Happy Birthday Cat Marnell!

For those of you that are unfamiliar with Cat Marnell, this is her YES that cutie pie sorority look-alike. She is the girl you see at the club and think Fuck she has it all!

Well she does or maybe she did plus serious addiction issues which she blogs about here:


I’m unsure of how I feel about drug use, on one hand I feel strongly that everyone has the right to do as they wish, as long as they aren’t hurting anyone, on the other hand with her 15k + followers (self included) and a blog detailing her path of self destruction I wonder why are we active participants if not contributing factors to this beautiful and tragic pixies downward spiral.

Her story reads something like this: Beautiful child born to wealthy parents in a suburb of Maryland blah blah blah comes to NYC for an education becomes a writer and editor for a variety of mainstream magazines until one day she is fired for refusing to get clean, she writes about smoking angel dust, her dance with bulimia and being prescribed drugs from her estranged Doctor father as a prepubescent.

Truth be told if I met her I probably wouldn’t like her, I have a strong aversion to overly privileged peeps that piss away opportunities especially when they are quite talented. However from a far she reads like some tragically beautiful fictional creature that will follow in the footsteps of the likes of Edie Sedgwick or Ginger in the movie Casino. I’m hoping she makes her way to Promises before the deliverance of an untimely death.

In any event I knew with every fiber of my being Neptune was a prominent fixture in her Natal Chart. Born on September 10th, 1982 under a Virgo Sun-I have mentioned before Virgo rules habits for better or worse- Cat Marnell has Neptune aspecting every one of her planets.

I documented in my post : http://starsmoonandsun.com/my-journey/a-wild-child-pisces-rising/

Those individuals that have heavy Pisces and Neptune influence often are victimized, are not seen clearly or struggle with substance abuse issues.

Cat Marnell’s Sun in Virgo Squares her Neptune in Sagittarius: The Sun is the identity, the life force, the Square represents tension and Neptune rules any amount of things; addiction, compassion and escapism. Normally with Neptune in hard aspect to the Sun there is a danger of being exploited which I certainly believe is the case here. Neptune also has a star like quality, you want to shine and be glamorous and certainly not ordinary. Case in point Cat quit her “ordinary” job that others would kill for to blog about her “fabulous” life of crack pipes and parties.

Neptune Opposes Cats Moon in Gemini: the moon represents the mother, just as the sun represents the male father figure and here we have her feelings, emotions opposing Neptune; dreams and illusions. Oppositions make for a seesaw effect; the planets sort of take turns. Neptune on the moon can make one highly intuitive but also give the desire of wanting to escape your feelings or being confused about how you feel. As with the Sun the desire to live a bewitching and dazzling life is often present.

Venus in trine Aspect to Neptune: Here is where beauty (Venus) meets Glamour (Neptune) the chick was a beauty editor so ….Here is her original “Beauty blog” for Jane


I have a sneaking suspicion Cat Marnell could wield the power of wow & aura of mystique even if she was the sober little blonde lady that lived in a shoe! It would be a fabulous shoe of coarse ! Happy 30th birthday Cat & cheers to hoping you see 30 more xo

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