignon for lunch and most importantly everyone was joyous! That is not the way it is anymore, and I’m lucky to see a chicken salad sandwich with fresh mayo for lunch. This certainly is not the dream job it once was and I see all I hoped for slowly deteriorating. Okay not slowly but rather rapidly decaying.

I have this urge to abandon life as I know it in some sort of low budget version of Eat Love Pray but last time I checked I wasn’t an heiress or independently wealthy. So I come to work and attempt to do my best while working toward dream fulfillment on the side. Though most times I feel like a hamster in a cage, spinning in circles.

I have maintained throughout my life: the one with the most experiences wins! So my natal sun in the 5th house continues to take chances.

Recently I applied to be an extra on one of those Investigation Discovery Shows, Married to a Mobster, Love Kills…something like that. I wanted to portray one of those women but with limited dialog. Instead I was told I was being considered for a lead and to send in an audition tape, So I recited lines from Carly Corinthos character on General Hospital, quite frankly I sucked and I never heard from them. That’s ok; acting is not a dream of mine. The following day I registered at some casting company for extra work. We’ll see how far that goes.So far Ive landed several background positions on CSI New York, Law and Order SVU and Blue Bloods.

I have been scouring craigslist and to follow my passion and write horoscopes for a Magazine. Having landed one gig that remains a work in progress I continue my search for now while writing this astrological confession and continuing to take astrology classes.

I glance at my book occasionally, still hope for marriage and to be a contestant on Wheel of Fortune….Pat Sayjack isn’t getting any younger neither is Vanna that dream is under certain time constraints.

I come to work each day, search for freelance writing jobs , wonder why I m not somewhere working for Marie Claire or Allure Magazine, I wonder where life will head to next. I mean just a few months ago I wanted to start an online bakery. Last week after watching Real Housewives of New Jersey Melissa had taken the kids to a child nail salon! Simply genius! I wonder the start up cost on something like that! xo