March 18 -24

March 18-24


The Sun returns to your sign for the first time since last March. Aries a Cardinal fire sign also delivers us the beginning of spring. Venus planet of love will join Mars the planet of action and the transiting Sun in the sign of the impulsive ram enhancing the way you look and feel. If there is someone you have had your eye on you will not want to delay asking them out any longer, go to that new hot spot, try that new restaurant; you should be feeling on top of the world right about now.


The Sun and your ruling planet, Venus enter the fiery and impulsive sign of Aries this week and slide into your solar 12th house of times now past. The bulls’ nature is rather slow and methodical and you may discover difficulty with all this spontaneous energy gathering in the sky. The transiting planets will join Uranus planet of shock and rebellion in your solar 12th house bringing to the forefront suppressed feelings and thoughts. Schedule time this week to just be, getting in touch with deep longings, acknowledge your feelings and release them. Your time to shine will be here soon enough; this is a period of rest before the big birthday reveal.


The Sun and Venus planet of love and beauty enter your solar 11th house of like minded friends, hopes and wishes. Your mind is open to the world at large as you spend your time considering your place amongst the vast sea of people. The cluster of planets in fire sign of Aries are encouraging you to make a difference, get some close friends together for a food drive; consider your contribution towards making this planet a better place to live! Get energized, become supersized; remember when you begin to help others you may encounter those who in turn can help you fulfill some of your own hopes and wishes.


With the transiting Sun and Venus joining planet of action Mars all in the sign of high spirited Aries you will likely encounter power struggles this week. Cancer and Aries are both cardinal signs, known for initiating tasks and ushering in new seasons. Cancer allows its heart to lead whereas Aries leads on impulse. For Cancer things have to “feel” right, for others not so much. Bruised egos are likely this week, now is an opportune time to show a thick skin, put on a poker face and never allow anyone to get the better of you.


Maybe you want to return to school; perhaps get that Masters Degree after all or perhaps you are considering some hands on learning experience and want to sign up for an introductory wine class in Napa Valley or Macedonia, Greece. One thing is certain you are thirsty for knowledge. If money is an issue sign up for a certificate course at your local college or attend a webinar you found on You do not have to shell out big bucks simply look around learning experiences are everywhere.


You can breathe a sigh of relief; the planets are shifting gears from your opposing sign of Pisces into the high spirited sign of Aries. This week the transiting Sun and Venus leave the intuitive sign of Pisces and into the sign of self Aries. While the planet of love was placed in Pisces the urge was too merge with another, now that it is entering Aries; we are reminded when you fall in love do not lose yourself. The cosmic shift should alleviate any pressure you have been receiving in the partnership arena. Virgo a sign of service shouldn’t discount their own needs for the sake of others; all partnerships require 50/50 effort to be successful.


Partnerships take center stage again this week as the transiting Sun and Venus planet of amore enter your opposing sign of Aries and join Mars planet of action and wild card Uranus in your solar 7th house of partnerships. The song Hot N Cold by Katy Perry could very much be your theme song this week. Should you stay? Should you go? Should you demote their status to friends without benefits?  It’s going to be a wild ride relationship wise, my advice is to hold on tight or let go quickly.


Just when you thought things were smooth sailing, more changes are in order. Uranus planet of shock remains in your 6th house of daily activities and work, where it will remain for the next several years. Joined by the transiting Sun, Mars and Venus a lot of focus is on your daily activities. I know you would rather adhere to a strict routing but now is not the time for that. It is best to remain open and try to adapt to your ever changing environment. Remember where ever Uranus is you can expect the unexpected and for you that is in your 6th house of daily activities.


The transiting Sun enters the fire sign of Aries this week, joining Mars planet of action and followed by Venus planet of love. This is great news for Sagittarius Suns; you and Aries have much in common. High energy Check, Risk Takers Check Impulsive Check. Sagittarius Suns’ playful and risky nature is enhanced this week! Clearly you want to dance the night away, spend time with your newest “friend” and sign up for a grand adventure. You may as well take this week off from work and school because your spirit is eager to go, get out and have some fun!


Changes in the home continue with the planet of the unexpected, Uranus transiting your solar 4th house for many years to come. Perhaps you are on the move, have signed up for major renovation, or maybe people are coming and going from your household unexpectedly. Something is unsettled in the home arena and this is further enhanced now that the transiting Sun, Mars, and Venus are all huddled beside heavy hitter Uranus. You can’t ignore the ever changing environment now, with the transiting Sun serving as a light shining down on all that is happening. Remain open to change Capricorn and remember you are a cardinal earth sign that is built to endure.


Schedule some time with siblings or plan a short getaway with friends. The transiting planets are lining up in your solar 3rd house of siblings and short distance travel. The transiting Sun joins Mars and is quickly followed by Venus in the fire sign of Aries lending you the gusto to get out and get going. Fire signs give the air signs the fuel to fulfill dreams and make plans. Now that Mercury has gone direct; I see easy travel in your future. Bon Voyage


Money Money Money! The party is over; your month long birthday celebrations have subsided now that the Transiting Sun has entered the sign of Aries thus declaring the spring season. It is time to get serious now about your finances. What are you spending? How much are you earning? Look at those receipts and credit card statements oh my! Get yourself on a strict budget and adhere to it, perhaps pick up a book from your local library by financial guru Suze Orman; do not delay it any further. The time has come to plan your financial future.

Written By: Danielle Arias

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