The Astrology of Kim Ks Wedding

Wedding Day Astrology and Synastry of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

Wedding Day astrology is the astrology of the exact time and place two people say “I do”, it is said after the vows are exchanged this chart becomes the chart of marriage. This is how your marriage will be. Similar to a composite chart, you can see where the couple will derive joy and sadness from. How they connect if they connect at all. At first glance Kim and Kris wedding chart looks better than I imagined. The angles of the chart do not have Mars, Uranus, Pluto, or Saturn in them. The Angles are the strongest part of the chart, any planet falling there will be amplified and most apparent. Mars in the 4th house can indicate fighting in the home, Uranus in the 7th indicates sudden changes and fluctuations in your relationship, and so on and so forth.
There are some general rules for picking a nice wedding date; I briefly touched on this subject in my blog auspicious dates. At first glance Kim K’s wedding date doesn’t seem to indicate that 72 days later she would file for divorce. They have Venus the Planet of Amore located along with the Sun in the 7th house, the house of committed relationships. The moon is exalted in Taurus and the Sun is dignified in Leo. But upon closer inspection I see the Moon is waning. You always want a nice moon on your wedding day; preferably a New moon which symbolizes new beginnings or a waxing moon which means the moon is getting larger and growing becoming stronger and fuller. Kim K however was married while the moon was in Taurus which is a nice place for the moon but it is waning. On your wedding day you want to avoid a waning moon because it is actually decreasing in size. Upon further inspection The Moon is not only waning (lacking strength) it is also squaring the Sun in Leo. While I love a Leo Sun, in wedding day astrology the Sun represents the husband and the moon represents the wife. Taurus Moon + Leo Sun= Square. A husband and wife heading in separate directions. I have read a square in better than no moon and sun connection; however this separating aspect is disconcerting. The Ascendant is important on the Wedding day, preferably a fixed rising sign (Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius), though a cardinal rising sign is better than a mutable Ascendant which indicates a lack of stability. So what seems to be the main issues, the sun and moon separating and I personally do not care for Saturn in the 8th house. The 8th house rules sex, other people’s money (your spouse) and depth, scratching beneath the surface. I would not want Saturn in my 8th house, restricting my sex life and giving concern for your spouse’s financial stability. We all know that Kim K makes more money that Kris and furthermore he was the victim of an investment fraud to the loss of 1.7 million dollars! Also he is currently a free agent due to the NBA lockout. I would presume this was a major issue!

The rest can be pretty much read like a natal chart only keeping in mind this is the marriage chart of not one but 2 individuals.
· Neptune in the 1st house indicates they do not see each other clearly
· Uranus in the 2nd house means fluctuation in the way you earn money. Surprising ups and downs.
· Moon in the 4th house would suggest you feel at home with one another. The 4th house rules family and childhood, with the moon being here this suggests a familiarity between the couple. I have to take a peek at their synastry to see what else brought them together and apart



  1. First time I’ve seen this explained thoroughly, thanks. Are you going to post abot. Bruce’s transition?

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