The Beckhams, My Dream Menage trois

In my dream ménage trios, I could not imagine a hotter couple than David & Victoria Beckham. They are just so damn beautiful; clearly the best looking couple in Hollywood from Victoria’s perfectly upturned nose and to die for fashion sense and David’s chiseled abs and array of trendy haircuts. They exude sex appeal. Everything about them is beautiful, even their offspring. And as we all know beautiful people do not always equal beautiful babies. Here is the composite chart.

Taurus is a major theme, for those of you that are unaware Taurus rules beauty. Many hairdressers and make-up artists are themselves born under the sun sign of Taurus. In the Beckham’s Composite Chart they have the Sun which represent s the masculine quality and ego of the couple is in Taurus, along with Mercury (planet of communication), Venus the planet of love (it is at its very best in Taurus) and Mars (sex drive) in Taurus as well! Not only is Taurus’ nature one that is long-lasting as it is a solid earth sign, with the sun the ego of the relationship in harmony with the way they communicate (mercury) express love (venus) and enjoy SEX (mars) this is one hot couple. Slow and sensual. It is no wonder they are my dream ménage! Taurus rules the finer things in life, nice clothes check, nice homes check. All of the planets ruled by the sensual bull are placed in the 11th house. The composite 11th house rules like-minded friends, hopes and wishes. The placement of planets here especially the sun indicates the ties that binds here is: friendship. Saturn in the 1st house and aspecting other planets can be the glue that holds the relationship together. In the 1st house you feel responsible for one another, Pluto in the 5th house of (I create) makes creating a fundamental part of your relationship. Pluto placed in the 5th house can mean to give birth literally (children) to give birth to creative ideas or all of the above. The most changes they will experience as a couple will come via 5th house activities. They will forever be altered by their children. It seems easy to say as children change everyones lives but more so for the Beckhams. Uranus in the 10th may indicate unplanned children and unruly kids, though they look nothing short of perfection…then again Jupiter is in the 10th house the highest point in the chart indicating good fortune in the public eye. Their chart seems to flow very easily with the exception of the Uranus in 5th  opposing all of those planets in the 11th. Uranus is the planet of the unexpected, in opposition to the sun, mercury and venus; one would expect behind closed doors there is something very unconventional about this couple. A light-hearted approach is best as their may be many ups and downs as well as jokester behavior (that is surprising they both appear so serious). Go with the flow, expect the unexpected. The rest of their chart seems easy breezy, and much to my dismay no menage indicators that more of an 8th house thing;)

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