The Real Housewives of New Jersey or is it the Teresa show

The Real housewives of New Jersey finally wrapped and the last part of the reunion aired last night. I m exhausted from having watched all season & my throat hurts from screaming at my television “Who cares if Teresa said you were a stripper”! Did we really need 3 hours to discuss this? Needless to say I’m team Teresa by default, I can’t stand the other women & I confess I’m a hot head of epic proportions. I would flip a table. I also admire Teresa’s work ethic or as Melissa would say work ethnic insert eye roll here. Where did she get this teaching degree from? Teresa does what she has to do to provide for her family bravo to her for turning a reality show into an empire. (Must be all that Taurus & Cancer in her chart 2 signs obsessed with family & security) Born under a Taurus Sun Teresa identifies with financial security Taurus rules the 2nd house home to “I have” a lot of the taurean identity comes from; the house they own, the car they drive etc Teresa also has Mercury, the planet of the mind placed in Taurus she has her mind on her money & her money on her mind. Make no mistake about it Mercury in Taurus isn’t a speedy place for the planet of thought it is slow. Mercury in Taurus wants to think & think & think they are slow to act and slow to change their mind Once the mind of a Mercury in Taurus is made up there isn’t much you can do to change it. Though I do not believe this can be to blame for Teresa’s inability to reason. I would have to believe she has Neptune in her 3rd house of thinking that has confused her thought process & comprehension ability. Neptune in 3rd indicates misunderstandings in communication, lacking proper articulation.

Teresa also has Mars planet of action in Cancer equating with emotional response to just about everything combined with a fiery moon in Leo her emotional vitality can be described as over the top and dramatic.

The Other Ladies

I do not see a time when Teresa & Jacqueline will reconcile. After all Jacqueline is also a Taurus 2 earth signs, 2 bulls stuck in their ways…. I’m sure Jacqueline has pangs of jealousy at all Teresa is accomplishing, the financial rewards she is reaping. Perhaps this is why she struck out at her taking aim at her marriage. Taurus does have an ability to sit on anger allowing it to build up & when they strike it isn’t pretty.

I’m hopeful that we have seen the last of Virgo Sun Caroline & her Emily post verbiage. Typical for a Virgo Sun she nitpicks her poor daughter, likes to think she is sitting on some highly placed pillow of perfection. Her inability to express herself in a manner that doesn’t sound like a riddle makes me throw up in my mouth just a tad every time she speaks.

I could not quite touch on this astrologically without the mention of Teresa’s marriage to Juicy Joe, he was born under a Gemini Sun I m not a fan of the Gemini Sun/Taurus Sun combination though I see it more and more lately. There is always friction when you date the sign preceding and preceding your sign. Also Gemini is one of the fastest signs in the zodiac whereas Taurus is one of the slower. In any event Teresa and Joe have some nice aspects. Explains why she still is with him. Born a day earlier Joe Guidice would have been born under a Taurus Sun with his Sun and Mars planet of sex drive in Gemini he along with his penis is probably very much on the go. I doubt he would leave his family, I doubt these side pieces mean much more than a slice of variety. I don’t think he would be able to replace Teresa and maybe she can’t replace him and that the reason she hangs in and endures.

Mercury planet of the Mind:

Teresa and Joe both have Mercury in Taurus, Mercury conjunct Mercury. I had this aspect once with someone that had mercury in cancer conjunct my mercury in cancer in an exact degree. I never enjoyed speaking to a man as much. This indicates a mental rapport, a meeting of the minds.

The Sun

Being that Joe is born in the very early degrees of Gemini and Teresa is born in the very late degrees of Taurus their Suns conjoin. They may have some friction but overall the egos are aligned.

The Moon

The Moon represents our emotional responses, the way you react obviously Teresa is very dramatic with her moon in fire sign Leo. Juicy Joes moon is also in fire sign Sagittarius making him a bit more detached emotionally and less responsive but still harmonious to Teresa’s moods. They meet by the trine aspect/


Venus is the planet of love, how you give love. Bam! Both Teresa and Joe have Venus in Cancer; Venus in Cancer is romantic, a seeker of true love, family oriented and protective. With both of their Venus conjoining the manner in which they give and receive love is harmonious.

They have staying power with Saturn in aspect to Sun and Mercury and will undergo major transformations with Pluto in aspect to all of one another’s personal planets. I hope Joe gets it together and treats Teresa right; a meeting of the mind, feelings and heart isn’t walking through every mall in the Garden State.

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