Make Up Artist Kandee Johnson & her venus conjunct saturn

I happened to do a Google search for something and stumbled upon makeup artist Kandee Johnson’s video on YouTube & was captivated by her. She may be the cutest chick I have ever seen in my life!

You can read her blog here if you are unfamiliar with her.
I’m not a DIY person; I don’t care much for turning shower curtains into duvet covers. I’m an astrologer so naturally the first question that came to mind when I saw her was; what sign is she?! I wanted to take a peek at her Natal Chart. Much to my joy I discovered she is a Cancer sun like Moi! (I thought for sure she was a Gemini, she seemed to joyus and bubbly to be a water sign besides they have the lock on all things social media) Without the time of birth I do not know her moon sign, but I can see she has several planets in the zodiacs resident star; Leo. She has a fascinating story that includes 2 failed marriages, I believe she has 4 children with 3 fathers, times have been hard, money appears tight or at least it was in the past, but IMO she seems destined for super stardom. Just wait till Jupiter planet of abundance works its way over her planets in Leo sometime after July 2014. Kandee Johnson has what it takes to build an empire. I’m rooting for her in the same way I cheer for Martha Stewart maybe its my Aries moon but I love seeing women pave the way, instead of waiting for some man to do it for them. She has a Natal Venus conjunct Saturn and I think she is taking that challenging aspect and working it! Venus is the planet of love, beauty, finance, and sadly Saturn is the planet of restriction, Karma, and yes hardship and hard work. Saturn on Venus is notorious for dishing out lessons in spades that love is indeed hard . The person with Saturn on Venus often feels that love is hard; they expect it to be, they may even seek out (unconsciously of coarse) relationships that are difficult. Saturn conjunct Venus people are often faced with having to do a lot of work in relationships. This isn’t a light and fluffy placement for relationships. People with this aspect often face financial issues, money is hard to come by, and they have to work for everything they get. But never have I witnessed or shall I say rarely have I witnessed a person that has put quite the spin on a Venus Saturn conjunction like Kandee Johnson, she has taken Beauty (Venus) and making it her life’s work and I think that’s nothing short of fabulous xo

Do you have any planetary placements that work for or against you? Let me know

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